Kyocera Zio M600 courtesy Phone Arena

Welcome to the party, Cricket Wireless.  Phone Arena got their hands on a presentation brochure showcasing Cricket's upcoming line-up for 2010, and it looks like it will be a good year for subscribers.  Along with some other interesting phones, the hot item looks to be the Kyocera Zio M6000.  We had some hands on time with the Zio at CTIA, and while it's not a powerhouse, it appears to be a solid little device.  Unfortunately, the price ($299.99) is a bit higher than everyone thought, but still not too bad for an off-contract Android phone.  Look for the Kyocera Zio M6000 on Cricket some time in July. [Phone Arena]


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Cricket picking up Kyocera Zio M6000


Given Cricket's bargain-basement service prices, only $300 for the phone is a serious bargain. We're talking $40/month for unlimited service. An extra $20/month gets you 100 minutes roaming.

Compare the total 1 year cost (device + service) to T-Mo or Verizon (1 year unlimited talk/text/web):

Cricket (Zio M6000): $780
T-Mo (Nexus One): $2,550
Verizon (Droid): $3,800

Sure, it's not the fastest Android phone out there, but for $1,770 less than T-Mo or $3,020 less than Verizon, it's a downright steal.

if you want to average out my family plan, I have unlimited EVERYTHING you can think of, for 540/year. add a 200 dollar device, and Im only at 770 a year through sprint.

but if the droid costs lets say 200, wheres the rest of that money coming from? 3600 for a year? vzw really costs 300 a month for unlimited talk/text/web? I would imagine not or they would have NO customers...

I am looking forward to this phone. My husband has unlimited everything through Sprint- his plan costs about $1400.00 a year (with all of the extra fees, taxes etc). He only paid $60 for his smart phone, but still!! Even paying $300 for the Zio, I will only be paying $780 for the first year with Cricket, then $480 a year after that. It is worth waiting for. One more advantage with Cricket, if you have two phone lines on your account, each is $5 less per month.