One of the more awesome things about custom ROMs in general is the myriad possibilities for distribution. And, more specifically, apps like ROM Manager have made downloading and updating so simple that we do it without a second thought. But with as large as the CM community has become, the download crush becomes more profound every day. As such, the CM team is giving torrents another go for the CM7.2-RC1 release.

If you've been living under a rock the past several years, torrents are a distribution method in which files are split and shared by "seeders," with no one central download location.Yes, torrents (or torrentz, if you're one of the cool kids) often are used to share copyrighted material, so you often hear about them with a negative connotation. (We're not fans of stealing, either.) But this is a prime example of a legitimate use. And the more people who download and in turn seed the CM ROMs, the faster everyone else gets to download. Very much in the spirit of the custom ROM community, eh?

And, yes, there are torrent apps for Android, so you can still download directly to your device. (We like aTorrent, and there are others, too.) Hit up the link below for the full list of CyanogenMod 7.2-Release Candidate 1 torrents, and make sure you get the right one from your phone.

Download: CyanogenMod 7.2-RC1 torrents; more +Keyan Mobli


Reader comments

CyanogenMod team giving torrents a try for CM7.2-RC1 distribution


It is a great idea, and for people who don't understand torrenting, this is a prime example of a legitimate use. (Many Linux distros can be torrented as well).
Anyways, this will definitely help out the CM team, and hopefully more ROM publishers will adopt it and avoid dead links!

Looks like someone downloaded 1 to many porn applications. But in all the torrents I have downloaded I have only ever seen a Virus or Trojan in things you should not download

Really? Unless you're stupid enough to download something like "Sexy-time tentacle porn", a hugely under/over sized file for what it should be, or generally anything in all caps, then you deserve to be infected with a virus or trojan. It's called using common sense, and if you don't have any, well, maybe you shouldn't be doing it anyway.