Crackle is one of those apps that I've tried in the past but given the bugginess of the app, I always just gave up on. Now though, a new version has hit the scene and while the changelog is small, it packs quite a few nice additions that will hopefully make it an app myself and others actually want to keep installed on their devices. Here's what we're looking at for changes:

  • Newly re-designed based on feedback from our 11 million mobile users
  • Support for even more handsets and tablets
  • Easier to find your favorite movies & shows
  • Improved video quality
  • Watch on your TV via HDMI out

Why the HDMI portion was never added before, I'll never know but it's there now and that's a good thing. The UI revamp is nice as well as it makes things a lot easier to find rather then having it all buried within the menus. I can't comment on the improved streaming but it's a welcomed addition that's for sure. Crackle has been updating their content recently as well, so now might a good a time as any to give it go if you've not done so already.


Reader comments

Crackle Movies & TV updated with improved streaming support, new UI and more


When I first got the Galaxy S3, Crackle didn't work at all. But, ever since it was updated back in August, it's worked great. However, I'm not sure why HDMI out was added to the new changelog; that feature has been there for the longest. Still, Crackle is a great app, and it's hard to complain about the selection when the app is completely free, ads or not.

I'd love and SG3, but only if it had stock android, I'd love Sammy to make the next nexus just like the SG3 but with stock android, and the Nexus case design, but white.

It's now compatible with more phones too, finally works on the kids droid charge so I don't have to tie my S3 up for them to watch a movie.

Crackle was one my favorite apps before I got my S2. Is it just me I wonder because just doesn't work at all. All I get is an advertisement video then after that it cuts off. as soon as my phone boots up crackle is being forced closed everytime. I would think that would work on it S2 considering my last phone half the power and it worked fine. Four different updates and still the same $%?#.

Crackly would be great if the content wasn't so filtered here in Australia. We don't see most of the best movies and tv programs here, sadly. It makes the app a LOT less appealing, and I hardly ever use it for that reason.