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$100 price cut for customized AT&T Moto X on contract

Motorola has halved the cost of getting hold of a customized 16GB Moto X from its site. The customization tools are still exclusive to AT&T's Moto X, which incidentally still costs $199 on-contract from the carrier. If you're after the 32GB model, that'll set you back $149.99, down from $249.99.

So there's really no reason not to pick up a customized model if you're in the market for an AT&T Moto X. Moto's customization site lets you change the back color, accents and texture of your Moto X, before adding accessories and custom greetings, giving you a more personalized device.

There's been no official word on when Moto Maker will be coming to other carriers, but Verizon is rumored to get it Nov. 11.

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Custom Moto X now $99.99 from Moto Maker site


This. I absolutely refuse to sign another phone contract, if I can avoid it.

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I'm actually curious of this myself. I'm on Verizon and completely tired of the price tag weighing me down each month, and have been thinking of jumping ship for the nexus 5 when it comes, but I still have my eye on the moto x... as I don't see a whole lot of substantial difference from the nexus 4 to the 5 (not talking physicality) I'm curious your take on using both these devices, and which one you feel you generally gravitate towards more on a consistent basis.

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Which carrier were you thinking of jumping to?

How much are you paying with Verizon?

If you want to stay with Verizon, then I say Moto X all the way. But, if you want to jump ship, then the Nexus 5 would lighten the burden on your wallet, especially if you have to pay an ETF.

If T-Mobile was directly carrying the Moto X, then I'd say jump to them, if they have good coverage in your area.

If you do decide to jump, I say the Nexus 5 and T-Mobile will be the cheapest proposition.

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If I had a Moto X, I'd use it a LOT more than my Nexus 4. Size, camera, voice actions... if the X was less expensive, I would drop the N4 in a heartbeat.

The camera will never catch up

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Because I want the Nexus 5 and Moto X that's buying 2 new phones. For now I'll stick with my Nexus 4 which I love!

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I think Motorola are missing a trick by NOT bringing this device to all markets Worldwide (I would love to give this a try even without MotoMaker).

Thank you!! I think it was a bad move by Motorola to make this an exclusive, no matter how much AT&T offered. Customization was a major selling point of the device, but they handicapped it with this ridiculous exclusivity. Same goes for the Droid line. I have a friend that would love to have the Maxx, but can't leave AT&T.

To be honest, I don't even care that much about customization. What I do care about is the exclusive left Sprint customers with an, IMO, unusable version. I don't care if I had to get black or white, but I can't actually handle less than 32GB on my device.

There's no reason why storage size should have been an exclusive.

And verizon getting it, possibly, on the 11th doesn't do me any favors either. I want a damned 32GB sprint one, but I don't see that happening.

ATT carrier exclusive of 64 GB HTC One disincents upgrading from Sprint HTC EVO LTE. Exclusives hurt sales.

$100 for a Moto X is not a bad deal, neither is $150 for a 32GB Moto X. I would still want a custom Nexus device first. One can dream.


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Ridiculously too expensive,too bad Motorola could have made a killing if they had priced this phone correctly 400.00 to 450.00, but they choose to be greedy that and not being able to put this phone on every carrier like tmobile was also a mistake.

If T Mo would have had the customer version I would have already bought one . But with the nexus 5 so close they lost me.

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I think the moto x would have sold better if consumers were able to customize it on every carrier. Having it exclusive to only AT&T was not a good idea. I would have definitely considered it if I could customize it and use it on tmobile.

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I doubt it. Those that want it got it, those that want it customized will get it.

Sales will go up when the exclusive is done but only because of the waiters. The point of getting it in the stores is the casual consumer.

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Depending on where you live you have something like 14-30 days to return that, or to save trouble they'll often just refund you the $$ difference :) .

Yeah you usually have 14 days, it is worth a phone call to save 100$. The worst they can say is no

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I called them and they offered me a $100 gift card. I just got my 32 gig moto x delivered last night.

Something is better than nothing

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Got my Sprint version on a month ago for ninety-nine dollars (spelled out the price because the Android Central forum system told me my message is spam since it references money. Huh?). This phone is near perfect.

By the time the motomaker is not exclusive to ATT the Nexus 5 or even other great phones will be out and will make the motomaker pointless. It's too bad really.

It won't be pointless. The vast majority of the US population purchases their devices on contract. The Moto Maker exclusivity will probably end, just in time for the holidays.

Then, Motorola and the carriers will probably have Black Friday specials, amongst others. The X should see decent sales figures, over the next few months.

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Yeah but those are in store sales, won't apply to motomaker

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More than likely, yes. But, Motorola could offer several discounts directly through its website, for anyone that wants the customization.

Not very probable, but very possible.

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I just pulled the trigger on buying after reading this. Its a great phone at the price, with a unique twist (not focused strictly on specs, but on usability). Its made in the USA (as an American, like to support US mfg when I can). Could it be better? Yes. But on balance a good product.

you I like the idea of customization and all that but why do none of the colors match? i mean say having the crimson back but only black or white front then merely offering a black case.

I went to look at MotoX last night, seems like a phone that is 2yrs late to the party, hard to think of people coming off contract from S3 or N4 to the Moto, seems so tiny even compared to my galaxy Skyrocket. It looked good though.

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Not sure how it's two years late to the party. You can read through the pages of forums of users who ditched the latest flagships for the Moto X. I've had the S4, ONE, Note 2 and the Moto X beats them all. It's still funny the people that cling to "specs" and dismiss the X as overpriced.

I do agree that the carrier exclusive was a big mistake, but as Mercdroid said, most casual consumers purchase on contract through the carrier and wouldn't even know what a Nexus was. If this goes to Verizon and possibly Sprint by Christmas, they will be selling like hotcakes at 99 bucks.

If they would just drop the price of the T-mobile version I would consider but $599 for a phone that (I'm sorry) does not have a future proof processor isn't very appealing. If this phone had a snapdragon 800 and a better camera it would be an instant buy.

This. If it was $349 for 16 GB, I would buy it. But when the Nexus 5 comes, even if the Moto X drops to $349, I wouldn't buy one.

If the price was equal between the Moto X and the Nexus 5, it'd come down to form factor and battery life for me. I don't think speed is a factor anymore if you're running stock or close to it (but then I also don't play games). I was surprised to read that the Nexus 5 will be smaller than the Nexus 4 (which I have and find a tad too big and uncomfortable in my jeans). If the Nexus 5 gets better battery life than the Moto X, then it's going to be Nexus 5 all the way.

But the reality is the Moto X will probably not drop to the price the Nexus 5 will go on sale at any time soon. I'd bet Motorola is tied contractually to AT&T and Verizon to not drop their off contract prices for a while. So in the end, I think my decision will be an easy one.

Nexus 5 with 5" 1920x1080 using a 2300mAh battery probably won't last as long as the Moto X's 4.7" 1280x720 using a 2200mAh, the X8 is efficient at getting things done too.

How is Motorola doing with timely updates? Will the carriers still be the gatekeepers for new versions of Android?

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Yeah, it is no different than any other OEM. The difference will be that Motorola can push it out slightly faster because it is near stock and not as integrated

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Google/Moto shot themselves in foot by making it exclusive. Now it ain't selling enough so they cut prices.
I'd have this phone long time ago if MotoMaker was on Verizon.
Just stupid decision when they are bleeding cash

I just won't buy another phone from a carrier period. I'm so sick of AT&T and their slow updates. Nexus 5 all the way. No more waiting months/years for AT&T to put their bloatware on my phone.

Why wait for updates? Visit the xda forums and increase your Android knowledge and get in to the custom ROM world. I'm running Android 4.3 on galaxy Skyrocket and it's great.

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Still exclusive to AT&T, lame. Unless they're tailor-made for the carrier (EVO, Droid), they're pointless and kill sales across the board.

Since I was used to HTC, I would have gotten the One Mini on Verizon if it weren't exclusive to AT&T. At least the Droid was a better phone for the money, so no real regrets.

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Does anyone know If you can change the "welcome message" that appears if you put one in when you created it on Motomaker?