CM InstallerThe Android application may have been removed from Google Play, but that hasn't stopped the folks behind the CyanogenMod Installer project from pumping out a public beta of the Mac OSX version. 

In case you're not aware of exactly what we're talking about, the CM Installer is an easy — some say bulletproof — way to swap the software on your supported phone out and install CyanogenMod. You need a computer for this sort of thing, and the Android application was a helper to make sure you have everything set up and ready, both on the phone (or tablet) itself and the computer you're using. Before, this was a Microsoft Windows-only affair. Now it's not.

Getting started is easy enough, you'll just join the Google+ community and follow directions in the sticky post to download and install. Not sure you're ready to start doing things like flashing phone software? That's good — it means you're thinking. Jump into the forums for your Android device and poke around a little to see what's involved and how people are doing all this.

Source: CyanogenMod Installer for Mac Google+ community


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CyanogenMod installer for Mac enters public beta


But sure we won't mention the release of the first nightlies CM for the Note 3 because it is not a Motorola Product.
(Sprint, Verizon, Tmo and Int'l variants)

Have used the cyanogyen mod installer on my s3 and would love to use it on my g2 I hope they add support for more phones soons


I have been a mac user for 17 years.. and won't buy another one since OS 10.7 released, the company just fucked up too much. I never ever considered a iPhone because of the closed environment and went straight to Android, which is bootloader unlocked (with DRM keys intact) and a customized with another rom. Beside that, i also have an Xbox because there were more releases than on the PS. Three products from three different, competing companies.. chosen on personal needs and usability..... yeah, guess that makes me pretty dumb........

I don't think you're dumb. And I disagree with that guys statement, but! I understand the difference between Mac running osx and iPhone or iPad running iOS. I am a programmer, and I have a great way of putting this into perspective. Both of apples OS are based on hybrid kernals, but apples devices are set up for native programming. Native programs/apps are usually programmed for something specific. Native programs are platform specific as well, which means a native program or apps functions can be fine tuned due to control of the CPU/memory of the platform. Native programs/apps are based on a specific purpose being function based. All this means is, a native program does what it is programmed to do very well, but are usually focused on a specific activity, they do a specific thing at optimal levels. This is why macs are known for their graphic design programs and audio engineering.
IPhone and iPad? Ridiculous! Multitasking and functionality across different set architectures is what the mobile game is about. I want a feature rich computer in the palm of my hand and have the option to link to anything I please, thanks Android! Android can be programmed native as well, but mostly is java-based an extremely versatile language. Android OS being java based runs web apps much better than native iOS, and since android is java based...features within apps are plentiful, and also, communication with other apps/programs/platforms is what android does best. Anyone who will argue iOS is pretty ignorant to what they are arguing about. Native mobile platform? No thanks, mobile is supposed to be versatile, the two terms go hand and hand. IPhone and iPad are still alive on reputation only, its only a matter of time. So basically what I'm saying is, for graphic design work...I would love a Mac with retina display running Photoshop over Linux running gimp, but for smart phones and tablets, get the f$ck outta here with this ios sheepness...such stupid little sheep