According to the NYTimes, the Cupcake Firmware Update isn't really an official Firmware Update at all. In that sense, Cupcake doesn't exist. Instead, Cupcake is a developmental tool. According to a Google spokesperson:

 “Cupcake is a tool that we are using to develop future versions of Android”


So it looks like Cupcake won't be delivered to G1 Users in one shot, but rather, continuous firmware updates. How do you guys feel about this? Is a slow trickle of updates good enough for ya? Will RC33 hold you guys over?

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Cupcake Is A Development Tool To Create Upcoming Firmware


Ditto what the post above said. I do want that virtual keyboard however. And predictive text. For the love of God, man. Predictive text.

I don't mind it updating in small 'chunks'. I just wish communication between Google and the Android community would be better. There are so many questions about this and that and I'd like to see Google giving feedback clarifying rumors. If the cupcake is in fact a tool and not an upgrade, logically Google should have cleared this.

My understanding of "cupcake" is not that it is, or ever will be released. My understanding was that it's the publicly available development branch of the source code. Once features are mature and tested enough, they get included in the next release. So we will never get cupcake. However, everything we get (that is open source) will be in cupcake first.