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Update: OK, Motorla's off the hook here. Instructions for fixing. Thanks, Jason!

Original: Don't know about you guys, but we're loving the Motorola Droid. But there's one major sticking point that time and time again is causing our eyes to glow a familiar red:

The contacts.

Anyone who's used gmail for more than five minutes knows that Google's contacts are hardly the best in the world. They're getting better, but they've got a long way to go. The Droid also has an interesting way of culling contacts, combining entries it believes are similar enough to be duplicates. But it goes too far. My father's name is Ed. My grandfather's name is Ted. They are not the same person, but the Droid treats them as such. (Good thing I go by Phil, or I'd be in the same boat, er, contact entry.)

If there's a way to fix this, I haven't found it. It's been kicked around in our forums for a bit. You can sort things out a little by going to Contacts>Menu>Display options, but entries are still combined. And that's no good. Please, Motorola, fix this with Android 2.1.



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Dear Moto: Please fix the Droid's contacts (update: Hooray!)


I would think Android would need to fix this though, not Motorola? Why would Motorola have to fix an Android contacts issue?

Also I haven't seen this issue with contacts? As long as your contacts are organized within gmail, they appear identical on the droid.

I have exactly 151 contacts in Gmail and exactly 151 contacts on my droid. Every change I make in Gmail Contacts displays on my droid within 15 seconds or less.

I haven't had this problem and I have tons of contacts in Gmail, that said as others have stated this seems more of an "Anroid" issue than a "Droid" issue.

Is it really that slow an Android news day that we've got to start picking random forum topics, slap a pretty image on it and call it a front page story?

I've never had any contact issues other than when I've had Fb set to sync with them and it joins people that have the same name. But again, that's hardly a Motorola issue. That's an Android issue since the Fb app comes preinstalled.

While we're on the topic, how about adding a sort on last name option on the Droid. I've got almost 700 contacts... it gets to be a pain in the rear sorting through all the Bobs, Bills, Jims, etc you get with a large list.

And don't even mention Facebook integration - almost threw the phone out the window after FB did its thing with the contact list.

I have about 700 plus contacts with FB integration. At one point I told it to only show people with phone numbers, but then I miss out on people that have e-mail addresses.

I have first and last names for the 300 or so contacts in my Droid that were transferred from my Storm with no problems. Perhaps that's because I have first and last names entered.

I did Facebook integration once with my Storm and was sure not to do it with my Droid.

It only merged two of my contacts because they both had the same name, but that's a google contacts thing not a Droid thing.

A lot of contact apps do that. Just use Edward instead of Ed. I know a couple Tony's so one of them is Anthony in my contacts. etc. etc.

Anybody notice that Facebook syncing was smart enough to assume Susan for Sue if the last name was the same. Jon-jonathan, ed-edward...

Do this to correct the issue:

Go to contacts >
Select the contact that has the combined name >
Choose Menu >
Choose Edit Contact >
Choose Menu >
Choose Separate

You're all set!

My contacts are ok in gmail and combined on the Android phone. My son and his grandfather have the same name and are combined even they I have them as one with given name and one with nickname and different birthdays, etc. I have friends that are combined too - the husband and wife were combined into one contact and the wrong name pops up when one of them calls. The contacts are fine and separate in gmail. I would like any ideas on how to fix this.

I have a similar problem but your solution doesnt work for me. Im forced to scroll down my call log history to find certain contacts. I think a solution is to delete gmail contacts but i cant even do that without restoring factory settings.

Listen up folks with <200 contacts, I tried a Sprint HTC Hero and did NOT have this joining issue until switching to the Droid. I have nearly 3,000 contacts and do not have time to look at each and every contact to find the joined ones. For the doubters, I just came across one example on my Droid where 2 contacts with the same FN and MI were joined: Andrew W. BUT, their last names were completely different, first initial of one was C and the other was P and the remaining letters were different...ZERO other information was the same. Now where's your explanation?? BTW, I thought I had a bug with my contacts until I just googled this.

I am having the same issue. When I add contacts I have to search them to use them. They will not show up in my list. Any ideas?

It's now April, 2011 and we still have this problem with Contact on LG Optimus.

Is there a way to disable this "intelligent" joining of contacts?! The manual way to separating contact individually is just too painful.

Thanks for any tips.

I am having a problem with my motorola droid I will save a contact and then it never appears in the contact list when you go to scroll through and find it. Does anyone know what the problem is or if there is a fix

I had about 100 contacts in and I added 30 more yesterday. The 30 from yesterday are showing in my contacts list, but the other 100 are now hidden. I can do a search on any one of those 100 and the contact info will display. But then it goes back to being hidden. Any help would be appreciated.

I had fun reading through the comment thread and I am really glad that this was posted on here because I have been having the same problem. Now I know that it's not only me. Thanks guys! This post was really helpful.

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