Dell - Droid Incredible

A big ol' Dell advertisement just hit ye olde inbox, and they've got some decent deals on a few Android smartphones. The Droid Incredible is going for the low, low price of free for new or upgrading customers who sign a two-year contract. They're throwing in free Verizon activation and shipping, too, plus a $25 Dell gift card. Also, the Evo 4G -- white and black -- is going for $99 on contract, and the Droid X is just $9.99. Tough deals to beat. [Dell]

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Emmanuel#AC says:

The real question is: Why are they selling the Incredible when they are making their own smartphones?

El Jefe says:

Because even they know that the Streak sucks. :)

Jerzyiroc says:

hahahahaha god that's so true

icu says:

Hmm, for an upgrade on a Family Plan secondary line the X is $79.99. I think that's the best deal I've seen on the X (for the secondary line renewal that is). Damn why is the Fascinate $150? Can never find a good deal on it.

djstarion says:

I don't know about the DX but Target mobile online has the D2 for 9.99 which i ordered on Saturday, and that's for a secondary line.

BB has the fascinate for $1 on Friday.

Why does Dell Sell stuff from other manufacturers? Including the competition? What Am I missing here?

mldiroff says:

If this is anything like Wirefly's deal, you can't change anything on your plan for 6 months, including downgrading in data (this would be my wife's phone and she probably won't need unlimited data for 29.99).

Bloodthirsty says:

Can someone explain how this works? I've always dealt with VZW directly and never did these third party deals. I have two lines available for upgrade.

griff7774 says:

Like you,I've only dealt with VZW directly. I'm going to give it a deal ago.

That price is... oh nevermind

What a, what for it... incredible price. ::rim shot::

Cool offer

ilongbored says:

I was sure this was a big fat typo.

They gotta make room for the new wave of lte phones.

elamb23 says:

I also have never dealt with anyone but Verizon but I just got off the phone with Dell and added another incredible. The sales person was very push about buying their insurance and screen protectors but other than that it was very easy. Basically you are just agreeing to extend your contact 24 months.

griff7774 says:

I just completed the process (purchase a DX@ 50.00) with Dell (via internet) You're right it was easy. I didnt have to deal with a pushy saleperson. Sorry

Thefish says:

I got my Droid Incredible 3 months ago, you cannot beat this device especially since it is one of the few with 2.2 and flash.

Also, those looking for scratch protection for Smartphones check out Covert Shield.

They are having a Black Friday Sale and all of their screen and device protectors are 40% off. They have one for the Droid Incredible. Coupon Code is: GE47MKAGYKGP

mjvoss says:

Does anyone know if you have to fulfill the same contract agreements as with Wirefly? Wirefly had this deal for a long time, but their agreement was a little too risky for my pops. Although this is still going through Dell, Wirefly is basically providing it, which makes me think that the same conditions apply. Those who did this deal, did you get anything suggesting you have to follow the contractual agreement with Wirefly (or even the same type as if you were to do it through Wirefly)?