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AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless is now luring away T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers by offering an account credit promotion if you switch from those rivals. T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers who switch to Cricket Wireless will get a $100 account credit when they port over for each line with a maximum limit of five lines.

The offer to switch is good through October 19 if you're interested in switching. For the promotion to work, you must port your number to Cricket and sign up for either a Basic, Smart, or Pro rate plan. Your account at credit needs to be active to receive the account credit, according to the fine print.

Cricket offers a range of devices on Windows Phone, Android, and iOS.

Unfortunately, it looks like customers on other carriers or networks will not be eligible in receiving the account credit.

Are you on T-Mobile or MetroPCS, and will you be making the leap to Cricket with this promotion?

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Cricket offering $100 account credit if you leave T-Mobile or MetroPCS


I agree. Worst ever. I signed up maybe a year ago where you got a free month after three if you signed up. I signed up two lines. The second line they sent the wrong SIM type. I was on the phone with customer service several times over two to three weeks. Every time they assured me they were sending out a new SIM. I was livid when they sent the wrong one again. The issue, as told to me by a rep at the company, was all these customer issue exceptions were kept in a flat file, and it had become read-only and they couldn't even write notes in it. I was like wtf kind of ridiculous system do they have you set up with? Another rep seemed more interested in flirting and telling me about how she hadn't eaten all day and was waiting to go home because it had almost been eight hours. Each phone call trying to explain the situation and get it resolved took about a half hour. Eventually I got the right sim, loose in a white envelope with my name misspelled and the address scribbled on it. By that time, because my account had not yet officially been "activated," I lost out on the free month because my promotion was over. Holy good god, I was so happy to go to T-mo after that. Their customer service is excellent these days. Chat sessions answered immediately, and best thing is the chat reps have the power to do just about everything, which is awesome. No calls even needed. Very happy so far there. I would NEVER recommend Cricket after what I went through. You'd think they could have just given me the extra month after what they put me through, but no.

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Ehh I gave up on porting my phonr number and just accepted that my mobile number will change. I think I've had 5 in the past 4 years. As for the $100, not worth it to me :/ but nice for anyone who was already going to change. If I read that right then 5 lines would mean $500? Sweet.

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I will never give up my phone number and I have been with all the major carriers ... My number is way to easy.

And? I was responding to the guy who said he just accepts new numbers .. I was simply saying I never will change mine .. I will always PORT my number to any carrier.

I never said it was ... Did you guys not read the guys comment (FutureKix) about changing to a new number? I was simply saying I would never do that and would always port...


Again .. I have been with all 4 major carriers .. Trust me .. I know porting isn't hard :D.

I read it and if people were actually able to follow the thread they would know that you were replying to his comment. Some people just like to rock the boat.

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

+1. Hell I just got here and even I can follow what your saying.

Side note: I think I have had my number for 25ish years, I cannot imagine giving it up.I have a Google Voice number that is pretty easy to remember but its not one that I give out to people I actually want to hear from...

That's what I understood as well. The only bad thing is your account w TMo and Metro need to be 'Active,' so that does that mean you still have to pay for your cancelation fee(s)? Not worth it for me either.

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Already started jumping ship. Two lines won't get credit unfortunately but there are still two that will. Nice bonus since I was changing anyway.

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I will keep my unlimited LTE with MetroPcs, thanks. :P

On a more serious note though, there's absolutely nothing alluring about Cricket. I mean the worst things about them is that they have data caps and their LTE speeds are throttled.

Better coverage and the whole $50 credit towards a new phone for 12 months of service are the only things I like about cricket. Wish T-mobile did something for loyal customers.

Yep. I was getting terrible data speeds, and i live in a metro area. If I was rural, I would be with Verizon. Never again on AT&T's network.

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Do you really need more than 8mbps? I get 22 and I don't even know what to do with it all. YouTube videos at 1080p don't even use 5mbs.

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Stream music and browse Instagram or any social network at the same time and you will notice.

We on the Internet tryin to get our email on

Then you are not using the service that best fits your needs. For all the stupid stuff that people do daily, 8 is good enough

Yeah, that's fine for me, though. I got much better speeds when I had AT&T (I usually pulled down 15-20), but practically speaking, I haven't noticed much difference. 8 Mbps lets me stream audio at the highest bitrate Google Play allows, and watch Hulu and YouTube in HD. I pay Cricket $65/mo for 7GB of data, which is a significant savings over an equivalent plan with AT&T.

Posted from my Nexus 5, behind seven proxies

8mbps would blow away my average speeds on sprint every day of the week.

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I submitted a port online to Cricket today, from StraightTalk. Wish i got $100 for the effort. Should save me $15 a month, though as I'm going with the $35 plan. Coverage should be exactly the same.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

I have a Nexus 4, which I've done the LTE hack on. This phone stock only does HSPA+, but with LTE enabled I can get as much as 32 Mbps in my area on MetroPCS. The problem is that it only works on LTE band 4, which AT&T, and Cricket don't use, and even if they did their speed limitation would make the phone slower than what HSPA+ would give me elsewhere.

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AT&T uses band 4 is select markets. That's why all their phones have that band.

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It is so funny reading these threads. Everyone is so worried about capped data.

They all are capped in one way or another. T-Mo, Sprint, Cricket, Metro, USC.....all of them. T-mo has a great perception(deception?) going on which is great. Go with what works for the wallet and the phone!

I think we kind of overvalue data speeds in any case. Unless you make heavy use of BitTorrent or tether as your primary Internet source, most people wouldn't notice a functional difference between 8Mbps and 30Mbps without using

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+9000 to both you and NoNexus. I completely agree. I'm thinking about porting from AT&T proper to Cricket, sometime next year. 7GB for 65 bucks is a damn good deal, especially when compared to their post-paid plans and if you need AT&T's coverage.

Merc i forget where you are (Wisconsin?) anxd what your carriers are like up there. I am also NOT TRYING TO BE A HOMER. but if it works for you up there that $60 unlimited plan with Sprint is damn attractive. I am moving to a family shared plan but with what you said, the 60 plan could work...

I'm not in Wisconsin anymore, I actually live in San Leandro, California now. Big move, I know I know, lol. I've never tried Sprint, so I won't knock the network. I will definitely give Sprint a look when my contract is up. I guess, I'm kind of waiting for their LTE roll out to accelerate, before I test drive their network. It'll be a while before my contract is up or before I consider paying the ETF, so I can only hope that the plans that are currently available are still available when I decide to make a move or that there are better plans out.

Sprint actually had decent coverage in Milwaukee, according to my friend and his wife. I haven't checked any coverage maps for any of the carriers, since getting to CA, though. I appreciate the recommendation, though, brother!!!

Too bad they aren't trying to win over the straight talk customers. I would switch for a 100.

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Yep, me too. Keep waiting for the AT&T $100 credit they had earlier in the year.

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It would seem pretty logical to do that ST has a huge user base and at auto renew we would get the same prices. Plus, with a company owned by AT&T that would mean faster data speeds then we already have.

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This is a tough decision. I live in in an area where we have GREAT T-Mo coverage. Just today, I did a "Speedtest" using the android app. With only 2 bar, sitting at my desk at home, I got 58.88Mbps down and 10.29Mbps up with a 27ms ping time. Like I said, when I have connectivity, it's great. But as soon as I walk into Target, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or just about any building, I have ZERO connectivity, voice or data. And it drives me up a wall. I was having lunch yesterday with a friend, who has a Nexus 5 (like I do) on Cricket, and we were sitting in Chili's. He had 4 bars/LTE and I had NO connectivity. But as soon as I walk outside, I have 4 bars. I know it's because T-Mo's LTE is on the 1700mHz freq and Cricket/AT&T is at 700mHz. The lower frequencies penetrate buildings better. I know this for a fact being a radio engineer. I'm seriously considering switching, but it's a dilemma for me. Give up the amazing speed and free Pandora streaming for better connectivity inside buildings sticking with what I've had for 20 years and putting up with no connectivity in certain situations. Also, I travel a lot on my motorcycle (105,000+ on my current '06 bike) and I find myself in areas with no T-Mo coverage. But if I see someone on their phone and ask who their carrier is, most of the time it's AT&T and/or Verizon. Never T-mo or Sprint. I just not sure what to do. Decisions, decisions....

I would give up the fast speeds. In my store, only Verizon and Sprint phones perpetrate the building. Having signal is more important to me than fast data. Although I'm not complaining about my Sprint speeds. 24 mbps is perfectly usable for me.

Posted via HTC One on Sprint

Why is it tough? Switch and try it out for 2 months of free service and T-Mo will probably even buy you back with a nice bonus come time if you decide to switch back. It's the great thing about not having a contract and you have a phone that gives the freedom to use both without hindrance.

I agree, if you have a nexus 5 switching back and forth is easy as you don't have to swap phones just get a new Sim.

Myself I get great coverage in my area on T-Mobile , I do get the occasional outage in very big buildings, but the better speeds and latency 99% of the time as well as unlimited data make up for it for me.

Sounds like you might be in poor t mobile coverage areas more often in which case giving cricket a try is probably a good idea, you can always go back easily enough

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I have the simplest time porting 3 numbers on one account last month. Also the girlfriends parents saved a ton of money! Great service for simple users IMO.

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Nice try. I would never leave T-Mo for AT&T/Cricket. It is too sweet of a deal and it keeps getting better. No hidden fees, no BS, faster data.

There sure is a lot of hate for a free $100. I like T-Mo but they are offering these great deals to get a leg up on the competition. If Cricket will join in the fight to drive down prices then I'm all for that. I'll be porting over from T-Mo next month for this deal. I'll try it out for free from this credit and if I hate it then I can switch back to T-Mo.