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Angry Birds Space just had a timely update to go along with all of the NASA Curiosity rover excitement. Here's the changelog for version 1.3 of Angry Birds Space.

  • NASA and Angry Birds team up for the most epic episode yet! The piggies have hijacked the Curiosity Mars Rover -- but instead of searching for ice crystals, they're looking for eggs!
  • Blast through 20 fiery levels on the red planet, plus two antenna egg levels!
  • Dodge explosive volcanoes and fire asteroids!
  • Say hello to the brand new astronaut pig!
  • Find three hidden rovers and landers to open special bonus levels and discover more about the NASA missions!

Rovio and NASA have been pretty cozy throughout the Space version of Angry Birds, and it's great to see the game keeping up with the latest expedition. Even if you've played the snot out of the original Angry Birds, the latest version introduces a lot of new physics gameplay that's worth checking out. 


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Curiosity rover stars in Angry Birds Space Mars update


showed my wife the video not telling her what it was about. she thought it was real till it looked over the ledge lol

I think when pink bird comes to space she'll life up objects and because of the forcefields it will float and fall on the pigs

This is neat...What I've always loved about Angry Birds is how Rovio has meshed it into our culture, our holidays, a movie and now with space. That is what keeps angry birds so appealing after so long. Much respect to a company like this because they have effectively made angry birds so common and part of our lives as much as Android and iOS.

If you are updating with Amazon app store, make sure you back up your progress before updating or you will be an Angry bird yourself. (thanks, Titanium Backup!) I was quite upset after losing progress on the previous update but I learned my lesson. Fool me once...