Sony has released a firmware update for the Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 lens cameras, bringing them to version 3.0. Included changes are the ability to half-press the shutter button to focus, reduced connection times for NFC pairing, and the ability to use the camera key on an Xperia device for the shutter release. Links to download the new firmware, as well as installation instructions for both Windows and Apple computers are after the break.

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Cyber-shot QX cameras get a firmware update


I have. I bought the QX10. While it doesn't have as high a resolution it does have a greater zoom level. Optical zoom kicks ass. I love it. The best pictures I take come from my Nikon dSLR. The shots from this come second. No cell camera can compare, and it's not as bulky or obtrusive as you might think. The only thing I don't like is the inability to geo-tag photos. It doesn't have a dedicated GPS receiver, but it would be nice if they allowed it to gather position info from the device your connected to, assuming you are connected to something and not just freestyling with it. Which is fun, too.

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I love my QX-10. I've been able to take some pretty nice pictures with it. After todays update, I can go from lens off and Playmemories closed to ready to shoot in about 3-4 seconds after touching it to my Nexus 5. I never really timed it before so i don't know if its just a placebo effect but it seems a lot faster than it was. It's been on sale a couple times since it came out last year. If you're interested in grabbing one Oliver keep an eye out. Jerry here at AC and the guys at AP are pretty good about posting when they do.

Awesome. I use the QX100 and it takes fantastic pictures but it could use a little bit of speed connecting so I welcome this update.

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I look forward to seeing a version 2. I think its a brilliant idea that other camera/lens manufacturers should adopt