Dell Venue Pro

Word on the street today is that Dell is working on an Android version of the Venue Pro, the Windows Phone 7 vertical slider coming on T-Mobile. That's all well and good, and what's one more Android smartphone, when it comes down to it?

But I was at the Windows Phone 7 launch and had my hands all over the Venue Pro. And while it's a pretty cool phone, it's also pretty top-heavy when the keyboard's open. And speaking of the keyboard, it's pretty small and pretty cramped. So let's not get too excited just yet. And then there's the bad taste in our mouths left over from the Streak launching with Android 1.6 and the Aero launching with Android 1.5. So pardon us if we're not over the moon. But, still, we'd rather see it than not. [PC World]


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Dell reportedly to release Android version of the Venue Pro


I have an original Droid and even when I have my gloves on I am able to type accurately. I had problems when I had a BB but none since moving over to the droid some time ago.

Interesting. How do you use the capacitive touchscreen with the gloves on? Are the gloves thin enough that the touchscreen works?

I agree that the Venue Pro keyboard (much like the Pre, BBs, and any portrait QWERTY device) will be hard/impossible to use with gloves. I don't think that these devices are marketed at people who work in gloves, though.

I had a chance to use the keyboard with wp7, and it actually works great. It seems cramped, but WP7's auto correction handles the occasional typo that slinks in easily.

If they take that into account it could work out pretty well

The huge screen looks great for watching movies, too

Phil = blasphemer. This phone is pretty much my dreamphone - it's the perfect form factor and I love the look. I am even thinking of jumping to WP7 for this phone (I know I know). I can't wait to handle it for myself.

Great looking phone with great specs. The hardware is fantastic. Engadget did a small piece on this phone and said it was the best phone he had scene and felt all year. They are very fussy people. I just love the looks of this phone. Bring it on. Thank you T-Mobile.

I'm not sure how many people remember the Windows Mobile PDA2K from several years ago, but it was essentially the same form factor with the bottom sliding keyboard. I had one, and it was awful to type on. As mentioned above it was very top heavy giving you hand cramps in no time.....and that was in the days before we all sent a billion texts a day. ;) Dont get to fooled by the slick looks till you pick one up and try it for awhile.


While it does look cool, I agree that the keyboard looks a little too cramped and if it doesn't arrive with at least 2.2 installed this thing will be DOA.

If the keyboard's bigger than the virtual keyboard on the AT&T Aria, it'll be okay. I can't type anything without 100 typos on the Aria. :(