Ready for a new addiction? Cut the Rope has hit the Android market holding a price tag of just a mere 99 cents, and is sure to bring hours and hours of entertainment to your life. Last week Cut the Rope was available for Android devices via GetJar, and was an ad-supported version, but today a paid version has hit the Android market without any ads. So, without any further delay, hit the break for download links, and get to playing!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Update: And Amazon, too.


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Cut the Rope now available ad-free in the Android Market (Update: And, Amazon, too)


Already got if from for free. It's a great game, but I've already beaten it and am waiting for more levels to be released.

I've beaten it on iOS (ipod and iPad with ipod version blown up) . . .its a really fun and challenging game... But I'm pretty sure thers an issue with the ropes moving really slow compared to the iOS version... its very weird because the game isn't laggy... its just the damn RoPES LOL.... i don't get it.

I also just finished beating plants vs zombies... I need a new game to keep my busy

So what happens if I've already downloaded and installed the game from GetJar, then I download it from the Market? Will the scores still be saved, or will they be wiped out?

This is exactly what I wanted to know...Anyone bought it yet and seen if the GetJar versions High Scores will carry over to the market version?

Good question. I know that the Paid (ad free) versions of the Angry Birds games downloaded from Amazon's Android AppStore keep all of your history from the free version available in the Android Market. I know this doesn't answer your question, but at least we know that it's at least possible.

I want to know the same thing. I already beat all the levels on the GetJar version but want to support the devs and have the official Android Market version for updates. I don't want to lose my progress if I buy it.

After reading reviews of the Market Version, it seems like it does not carry over your current level/high scores because a lot of people are talking about that in the comments. Seems like a fail to me

Just wanted to add, this is also available in the Amazon Appstore.

I did get the getjar version and will stick with it for now. I bet it will be free on Amazon sooner or later. I am wondering how to update, I'm guessing I have to check getjar periodically to see if they are on a newer version, then redownload. Anyone familiar with getjar, know how their system works?

I liked it but playing the getjar version it always took an eternity to start up (I'm on an infuse, most things start pretty quickly).

I can confirm that it does not allow you to bring over your stats from the paid version. But it does appear to load faster on my Milestone X.