Dell Android Roadmap

Here's a little more out of the Dell camp following last week's insane smartphone leak of the Thunder and Looking Glass, along with the Streak (Dell Mini 5). The roadmap we've obtained shows a few new items, including the "Sparta" netbook tablet and "Athens," a 0.9-kilogram "true netbook", both of which appear to fall under the 11-inch category or so, with an ARM processor, optional 3G, WiFi and Bluetooth. There's also the LG Pro, which looks to be the 7-inch Looking Glass with a high-definition screen and digital TV.

Also note that the Streak appears slated for T-Mobile (confirming an earlier report) and Vodafone, and a Chinese version is in the works as well.

Judging from the roadmap, we could see the Streak as early as next month, August for the Sparta, and the Athens in the fall -- let's just hope Dell doesn't let such sexy Android hardware fall by the wayside.


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Dell roadmap shows 'Sparta,' 'Athens' Android netbooks amid smartphones


I guess AT&T got the boot. I remember seeing a Youtube video by a Dell employee who said they hadn't made their decision yet. I so wanted the streak, but definitely will not go the T-mobile route for it.

zOMG -- Dell is on fire this week. I mean, 5 smartphones, 2 tablets and now a netbook? I just hope it won't remain as a fig of imagination only.

Speaking of mythical notebooks, it appears chrome netbook is heating up as well. Details:

I like the LG Pro with the HD display. I really like the 7" screen. Will this be out in the December/January timeframe?

"Judging from the roadmap, we could see the Streak as early as next month, August for the Sparta, and the Athens in the fall"
It seems to me that the roadmap starts with Q2 2011, i.e. next year. Or does AndroidCentral team get their hands on new gadgets 1 year before release?

No, look at it again. Dell's fiscal year doesn't match the calendar year. (Don't feel bad, we missed it the first time, too. It's confusing.)

Look below the quarters -- that's Dell's FISCAL YEAR 11, which actually begins in February 2010. It looks like the Streak will appear in June/July 2010.

If it is in fact released for T-Mobile, will an unlocked phone work with AT&T? I'm eagerly awaiting this thing...want one bad.