Exactly two months after the release of CyanogenMod 6, CyanogenMod 6.1 RC 1 is now live on the CyanogenMod website, and in the paid version of Rom Manager.

Built on Android 2.2.1, and packing all kinds of great features and enhancements, CM 6.1 RC1 is another step forward in the most infamous line of custom Android ROMs.  Don't let its release client status lead you to believe it's unusable, as that is far from the truth.  Anybody currently using CyanogenMod 6 is aware of its two largest drawbacks; the lack of 4G and HDMI functionality.  These two shortcomings aside, CM 6.1 RC1 is a very stable and functional ROM.

So what are you waiting for, oh rooted Android user?  Check out the changelog, start backing up your current ROM, and get downloading (Evo download link).  Once you've got it up and running, come and share your thoughts in the forums.

Join me after the break as I go over just a few of the new features you'll find in this update.

Update:  I should have clarified in this post.  CM 6.1 RC1 is only available on select devices at the moment.  To find out if your device is supported, you'll want to head over to the official CyanogenMod forums.  Their site is under heavy load right now, so it's running pretty far on the slow side.

YouTube link for Mobile viewing

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CyanogenMod 6.1 RC1 is here [video]


I'm going to go ahead and update now. I'm running a nightly from about a month ago and cm snap 7.6 and the most battery I've gotten is 41 hours. I usually get 24 hours with normal usage and about 16-18 when I play a lot of angry birds :)

What phone is this on? I'm running CM6 Stable on my Evo and I can't even imagine getting that much battery life. Its pretty good without any radios on but when I turn on 3g, my battery life drops to about 6-8 hours.

Have you got the Snap Kernel installed? I'm not exactly sure what it does to the phone but the battery life easily triples.

It is a release candidate, but it's still very usable. This release is my new daily driver, and I have faith it will perform quite well throughout the day.

Yeah is there a list of phones compatible with this.....I have a Vibrant. And I want some froyo on it ASAP

It looks fantastic, I just don't have the nerve to root my Hero. Since I would have to downgrade the software, then root and then add the custom rom it seems like too many steps and too many things could go wrong.

If you hero is unrooted by now its slow and bogged down... just like mine was months ago.... Time to Root my friend.... I swtiched to the EVO but the HERO without Rooting and Flashing is a pain in the ass

Isn't the evo 4G already on Froyo? Besides why would I flash a rom that is missing 2 major features I use?? I don't get it...I used to run cyanogen mod on my old hero before I upgraded to the epic but thats only because sprint sux and didnt wanna do an os update for that phone.

I'm having some serious issues with the cyanogen site right now!! Can anyone tell me if the google addon mirror is the same for say a MyTouch 3G as it is for a Hero? I have a hero but the mirror seems to be broken whenever i can actually get to that part of the forums...

This article would be more helpful if it clarified that CM6.1RC1 is not out for all of the phones they support. The EVO is out, but the Droid is not. I'm not sure what the rest of the landscape looks like. Just trying to save others the time I spent refreshing Rom Manager waiting for it to appear.

So the download link is for the Evo but has anyone tried it on the Incredible? Will it work on there?

No Galaxy S support yet so can't see what its like on my Captivate but its outstanding on my Nexus One.
Cyanogen does it again.