Cut the Rope for Android

Might it finally be here? Might Cut the Rope finally be released for Android? If the CTRAndroid Twitter account -- newly created and pinging the hell out of the Android blogs -- is any indication, we could well see it on Friday, folks.

Question is, is it teasing the Android Market (while at the same time mistakenly calling it an App Store), or is it headed to the Amazon Appstore? Either one's likely, though the latter has been scoring some nice exclusives of late. Guess we'll find out in a few days.

Source: CTRAndroid


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Cut the Rope for Android coming Friday


please dont release exclusive on amazon app store!!!! it will get so many unnecessary negative reviews from stupid people who 1 dont know how to read, 2 are rating amazon/wifi downloads, 3 dont even own an app, or 4 complaining about permissions (same program on android market could have high ratings even w same permissions!)

Let's just hope this isn't as god awful a port as Plants vs Zombies. I was so disappointed at how bad that game looks.

agreed. popcap has no right releasing anything else for android until they learn how to properly develop their apps. pvz and their other one before that are two of the worst developed games for android.

I haven't had an issue on my EVO 4G for either of those games.... Guess droid owners should update. the looks are enarly identical to my friends iphone.........

load times ? what load times pvz loads perfectly line i agree it could look better but imho

game play > looks

wow anthonok. what device do you have? PvZ looks GREAT and plays flawlessly on my HTC Thunderbolt.

My wife and kids love this game on the I pad but I've actually never played it. I recently got an Iconia Tablet so I will definitly be checking it out. I like the port of plants vs Zombies and have been having alot of fun playing that.

I have the light version on my iPod Touch. I suck at it HORRIBLY, but it's really fun, and I think it'll be more enjoyable on a larger screen.