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For all you crazy kids out there who like to do that rooting and ROMing thing, listen up -- CyanogenMod 7 RC2 has been released. If you're rocking a Sprint EVO, that means proper Wimax access. notification profiles (huzzah!), Android 2.3.3 and a host of other treats. Snag it in ROM Manager, or from CM's site. [CyanogenMod] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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CyanogenMod 7 RC2 released


What a lazy and completely incorrect statement. GPS works great. If you have a problem, search for the answer.

Why don't you check some of the posts. GPS hasn't worked for a lot of people for quite some time. I forgot what nightly it stopped working on. And yes I tried the fixes as did other people. So don't make ASSumptions

Only issue I've had was in DC. All I got was "searching for GPS." When I brought Navigation up on my Tab, however, I got the same thing, so I knew it wasn't an Evo or CM7 issue. Other than that, it's been working great for me.

Remember to get the Google Apps package from the OFFICIAL mirror, and flash immediately after flashing RC2 (don't reboot in between)!

As a disclaimer, these GApps will not work with RC1, or Nightlies prior to #11, when Android 2.3.3 was merged in. The non-Market Google Apps (namely, Talk and Account Sync) use API calls which are not present in Android 2.3.2.

EDIT: Also, as of this moment, ROM Manager's manifest (the magical file that tells RM what files to download, what they are, and where to get them) has not been updated from the 20110120 (Android 2.3.2/RC1) GApps to the 20110307 (Android 2.3.3/RC2) GApps. You'll have to download and flash them manually until Koush updates the manifest.

I used RM to flash with gapps, wipe and install no back up as I had a fresh one in the SD already, once it booted I was already having issues with Gmail fc as well as a few others, reboot to recovery, full wipe and flashed again then flashed gapps 0307 then flashed incredkern then booted, everything is great no problems as of yet, droid Inc, hope this helps

You dont have to do a total wipe when coming from RC1. Just wipe Cache partition and Delvik Cache. :D

Total noob question.....I have Rc1 installed and would like to update to Rc2. Is it possible to do that without wiping all of my data? I see your response davidnc but i have no idea how to do that?? when i download the update with rom manager the only option that i get when i try to update is wipe cahce AND data. I dont think this is what i want to do is it? If someone can just point me in the right direction i will try to figure it out on my own. Thanks in advance for any help.

You can boot into recovery (I use clockworkmod), wipe cache, wipe dalvik (under advanced), nand backup, install zip from SD card (CM7 RC2 and then the new GAPPS), and then reboot system. I always do it this way now. Should be good to go.

Thanks alot examiner19! followed your instructions and they worked to the T! appreciate the help! One more question....can i use these same steps to swithch to a different rom all together? or will it only work for upgrades?

If you're switching to an entirely different rom it's best to do a full wipe/factory reset. I've tried switching to a different rom just doing the above steps and it always seems like something doesn't work quite right.

Huge improvement over RC1, but still suffers from Automatic Brightness not working at all.

This + S2E = all you could possibly need.
Prefer this over LeeDroid 2.2d

HTC Desire GSM

Just went to # 14 , after the RC2 . GPS works great on the incredible , locks on faster then stock or other roms .The nightlies are great can get flash addictive lol :D

Dont forget to check out the CM7 Thread in the incredible section :)

CVPCS (current DROID maintainer) has been moving and has little time to work on it. He tweeted this morning that he is "all moved in" and will be getting back to work on it.

Flashed this first thing this morning on my EVO. GPS is rock solid for me. I'd been having trouble with the nightlies but this release seems to be tracking great. Just my .02!!

working good so far (MT4G)...... bluetooth is even working a little better... computer still not able to recognize the obex/ftp and can not send from phone to computer but i am now able to send to phone from computer.... also.... sim card is still not available.... other then that... great rom!

Works great on Evo all the problems from the last release seem to be fixed had a lot of problems with gameloft games but not anymore.My gps works fine 4g works all is good
thank you for all the hard work

Flashed it to my Evo last night. I had been running a rooted stock for a long time, but I had been using CM6 before that. I was getting bored with my phone so I decided to give CM7 a shot.

So far it's working well. A little laggier than my rooted stock, and bluetooth doesn't work, but those could both be kernel issues. I'll have to look around for a new kernel tonight. I had bluetooth issues with CM6 as well... I never could get them sorted out. Hopefully I'll be able to find a kernel that will restore bluetooth.

Battery life so far is pretty poor, although I have my stock battery in the phone. I'll try my cheapo extended battery tomorrow and see how it works out.

Overall, Gingerbread is nice but isn't a huge leap forward over what I had. Still going to give the HTC Arrive/Pre 3 a good, hard look when the time comes.

So after a couple of days, here are my thoughts:

  1. Battery life has gotten better once I went into Settings > CyanogenMod Settings > Performance > CPU Settings and fooled around with the Available Governors. I keep my Evo at "conservative" for most of the day, and bump it up to "performance" when I plan to use it at length (I created a little homescreen shortcut to the Performance settings). There is a very noticeable increase in battery life.
  2. Bluetooth works fine - I was just incorrectly using my headset. No problems.
  3. Wimax works but speeds seem inconsistent. They can range from under a megabit to over three megabits, which is still slower than Wimax speeds using a sense ROM.

Overall, I think I'll stick with it. I like a lot about it and right now, everything is actually working. The 4G speeds don't bother me all that much, mainly because I only use 4G at certain specific times and the speeds are still pretty fast.

2 huge problems:

re: Nexus One, CM7 RC1, 32Gb sdcard, RomManager :

Using RM, i downloaded CM7 RC2 and the gapps .. The gapps wouold not download
(repetitive 'Download Error' msgs).

Nonetheless, (after backing up CM7 RC1 using RM 2.14.4 .. cuz FAILS to finish any backup .. freezes 50% thru Lost+Found .. btw, L+F isnt even backed up by RM 2.14.4 !! Only tries it and it fails) i did wipe cache and flash the new RC2 .. big mistake!

It wont see my sdcard! "not mounted" .. No contact data, etc avail, No gmail account! no nothin cept an offer to 'easily set up an exchange account' which didnt work either (failed ..)

Was able to flash back to CM7 RC1 and all is well , except i can never use RM to backup)

Seems RC2 might be a lil premature ..

I specifically signed in to chime that I face the same problems with CM7 RC2. This should have been a beta not a release candidate.

Nonetheless, I am happy for the efforts the CM team does for lazy asses like me.