CM6 on the MyTouch 4G

You won't find it for download anywhere, it's being called "very broken" and don't dare ask for an ETA, but here's a quick peek at CyanogenMod 6 on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G.  Less than 24 hours after getting properly rooted and a custom recovery made, this sure looks pretty.  Told you the ROMs would come soon.  [@kmobs]


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CyanogenMod 6 on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G


Two rules to Cyanogen(mod)
1) DO not ask for ETA. Everytime an ETA is asked a modder dies. Don't do it, we need modders.

2) DO not has "what about me" IF cyanogen(mod) doesn't own the device, they cannot build ROMs for it. Simple as that.

you must not know much about Cyanogenmod because they have posted about working on the vibrant since July. they just haven't got a good enough froyo source yet to do it. don't try and post fake rules about something you don't comprehend. it should be coming to us soon since we just got a good froyo source.

I visit Cyan, multiple times a day there buddy. Cyanogen has publicly said1) do not ask for ETA's and do not ask "why not my device".... I'll look up links to from the main site and throw them your way if you want.