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IceDree says:

I'll get me Camera Zoom FX !
I heard Ski Safari is addictive , checked the video & it looks cool

I hope Google puts some good stuff tomorrow & go out with a bang

roiddroid says:


Madness87 says:

I've bought maybe 6-7 apps each day. Most of them are games, but some are actually decent apps that could be used from time to time.

Today, I've bought Where's My Perry, Cut The Rope, Ski Safari, Camera Zoom FX, RealCalc Plus, Broken Sword etc.

I tried to buy Madden but it would just get stuck at the screen where you have to install a download so I refunded it, as did thousands of others judging by the low scores it's gotten.

The way I figure is, it's only a quarter for most apps, and since I 'paid' for them, they'll always be part of my account history.

The only regret for today for me was the Camera Zoom FX app, it's only good if you don't have a decent stock camera app, but the galaxy s3 has a great stock camera app.

xeroslash says:

So far my only grabs have been Granny Smith and Tasks (both on day 1).

roiddroid says:

Oh yea EA!! put old games out for 25 cents... shouldnt you be putting madden '13 instead?

OffSpot2 says:

I am a state champion pool player. Pool Break Pro has the best physics hands down!
You can think 6 shots ahead and contol the cue ball perfectly (in every way) to do so. Easy controls and views with great online play as well. If you know how to play, this game lets you play... Do not hesitate on this one!

John-Smith says:

Got endomondo pro and the dragon thing so far

randyw says:

I already have Madden 12 and it does not work on my Gnex running Jelly Bean. Game installs but will not download the extra files needed to play the game.

Cotay says:

Same problem here... I'll try it on my Nexus 7 next and hope it works.

fupayme says:

Looks like it says its not even compatible with my SGS3, but says it is compatible for my old OG EVO 4g.

Why would this be the case?
Seems weird.

LightningGA says:

Says it's not compatible with GS3 so I grabbed it for my Note 10.1. Can't download additional files to play the game though. Looks like it's been a problem for awhile now after reading the comments. Oh well, glad it was only $.25

Mikey says:

They have had better apps on sale. Most of these are games.

evoldroid says:

They should continue to do this 25 cent deal.....But so far i have only purchased Cogs.

Jeenyus says:

Only 3 of those apps work on VZW nexus on JB. Sad face

Omeg says:

There seems to alot app repeats from the 10cent sales

hmmm says:

Can't believe cut the rope hd isn't compatible with a nexus 7 or an evo 4g lte.

Madness87 says:

That's the problem with "fragmentation"... Nearly half the reviews complain because their "android" device doesn't run a game.

i1der says:

i personally have been collecting all, exception with flick games i already onw too much of them!

Brb49 says:

Endomondo pro was a steal for a quarter!

vgergo says:

Nova Launcher Prime!!!!!!

sdmark says:

nice find - this is my favorite launcher