If you're still holding strong with your original Motorola Droid, you may have been a little upset to notice that it appeared as though CyanogenMod 7 appeared to have skipped this device. RC1 hit, and when we rushed with excitement to the download links, there were none for the OG Droid, and then upon the release of RC2, the same -- until this morning. The OG Droid has finally gotten some CyanogenMod 7 RC2 love, bringing the device some truly custom Gingerbread flavor. Enough reading, get to downloading and flashing! [CyanogenMod]


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Cyanogen Mod 7 RC2 hits for OG Droid


It has been running fine since last night on mine. Much better than the nightlys. I would still recommend Project Elite, Ultimate Droid and Peter's Stock GPA13 over this for speed.

AM I missing something or does Cyanogen Mod not out there for the Droid X. I am new to this all, actually just rooted with z4root last night, and have heard alot about Cyanogen Mod. If there isn't one, can anyone recommend a ROM for the DX?

To make a long story short, CVPCS was a developer that made great ROM's for the D1, D2, and DX(GEM series/CCROMS). He ended that and has joined Cyanogenmod to maintain the Droid 1 and bring Cyanogenmod 7 to the DX. It was not supported before because of its difficulty to hack. CVPCS is hard at work bring CM7 to the DX but it will still be a while. I would expect it much later than the final build of CM7 for everything else.

For now, I suggest Liberty ROM for the Droid X and Droid 2.

The x has a locked bootloader and cannot flash a rom to this magnitude. An unlocked bootloader is needed for all the extras that cm includes on there roms

Because the Droid X and Droid 2 have encrypted locked bootloaders that cannot be unlocked, there are no *true* ROMs for these phones. By true ROMs, I mean ROMS like Cyanogenmod that require kernel access. The "ROMs" that are out there for the DX and D2 are great, but they are stuck with the stock Froyo kernel. You'll never get Gingerbread on your Droid X until Motorola decides you should or someone cracks the encryption key (which is next to impossible). So consider not buying a Moto phone in the future if custom ROMs is something you are interested in.

Although we can't have the GB kernel, all the GB apps build just fine on Froyo. cvpcs and Team Phoenix are both working on GB ROM's for the DX at the moment.

How well does RC2 run on the Droid? I have been having a lot of weird issues, and FCs, lately running CM6. I'm hoping that upgrading will fix the problem.

Peter's GPA13 release is by far the best for the OG Droid. For anyone with a rooted OG Droid, go check this out asap!

1000 times yes! I went from running CM7 nightlies to Peter's GPA13 with his 600 LV kernel and my Droid has never been this snappy and bug free. Sometimes I wonder if the OG Droid can't handle everything that CM demands from it.

i went bb 6.2.1 to cyanogen nightlies last night...and i have to say i like it alot....tell me is any different from the last nighly to come out?

The market is included. I installed on my EVO yesterday and am loving it. My phone feels like it was just upgraded to a dual core chip. everything is so smooth and fast.

The market is not included. I just wiped and reinstalled this and it's still not there. Is there an easy way to install the market. I've downloaded a few APKs and couldn't get them to install and load. But seriously, no one else is having this problem!?!?