Not Glass.

In honor of Russell Holley's #NotGlass meme, we present the Sony Cyber-shot QX10, Borg-style.

(That thing is super-heavy when it's hanging off your face. Don't try this at home. Or around anyone who might see you.)

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hermond says:

Resistance is futile.

Krynn says:

More like Drunk of Borg: "Resistance is floor tile."

bold1193 says:

Lmao thank you for a great laugh!

KKILLION79 says:

Oh my gosh that was funny, resistance is floor tile... Genius.

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John Nemesh says:

I always liked : "I am Pentium of Borg, precision is futile. You will be approximated."

Buddy1969 says:

Revision is futile ;)

mwara244 says:

Prepare to be assimilated.

7 of 9 you are not Phil =P

LabRat says:


Azholio says:

Just happy to see me?

nighthawk700 says:

It is Locutus!

heathroi says:

Phil's been waiting weeks to do this.

eszklar says:

All I see is an AC giveaway contender....

mathiasjk says:

Agree, but the glasses should be a part of it.

Incitatus says:

This will likely be the best thing I will see all day.

Mac58 says:


Fahad Ahmed2 says:

Inspector gadget anyone???

Zefal151 says:

As long as you were able to see better... all that matters lol

Prinny Mask says:

Ah, but what if you had two of them?

Jacques says:

It can become Google Goggles. :p

soldierblade says:

Do it with two of them.

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Coollok100 says:

I'm literally just sitting here laughing...


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Firehand81 says:

Cannot be unseen...

BigDinCA says:

Just... really... that's just the most fantastic thing the internet has ever produced.

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JimBen73 says:

That's a peeping Tom's wet dream!

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I want one now

Lolololololololol hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

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Magnum M says:

Someone know how they make those gifs? is it an app on android?‎ - Converts Short videos to GIFs
I believe there are android Apps that do the same thing too

EDIT - Lookup Cinemagram in the Playstore

Magnum M says:

Tks, I will try both!

k425 says:

I am Locutus of Pensacola. You will be Android Centralized!

vineds says:

and the comment to make walking around town like that? "Camera? What camera?"

sirheck says:

I think Phil and the rest of AC staff should be heavily medicated and supervised at all times.

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straub27 says:

Perhaps they already are, hence the creativity lol

graze81 says:

Looking at naked pictures of the Mrs. again?

sk8trix says:

Thats great!!

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DavidJ726 says:

The new Mr. Rotorooter man :-)

alacrify says:

And for this, he's the most clean-shaven I've ever seen...

s2weden2000 says:


mathiasjk says:

Mount it to a pair of Google Glass!

AlternEgo says:

Just need to link it to a Google Glass and smart watch for control.

bsinc1962 says:

Glad you didn't have it in your pants

Glad I am not the only one who thought that!


NoNexus says:

The internet never forgets

Just sayin

Sent from my wifes phone. Typos are because I hate her keyboard choices. Her bad

irtechneo says:


MedioGringo says:

Haha amazing.

tostler says:

Thanks for the laugh!

This is one reason why AC is so great. "If we're not having fun, WTF are we doing here?"

bigsmoothz88 says:

Phil is amazballs.

Hahahaha that is wonderful!

Lol.. Phil is awesome

Mighty_Red says:

LOL you need a pair of them now, one for each eye! Google Glass with extra zoom! :)

m3lover1 says:

Holy cow highlight of the day!

TenshiNo says:

Seriously, how long do you think it will be before these things have a little screen on the back, so that you can actually wear them like this, and we'll see "borg" reporters at press conferences? #peoplehavedonecrazierthings

That said, this was a good chuckle in the middle of a rough afternoon. Thanks, Phil :)

HULKchampion says:

"All your base. Are belong to us"

RichW#AC says:

this is creepy - sort of looks like Scarab from the Bionic Six

hodan says:



Where's the Apple iLens!?!?!?!

Top that! iMore! (Actually love you too Rene)

vic_singh says:

Preview for the upcoming Robocop movie starring Phil Nicholson and the rest of Android Central Crew.

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Lol I see this and think to myself'" I am Locutos of Borg". Open up the article and find many coments of the same. lol

straub27 says:

I wonder if Phil had to tie the back of the glasses haha

BigDinCA says:

STOP THE PRESSES!!! Is that a sweet Motorhead t-shirt I see?

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menji says:

I rarely comment on things, but that was both amazing and down right disturbing at the same time. Maybe resistance is futile...

Where is Jerri Ryan?

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batch2k1 says:

That is one of the reasons I love this site. Very nice.

mhmmdy123 says:

AC site and it all editors is the BEST..

mhmmdy123 says:

I would like to see Jerry wear one too.

outlooker says:

Anyone know how to they make GIF images like that out of a video? Like AC does?

It's pretty cool actually.

bselandry says:

Like the Borg Style lol

Xtrayyy says:

Sooo funny!!! Great to see Phil having fun and thanks for making my day a more pleasant one.

Gearu says:

10/10 lmao

Pengwn says:

This was the first thing that came to mind when I first heard of this product! CYBORG HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!!

dante501 says:

Looking stylish there Phil.

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darrylz07 says:

When will this be officially announced?lol

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turbomach5 says:

Now that is awesome (and appropriate since I'm watching Star Trek: TNG!)

Dyno625 says:

That is the funniest thing I saw all day....... Thanks for the laugh Phil!

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OMG lol I can't stop laughing!!!

evostudios says:

Hahaha I can't stop watching it. It's hilarious, yet creepy, and just plain weird at the same time. Nice Phil!

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citycrazed25 says:

Holy crap.... my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

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Looks like a bird haha

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kxc1279 says:

Just saw Voyager was thinking Phil's 8 of 10 from Unimatrix 0001 ready to battle Species 8472.

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sunlifexxx says:

There is just something so wrong with that.

Abionic says:


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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen

bluesun3030 says:

City of Lost Children in the flesh!

goody612 says:

Woah!!!! This is really creepy.

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goody612 says:

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

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Michael Kerr says:

Give it time, Samsung will release something like that, The Samsung Galaxy Eye Sight

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Preach2k says:

The Borg is back.

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Wicket says:

and the winner of the internet today is... PHIL!!!

Winston Loh says:

Phil looks kinda scary and sleepy in this

mattmatt299 says:

lol the Latest Google Glass

rlbrooks says:

So, Beluschi didn’t OD. He was merely assimilated.

MunMaRu says:

Cool. LOL

nadsurf says:

Halloween comes early this year.
This just made my day :-D

TreoRock says:

Now I really want one.

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plunder says:

I would love to have seen Jerry's reaction when he saw that for the first time, it's brilliant.

rserda says:

HA!! how DORK!!! :P

kdkinc says:

Do you make a Below the belt version?

xs228 says:

Is that a camera or are you just really happy to "see" me

Cubfan says:

7 of 9 you are not, sir.

Archienj7 says:

This is kinda creepy......

rogerc3 says:

Now you are in trouble, you showed off the new Sony glass...

Dear Phil, this just made my day... Thank you sir...