CyanogenModA quick heads up for all you CyanogenMod users -- CM7.0.1 CM 7.0.2 stable was just released, and it brings along a slew of bugfixes identified since CM7.0 hit. Here's the official word:

It’s been about two weeks since we rolled out the first stable version of CyanogenMod-7, and it unfortunately came with a few bugs. 7.0.1 brings many bugfixes, including GPS fixes for many devices, a handful a new features, and support for a few devices that weren’t quite ready in time for 7.0 (original Droid).

Hey, bugs happen. Nice to see 'em squashed quickly. Head on into ROM Manager or the CM forums and get your download on. [CyanogenMod]

Update: And CM7.0.1 was pulled and replaced by CM7.0.2, which fixes bugs in CM7.0.1. Follow that?


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CyanogenMod 7.0.2 brings host of bugfixes, support for OG Droid


Rom Manager told me there was an update available, went to download it and it failed. Looked in RM and nothing there. Not too worried, my Dinc is running great on 7.0.0 anyway. For now I'll just wait and see if it shows up again, anyone else have this happen?

Is this out for Evolution yet?
I just spent 2 days gathering all the info and finally fixing the GPS issue on CM7 that required flashing back to a sense rom.

OK, 7.0.2 is out, it's stable, and has MOAR bugfixes, like GPS, proximity sensor, light sensor, and CPU pegging fixed on EVO. Woot!


7.0.2 rocks. Fixes a bunch of minor annoyances on the Evo, and appears to improve battery life vs. recent nightlies by fixing the CPU race condition associated with the GPS driver. Download this puppy and enjoy!

Nexus One users have been reporting a broken camera app, I have not downloaded CM 7.0.2 so I don't know this for certain but comments/ratings on ROM Manager claim so.

I can't keep up with these guys.....LOL Every time I think I have the latest version, a new one comes out :p

Remember, There were 4 stable versions of CM6... So we may see a couple more CM7's yet.

Even with this 7.0.2, there are still nightly builds coming out, which means there will be at least one more stable version I would imagine.

Had anybody been experiencing apps crashing or looping on the Nexus One? Every time i try to open my Android Market or The internet it either close immediately when I try the internet browsers or when i try to go into the Market it just continues in a loop of loading and shutting down and loading back up.

Did you reflash the Google apps? I updated without reflashing Google and none of the Google apps would come up. I went into Rom Manager and downloaded and installed Google apps. I had to relink the phone to my Google account but after that everything was ok. From now on, I'm going to do both together.

I don't know if someone has tried and has some feedback but.....

Do you have clear cache to do an update from 7.0 to 7.0.2? I'm getting tired of reinstalling all my apps. :-)

You don't need to do a factory reset (where you erase everything, including your apps). It's prudent however to do a partial wipe: cache and Dalvik cache.

ROM manager doesn't support this sort of partial wipe, you need to drop into recovery (either ClockworkMod or Amon Ra) to do it. But you will save LOTS of time if you do.

Download the ROM zip file
Reboot into recovery
navigate the menus using volume up and down to move, power button to select
choose wipe cache
choose wipe Dalvik cache
choose install zip from SD card
navigate to your downloaded zip file and select it*
when install is done, choose reboot

*If you download using your browser it's in /download. If you use ROM manager to do the download, it's buried pretty deep, I think it's
/clockworkmod/download/ where xxxxx is your phone's codename.

This is how I prefer to do my ROM flashing, yeah its a bit annoying to have to do the extra step(s) of booting into recovery, but I personally don't trust ROM Manager...I'm the ROM Manager :P

Seriously Cyanogen? When should I update to a "stable" release?

Seems as though every time I try and update, there's a newer version out and more bugs fixed.

i wish there was a sense-style camera app included instead of that crappy camera with the huge grey border. WTH is that?

I miss the touchscreen-to-focus mode of sense camera. :(

I'm in the same boat with you. The only thing that really brings me back to sense is the camera. Its so...beautiful. but the speed of cyanogen is great. This is probably the most stable, fast cm I've had on my Vision. The GPS works too !

Is it true, this update broke hight quality camera settings? If so, I'll pass for now and wait for 7.0.4

Hello Everyone,

I come to you all looking for some help with my newly rooted HTC Incredible. I just installed the CM7 ROM and Gapps but I can't seem to get any of the apps to download in the android market ( I get the notification of download unsuccessful), or the other google apps to authenticate. I am not the most TecSavy but I was able to get this far. Please can anyone help me out and try to walk me thought trying to troubleshoot this issue. Please and Thank you.