Not Glass.

In honor of Russell Holley's #NotGlass meme, we present the Sony Cyber-shot QX10, Borg-style.

(That thing is super-heavy when it's hanging off your face. Don't try this at home. Or around anyone who might see you.)


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The creepiest thing we've done thus far with the Sony QX10


Just... really... that's just the most fantastic thing the internet has ever produced.

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That's a peeping Tom's wet dream!

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I think Phil and the rest of AC staff should be heavily medicated and supervised at all times.

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The internet never forgets

Just sayin

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Thanks for the laugh!

This is one reason why AC is so great. "If we're not having fun, WTF are we doing here?"

Seriously, how long do you think it will be before these things have a little screen on the back, so that you can actually wear them like this, and we'll see "borg" reporters at press conferences? #peoplehavedonecrazierthings

That said, this was a good chuckle in the middle of a rough afternoon. Thanks, Phil :)



Where's the Apple iLens!?!?!?!

Top that! iMore! (Actually love you too Rene)

Preview for the upcoming Robocop movie starring Phil Nicholson and the rest of Android Central Crew.

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Lol I see this and think to myself'" I am Locutos of Borg". Open up the article and find many coments of the same. lol

I rarely comment on things, but that was both amazing and down right disturbing at the same time. Maybe resistance is futile...

This was the first thing that came to mind when I first heard of this product! CYBORG HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!!

That is the funniest thing I saw all day....... Thanks for the laugh Phil!

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Hahaha I can't stop watching it. It's hilarious, yet creepy, and just plain weird at the same time. Nice Phil!

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Just saw Voyager was thinking Phil's 8 of 10 from Unimatrix 0001 ready to battle Species 8472.

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Give it time, Samsung will release something like that, The Samsung Galaxy Eye Sight

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