If you use a custom ROM on your Android phone, you should know about CyanogenMod.  If you don't, go hit Google now, then come right back.  (pretty freakin' sweet, huh?) With the drop of the Froyo (Android 2.2) source code everyone is patiently waiting for the code wizards behind the CyaongenMod project to give us the kind of custom goodness we've become used to.  To quell the mountain of inquiries, Cyanogen himself has updated the CyanogenMod homepage with a progress report.

The condensed version? Things are going well.  The Nexus One and Droid ports "just work," the Dream/Sapphire port has everything but one minor issue working, Wes Garner has the Slide (MyTouch 3G slide) port well underway, and ports for the Desire, Incredible, and Evo have no status report as of yet.  Also, we're told to expect some experimental releases (for the Nexus One and Droid most likely) by the weekend.  (YAY!)  Hit the source link to read the post and take a minute to thank Steve and the whole crew for their hard work! [CyanogenMod]


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CyanogenMod 6 (Froyo) status update


It is a custom built version of Android. It often has the features of the latest Android versions well before you device is updated....if its EVER updated. In this case this version is built directly on Android 2.2. They also tweak for better performance and often add other features that won't be in stock Android. For instance there's a theming system last time I messed with it that lets you completely retheme your phone. It can look like anything from a Sense phone to something somebody just dreamed up.

This may just make me go ahead and root my Incredible depending on how long it takes them to get the Inc version ready.

I've heard a lot of people talk about CyanogenMod... especially with old phones such as G1, Magic, MT3g, Hero, Eris... that make their phone run 10x better because of this.

What kind of tweaks?
I understand that you can have themes and stuff but what else? I went to his website but there's not a "full features" list.

But cool stuff. Definitely want to try this when something comes out for the Evo.

Edit: Found this list..

What? Posting a question is clearly easier that clicking a link or copy-pasting "cyanogen" into a search box! Why do things for yourself, really? ;)

Your warranty will be void.... That's assuming of course you volunteer to the rep your phone is rooted. They usually don't ask.

But truth is, if you root with Cyanogen, you won't care that your warranty is void. I'm running a G1 with the last version he put out supporting 1.6 but I have the 2.1 phone dialer, music app and more. I can also backup my entire phone (not just some config data) to my SD card.

You'll also be able to install apps that can overclock your processor and improve performance even beyond what Cyanogen does. You can block ads (but please don't.... that's how some of us pay for pizza :-)

Check out just some of the themes you can use one you root with Cyanogen!:

As long as you can load custom roms your fine and cyanogen roms are some of if not the most stable roms out. I should get my MOTO Droid tomorrow and I will have it rooted and romed within 20 min of the unboxing. So I might have to check out the Droid rom.