After a long run with skateboarding Bugdroid "Andy" as their mascot, the team behind popular custom firmware CyanogenMod has unveiled a new robotic character to carry the CM banner forward. His name is Cid, and he's the little robot guy you see in the image above.

Cid -- a play on CID, or CyanogenMod ID -- is the result of the CM developers inviting fans to submit character designs over the past few weeks, and he's based on a creation by CM fan Caio Alves. Cid is a little more humanoid than Android's well-established Bugdroid character. Alves says he wanted the design to feel like "an evolution of what we had before", adding "it's a huge challenge to try to evolve something people know and love."

In an official blog post, the CyanogenMod team says it wants its new mascot to embody the idea of CM being more than just "stock Android on a zillion devices". This ties in with the devs' recent efforts to establish their work as a stand-alone OS based on Android, rather than just another custom ROM.

So as CyanogenMod 9 development continues, we'll be seeing a lot more of Cid. Hit the source link for more background on how Cid was brought to life.

Source: CyanogenMod


Reader comments

CyanogenMod introduces new mascot: Cid


It's the end of an era. I miss the old skateboarding bugdroid already, but I'm ok with CM establishing their own mascot. And Cid is fine ... except what's up with the angry eyes on the first two? Not very inviting.

that's the ugliest damn thing I've ever seen!!! You should see the reviews this hideous thing has gotten. nobody likes it!

think they could've gone with something a little more inviting - wish he was more cartoony, less humanoid

That said, I love that CM is really working to establish their own brand... How about a phone that comes with CM on it out of the box!?!?!

I don't like it but whatever. I love CM ROMS. What is with Google and now Cyanogen getting away from that bugdroid character? Was he patented by some company or something and it was just found out? He is nowhere to be found anymore or much harder to find. Even the contacts list and missed calls in our phones in ICS don't use that character for the contacts without a picture. It is now that really stupid generic round smiley face.

I realize this part isn't about Cyanogen in particular but it goes along with Google's really strange policy of changing core things in Android for apparently no reason and they make no sense... The very good, logical app name "Market" changing to "Play Store"? Getting rid of the Menu button when millions upon millions of people are using it and get along with it just fine. I've not heard one single person say they wished our phones didn't have a menu button. No Android character to be found?

It is like killing off an official mascot that people seem to actually really love. The guy in the article even said it is hard to evolve a character people know and love. Well then, don't.

If it wasn't for Lloyd I would really miss that little green Android.

Well, Cid looks a lot better than the original Cid prototype, the one made by the Alves. I like how CM said they "modified it". Yeah, you could say that. They changed the head, the body, the eyes, added a mouth, changed the hands, etc. Sheesh! But it was for the better, because the initial prototype was freaky-looking. This is fine with me.


Looks like SHIT! Is this the reason these guys are also known as Team Douche? Can you say Summers Eve? What's wrong with these guys? WTF???

Its hard to place my feelings on this.... I like the simplistic design approach. It makes cm feel more like its grown up. I don't like the cid moniker, and I'm not a fan of the almost Cyborg-esque figure, but you can't please everyone.

They're certainly free to change the mascot as they feel fit, but from the responses I've seen, it's been a mixed reception at best, so I'm not sure why this "Cid" won.

I'm sure their ROM quality won't suffer for it and I'm certainly grateful for all the hard work they put in, but this new mascot looks like a horrible mash up of a bathroom sign and a LEGO mini-fig.

I think he may be more appealing if he was actually cyan/blue and the figure on the right is better for some reason. Well, it would be my hope that if I installed CM9 I wouldn't be seeing the boot animation too often except by choice.

I agree. He is a little too angry and scary for a mascot.

(Good thing that the normal everyday user (i.e. if you are reading this - then not you!) isn't grabbing CM. A lot of grandmas would be screaming in horror believing a Satanic skateboard humanoid had just hacked their phone and uploaded viruses)

Agree. Looks evil. Uninviting. Not something friendly for sure. #fail

Love CyanogenMod though. Just strongly dislike this devilish looking mascot.

I will still support CM but this is horrible, is this a late April fools joke?? Like someone else said-looks like a teletubby but mixed with android cat or something... ugh /disgust

Stay calm.
It's just a logo.
It does not have any impact on your devices performance.
It will not violate your privacy (even with it's evil look).
It will not change your phone to iOS.
It's just a logo.
Stay calm.

eww, don't like it at all. At least the old logo let me know I was running android. This new one looks like a cheap dollar store ripoff of andy. Not very androidy at all.