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Google Play's 25-cent promotional sale has gone into day 3 with a handful of new apps and games that are just about as good as free. Topping the list are:

Check out our list of Android apps from the first two days below! Many of them have had their prices knocked back up to normal, but maybe you'll luck out. Oh, and be sure to leave a comment if you find any others that are on sale. 

Did you guys find anything newly on sale today? Any favorites?


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Day 3 of 25-cent Google Play sale features Mass Effect Infiltrator, Temple Run: Brave, TuneIn Radio Pro and more



The only safe way to backup and sync ALL your passwords via dropbox. Because even dropbox can't hand them over.

i use a password protected MS Word File with Strong Encryption and Documents To Go Full Edition (or Office Suite Pro 6). the beauty is you can open this file on any device in the world with MS Word or Android equivalent. both support Office 2007+ Super Strong 128 Bit Encryption/Password.

i like the free-flow format and the open standard of an MS Word File. i don't like relying on some mom and pop locked black box proprietary closed format that could lose support or trap my data or go out of business. and MS Word and Docs To Go/Office Suite Pro 6 is free if you already have it.

i then use Dropbox and simply dump this Word file in my Dropbox so it is available to me from any device anywhere in the world and it is always updated and in sync.

+1000 on mSecure, using it in conjunction with dropbox has been a life-saver with all the work/ personal passwords I've to keep up with.....I paid full price & if I had to again, I would pay the full price!!

Of course...I just bought Temple Run: Brave and Cut the Rope:Experiments at full price. Oh well, not that big a deal...the developer gets my 74 cents! :)

Man I love Android/Google. .25 apps rock. And it's so easy to just hit the link and purchase/buy from the Play Store. And install it to all my devices. I know I sound like an advertisement for Android, but who cares!

I paid full price for Dragon Fly awhile ago. One of the most entertaining games I've played on the phone.

Dammit!!! Mass Effect isn't compatible with my Transformer or my Evo. I know I'm going to be getting a new phone soon, but not sure what. Does anyone know a way to purchase an app even though it is incompatible with your devices? I just want to buy it on sale and install it to a device in the future.

If you have any friends with an android device log in with your account and purchase the app. Other than that I'm not sure.

Depends how much you mess with your phone. Editing the build prop to make it look like a different phone would work but you have to be rooted and then would have to browse your phones forum to find out what lines to change in your build prop. It can be done though. I had to do it with my Kindle Fire to get games to show as compatible.

Yeah. Go to the play store using the browser and purchase it through there.

I needed to do that like, twice. Works beautifully.

I was able to purchase on my Evo 4G. Which Evo do you have?

Edit: My current rom spoofs my Evo as a HTC Pyramid (Sensation) so maybe that is why it let me download.

Close. GTR v2.0 twinturbo...battery life stinks on it so I'll be moving on soon. After downloading, the game wouldn't play on my device which wasn't a big surprise. At least I now have the option to download and play it for when I do upgrade in the near future.

All of the ics roms have great battery life, even better with mason15 kernel . I will try changing the build prop and see if that does it if not maybe it is just an account issue.

Good choices today. I apparently already had ezPDF reader. I wonder when I bought that...

If it was already installed... it may have been from Amazon App Store... it was one of the 20 or so worthwhile apps of the day...

Just got a VZW GNex. Couldn't stand the stock keyboard anymore, so I went to check on Swiftkey. Said it was $3.99, paid $0.99 for it today!

Sometimes that means your phone isn't compatible. Log into the play store on your computer and it will show if your devices are compatible on the left side of the screen. I have a feeling that game needs a high res screen. It isn't compatible with my Xperia Play but is with my EVO LTE and Nexus 7.

Yeah, my screen res theory is not correct then. But, usually if you can't find it some sort of compatibility problem exists.

TuneIn Radio Pro is one of the first Apps i purchased for Android back in June 2010. great App!

Don't wait to buy anything. I didn't realize the sales lasted for one day. I was going to grab that office app but it's $15 now.

HD Widgets for sure ! Also TuneIn is a must have !!

Mass Effect, from the video it looks like Halo, not my type of games though , I'll have to think about it

I've a question guys,
Does PicSay Pro save the images in the same resolution as the original one ? Or whatever screen res. As your device like most apps? & how is it compared to PicsArt?


If you have a 360 or a PS3, try to find a demo of any of the Mass Effect games (probably the only one available is ME3), and give it a shot. If it works for you, this will work as well. If not, no harm, no foul.

Tried Amazing Alex and Dragon, Fly. Refunded my 50 cents. They seemed okay, but nothing I'd play more than the one time I did. Wish I had a bigger window to really try apps out, but hey, can't complain over a 25 cent risk. ;)

This is the sale I've been waiting for. Three days of awesome apps for only $.25, and the fun isn't even over yet.

I finally got Mass Effect: Infiltrator. Really excited about that one.

Shame ME: Infiltrator still isn't listed as compatible with my Transformer TF300. My Galaxy S2 should run it, but I really hate playing games for much more than ten minutes at a time on such a small screen.

But I'm getting ZombieSmash.

I keep seeing people saying TuneIn Radio Pro is a must, but is it really worth paying for (compared to the free version)? I mean, the only differences are the ability to record what you're listening to and an ad-free experience. The ads don't really bother me, as they aren't intrusive unlike those on certain other apps *cough*angrybirds*cough*. Is there any other Pro-only feature I'm missing?

(whispering) but the ads only show up on the page of the station, which I rarely go to, and they're tiny.