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Following yesterday's premature release on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the stable version of CyanogenMod 9 is now officially official. That means you can go download the Android 4.0-based custom ROM for supporting devices, without having to worry about stability issues with nightlies, beta builds or release candidates -- this is the fully final, fully-supported version of CM9.

In a post on the official CyanogenMod 9, the team said that excluding major bug fixes, the CM9 stable release marks the end of their ICS development efforts. From now on they'll focus on the Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod 10, in addition to maintaining CM7 for older devices. In addition, the focus of nightly builds will now switch to CM10.

The team says today's stable release should be available for most supported devices, with "stragglers" catching up over the next few days. At the time of writing, builds are still in the process of baking, and so only a dozen or so are available right now.

To check if CM9 stable is available for your phone, check the link below. Now, bring on CM10 and Jelly Bean!

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giograves says:

Sheesh, even ROM developers cant keep up with Google. lol

movielover76 says:

Yea, ICS was a beast so much changed.

randyw says:

Yea, and the company's that make the devices like HTC that will not release the Kernel and drivers for there devices makes it even harder.

uurrozm says:

Sweet Downloading for my S2

movielover76 says:


Merckle says:

Maybe CM10 for Evo 3d?

I got the EVO 3D a year ago and was hoping for CM7 at the time. Never came. Ended up getting so frustrated with it I moved to the Galaxy S3. I've no regrets, but honestly, I hope CM does do something for the 3D - it had so much potential but didn't get the battery life I ever wanted.

VDub2174 says:

I'm glad the focus is going to be on CM10 now. Been using JB ROMs on my Sprint Galaxy Nexus for a while now and honestly can't see myself going back to ICS.

Jacques says:

May have to pull the trigger on this one with my S2 Skyrocket. Hope the TouchPad version comes out with the "stragglers". :)

walkingsad says:

lol same here HP touchpad better get this

le_prof says:

I installed the stable version of CM9 yesterday on my Gnex and noticed there is still a major bug with the camera. After taking the first picture, that picture stays on the screen and you have to restart the camera app to take another picture (i.e. more precisely, to see the picture you are taking through the phone; pictures can still be taken, but without seing anything on the screen, so good luck!).

It seems to be the same problem that was present with RC2 version, that was not present on the RC1 version, which version I was using until yesterday. So for those heavy camera users out there, I would recommand to stick with the RC1 version.