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Release candidate builds now available for some forty devices

Following the third "M snapshot" build just under a month ago, the CyanogenMod team is pushing ahead with the roll-out of the first "RC" or release candidate build of CM 10.1. RC1 of the Android 4.2.2-based firmware is now available for a total of forty devices, and in its announcement news post today the team says it expects this to be one of the last milestones before the stable release of CM 10.1.

The list of devices with RC1 builds available includes the current crop of Nexus phones and tablets (and the Nexus Q), various U.S. Galaxy S3 phones, U.S. Galaxy Note models, the international HTC One X and LG Optimus G. You can see the full list of codenames over at the CM announcement post, linked below. As usual, the builds themselves are available from the official download page at Happy flashing!

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CyanogenMod 10.1 RC1 builds now available


What's the difference between M releases, and RC releases? Are RC releases a step up from NIGHTLY or something like that?

The other way around. Milestones are a step up from Nightlies, while Release Candidates are nearly finalized versions.

Can you turn off the CRT off animation yet? It is the only thing keeping me from flashing CM.

Have to agree. Despite the new features of 4.2.2, the latest iteration of Android seemed to have brought more bugs instead of fixing those present in earlier versions.

Nexus 4 here, I'll be checking this one out. The last milestone has worked pretty much flawlessly for me ever since it came out.

Does anyone still use CM? Is gimping some of the hardware features of your phone really worth a couple of software enhancements you could pick up with legitimate apps and widgets from the Play Store?

Don't know about other phones, but the Nexus 4 runs as perfectly with CM as it does on the stock rom, nothing is gimped or otherwise broken that I'm aware of.

He's probably referring to anyone who doesn't run a stock android phone. CM is always buggy or not 100% functional on most phones that have OEM overlays on them.

He is probably referring to the custom features you lose with Cyanogenmod on the S3, etc. like the Smart _____ features and the customizations of the phone software. Which is all I can think of that you "lose" unless you are really in love with the Samsung Calendar, Address Book, etc. apps.

As I understand it, in particular, there are issues with coding for the S3 camera because Samsung has not released complete drivers to the public. However, in my experience, as CM10 has matured the issues with the camera have become non-issues.

AVRCP 1.3, aptX, and Bluetooth LE. Samsung builds them both into the stock firmware but they're missing in AOSP. Not sure how much those are worth to the average user, but they can be a dealbreaker for some.

Yes. I've been using CM on my GS3 after a couple weeks of stock. I missed some of Samsung features especially the camera but it's not a deal breaker. The customization and improvements in overall speed are well worth it compared to TouchWiz. I did try the latest stock with the multi-window update but still went back to CM after 5 days.

Not to whine but no rom for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus? Why? I had Mroms. I hope this isn't a trend. I can't upgrade until November.

I'm sure that toro will be ready soon.

Man, and I just recently flashed M3, but I don't think I can resist moving up to RC1.
Probably try a dirty flash first and see how things shake out.

I had that problem when I flashed the RC1 on my Skyrocket, couldn't hold a signal longer than a minute. Got fed up and reflashed the M3 release.

I've been very happy W/ CM 10.1 on my VWZ Gnex. I've noticed no decrease in performance but use a bunch of the extra features. Downloading as I type.

Saw someone mention "dirty flash". If you have CM 10.1 M build you can go to settings, about phone, CyanogenMod updates, change Update type to New version (incl. Nightlies) & then hit the refresh circle. cm-10.1.0-RC1 should show up. Download it & when finished, it will prompt you to "update". Been working well for me.

I flashed my yesterday at 18:00 and the RC1 was out at 19:00. :)
There is a upgrade tool at Settings / About... It works ok and you don't lose anything.

Don't delete the M3 build. After downloading the RC install it. If your phone doesn't work right or battery life takes a dump, just re install the M3 build.

If I install this over the M3 do I have to download everything and redo my settings again? (The phone thinks its factory fresh)