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A little bit of disappointing news for those who were hoping for a bit of custom engraving on their Moto X, at least initially. Motorola has confirmed to us that the option won't be available when the phone and its Moto Maker custom designer go live later this week. "We love this feature. We're going to make it happen," a Moto spokeswoman told us this evening. We'll just have to wait a bit. No ETA was given.

Moto X will be available on AT&T starting Friday, and the carrier currently has an exclusive on the Moto Maker customization. (Verizon will get it later this year, it says.) All the custom colors we showed you in our preview last week will be available, as will a custom boot message. If you want engraving, you'll have to wait.

And, actually, waiting might not be the worst idea in the world. There are 18 design options currently available for Moto X, but it'll gain more later this year — including a wood back.


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Custom engraving won't be available on the Moto X at launch


Probably going to be some other carrier exclusive deal.

I'm no hippie, but I'm starting to agree with Andrew, at least on the mistakes being made as part of Motorola's "rebranding" - have they learned nothing from T-Mo's recent success?

Just get the Huawei Ascend P6 and run Nova launcher (gives you stock Android and more). It's the greatest Android phone I've ever owned and runs the same "stock" 4.2 as the Moto X.

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I don't really care, but maybe you could switch it up from "this" and "+9000" to the point I don't know who YOU are ; )

Um, yeah. Nova launcher most definitely DOES NOT give you stock Android. It's a great launcher, no doubt.

Yeah, I learned my lesson on engraving years ago, these things are disposable. We just want to get rid of them every year when the next thing comes out...I've changed my mind on what new phone to get 4 times in the last month! :)

You beat me to it. It's a cool idea, and I love that they make the option available, but for those of us that churn through phones and then resell, it's just not feasible.

I do love the idea of having my Gmail address engraved on the back, though. It'd be a good theft deterrent.

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I care more about anti-theft than I care about resale. I don't resell my phones... I use them for about a year past obsoletion... Which, of course, is only about 18 months after I get it in the first place... :-P

But its a false Anti-theft measure. Do you really think the thug that is waving a knife under your nose is going to NOT take your phone anyway?

That same knife will scratch your name off the phone in no time at all.

Gotta agree here, engraving is a dumb idea.
Its not like this is the last phone you will ever own.

But you can always order a another back cover, no? If you get one digitally printed, you can just swap it out and say "It's even got a brand new back cover, just replaced!" lol.

Sheesh, negative news after negative news for this phone, what a bummer

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When it was first announced, it was news, and it was negative. Therefore it was negative news.

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Being on Verizon with 100 million + customers, it was a stupid idea to make it exclusive, and I'm pissed about it. Not going to wait till the end of November or early december for a custom option. Not going to Buy an X just for the Low Ass specs barely better than my GNex, the custom option and Dual LTE antennas was the only cool things about it

Maybe we'll Get luck and the New Motorola Nexus will launch on Verizon this year, Droid Life is stating Moto has the Nexus 5, not LG

Let me just add something here, Verizon will never EVER get another Nexus device, but to be fair Sprint probably won't either. With the problems Google was having pushing out updates to the Galaxy Nexus CD

I'd say the AT&T exclusivity was negative news. and no unlocked option. Motorola is advertising this great idea but it will only be usable by a small number of consumers in the grand scheme of things

But to Phil's point- that's not new either. They were up front about that during the reveal/announcement.

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Camera is so/so at best. I'm still getting it for my wife and I. We have kids so camera is a must. I'm just hoping it software and gets fixed.

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does anyone else feel like Moto isn't ready for the launch? first we hear that the phone has "all these custom features", but then days before launch - some of them aren't ready!!
seems silly to me :P

@Toonhead85 I couldn't agree more. The wooden back should be available at launch (huge blunder) and something as simple as "name engraving" not being ready is very troubling. And the $199 price...This launch isn't going well at all.

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Motorola said, when they were asked about the lower specs in the Moto stay tuned for something better coming..Wonder if they meant Nexus 5...

Fingers crossed... Maybe, this is why T-Mobile decided not to carry the X.

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Why are they screwing up so badly with this phone? This might even be worse than the nexus 4 launch.


I wanted a Nexus 4 real bad when they came out and then finally gave up out of frustration of not being able to get one. I'm still using the last phone that Motorola abandoned before it's time was up(Atrix) and I bet the Moto X will get a similar treatment. If I got one of these I probably would have skipped the engraving anyway but I think some people would have liked to have that option. So once again Motorola promises something and can't deliver(like the ICS update for the Atrix)...I can't say I'm surprised.

They should make the back (notice I didn't say battery) removable if you are going to do this kind of thing.

20$ per back
40$ (or whatever) for back and engraving

that way you could switch it out as you see fit, and go back to stock if you wanted.

It's only a big deal if we can figure out what the majority of people do with their previous phone when they replace it with a new one. I get it. It's a customization feature that Motorola has been promoting and customization is a huge part of Motorola's value proposition when it comes to the Moto X.

But if there's any evidence to show that most people hand their previous phone down or re-sell their previous phone, not having the option to custom-engrave a Moto X at launch might not necessarily a bad thing.

Between all the "not available at launch" and the carrier exclusive Moto Maker, they sure hosed up what could have been a great launch, huh?

Seem that the Google way of doing things is poluting Motorola...
You'll see, next friday... The servers will go down and there won't be nobody happy.
Yeah! Way to go Google...
Nexus One, failed launch.
Nexus S, bof.
Galaxy Nexus, failed launch.
Nexus 4, what to say more.
Not talking of the Nexuses 7, the first was a nightmare launch.
One day day I'm gone start to write columns about phone, then I'll be able to get the phones.
Right Phil!

You know, it's the ONE THING that Apple does to near perfection. Launch devices. As soon as the product is announced you can pre-order on the updated Apple website. You know exactly when the device will be in retail stores and when it will ship if ordered online.

I wonder if this messes up the deal with AT&T?

I have - for my wife of course.

Here's what happens with an Apple announcement. They do a keynote. At the end, they tell you when and where the phone will be available to order.

None of this waiting game. No second announcement for an actual release date. And usually, the devices start shipping to customers a week or so after the official reveal.

Of course you're gonna have supply issues when you're pushing as many devices as Apple does during launch day/week/month.

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You mean where MILLIONS of people had a device? It's not like they could only manufacture 20,000 units and everyone sat around waiting.

Apple sucks at software, good at hardware launches. They have flaws in that hardware like everyone else, sometimes more sometimes less, but they sure don't do a half-assed job (or quarter-assed job, really) like Motorola did.

PSA: The Motorola X won't be available at launch. Seriously. With this and the exclusivity, the new catchphrase should be: "Moto X. Assembled in the USA, Designed By You. Except if you want engravings. Or if you want a wooden back. Or if you aren't on AT&T. But still, designed by you."

I love the phone and what it could do for Android, but this launch seems a bit... rushed, in my honest opinion. These things could be the difference between the next smash hit vs. "almost there."

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Mileage may vary by store and what the engraving is. If you trade in a phone that has "c**guzzler" engraved on the back, then good luck lol.

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This comes as strange news to me. I work in an AT&T corporate store, and last week I was given a Moto X card and early access to Moto Maker to design my own to use as a work phone. Friday I built the phone with an engraving on Moto Maker, and I will be arriving Wednesday. Honestly can't imagine why the feature won't be available for the general public. But as far as I know, mine is engraved.

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Yep, whoever had that on their plate needs to be fired. That's a huge issue to announce it then have it to be a false announcement that had a great chance of never happening.

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Motorola really screwed this up in all honesty. Reminds me of the Atrix, nice concept but the execution sucks a big one.

I'd be happy if Motorola stopped being dicks and let people on other carriers have a phone with a usable amount of storage (32GB) opposed to the unusable (for me) 16GB.

Customization is one thing, but why don't you just disable some cores for the non-AT&T markets?

I could care less about the no engraving. What I am trying to figure out is what is the plan for T-mobile users? All we know is that we have to buy it directly from motorola. But there has not been 1 peep about the non-contract pricing and what that means for T-mobile users. AND ITS COMING OUT ON FRIDAY... wtf