If you're looking to protect your Samsung Galaxy Nexus with something flexible and strong, but want to travel in style, the Cruzerlite Androidified A2 TPU Case is definitely the case you seek.

Made out of that signature orange goo Phil was good enough to coat his hand with (and subsequently get smashed with a rubber mallet), these Cruzerlite cases offer exceptional shock absorption while still keeping the overall size of the phone and case small.

Holes are cut and placed appropriately, giving you access to all of your buttons and necessary ports (including the inductive charging port). Despite the thinness of the case, I'm not positive any docks will be able to reach the inductive charging area, but do know that it's not covered.


The edges of the case add a small buffer zone, keeping your all-important touch screen lifted up, should you decide to place it with the screen facing down. Better yet, this case fits perfectly on phones using the standard battery or the official Samsung 2100 mAh extended battery, too, so you can get your extra charge on all while keeping your phone nice and secure.

If you're looking for a solid case to keep your phone intact and want to show off your love and support of Android, this case should certainly warrant some consideration. To top it off, it comes in 11 colors, too!


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Cruzerlite Androidified A2 TPU Case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus [accessory review]


So I'm going to assume it will fit the Sprint's Galaxy Nexus since " this case fits perfectly on phones using the standard battery or the official Samsung 2100 mAh extended battery, too"?

I own one and it is pretty great. The only issue I have with it is my headphones don't fit into the headphone port with the case on because I my headphones have a right-angle plug on them.

The only issue I have with this case is that I was expecting more of a rubberized/soft-touch feel. I always felt like the phone was going to slip out of my hand without a case on it. Now, while it feels like I am going to lose my grip on the phone a little less, I don't have to worry about the phone getting scuffed up or breaking if it does hit the ground. I do love this case and it is worth every penny.

"Made out of that signature orange goo Phil was good enough to coat his hand with"

No, it isn't. It's TPU. That's in the title of your post. Just because the review sample is orange doesn't mean it is made out of oranges....

The "orange goo" is Tech21's D3O Impact Material.

+1 as well! I took the time to watch video he was referring to as well and I too was wondering why he was randomly connecting two different companies and their products.

I have purchased a dozen of these over the last 2 months for myself and friends. They fit all variations the GSM, Verizon, and they fit over the Verizon model with the extended battery installed. If the port holes are to small I have trimmed them with a razor blade.