CTIA Keynote

We're settled in for the first keynote of CTIA. Here's who's on tap this morning: AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets President & CEO Ralph de la Vega; Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd’s President of Mobile Communications Business J.K. Shin; AT&T, Inc’s Chairman of the Board and President & CEO Randall Stephenson; and Telefónica Internacional, USA Inc.’s Chairman Iñaki Urdangarín. Also on board is CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent.

No, none of them will tell you when the Hero or Droid or Moment is getting the 2.1 update. We'll check in after it's all over, however, and look for more throughout the day.


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CTIA Day 1 keynote


OK, so in that list... None of them point to the Supersonic, but rather possibly the rumored 4G device from Samsung that was also rumored?

When was a Samsung 4G phone rumored? Are you talking about the Moment-looking phone from the commercial? Also, if they were to speak of something like this you would think someone with Sprint would be part of the mentioned group - considering they are the only ones with 4G right now.

as far as I know Sprint CEO it's going to talk tomorrow... I don't expect nothing to be announce until them!

exactly... today's news is only for the world shittiest network... a-crap&crap.... Ralph, go suck a dick and get over losing the iphone exclusivity you slimy bastard...

Keynote's still going on. It's mainly about growth of the industry and what they think needs to be done to meet demand. Important stuff, but not quite as sexy as new devices. :)