Droid 2 party
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With the Droid R2-D2 available to the masses and the launch parties all wrapped-up, it's safe to say this was a good week for all the Star Wars fans out there. For all those who made it out to one of the many launch locations last night, you've made Lucas proud and for that, give yourself a pat on the back. Here are but a scant few of the pics that made their way onto Twitter from the launch. It goes without saying that – whether you made it or not – the force was just as strong, if not stronger, than Verizon's signal. After the break, folks.

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Couldn't make it to ab R2-D2 launch party? Here's what you missed


Definitely not the Droid I'm looking for. IMO, this is the butt-ugliest Android device on the market.. but to each his own, I suppose.

Believe it or not, people have these things called "hobbies". Star Wars costuming (and cosplay as a whole) is one of the many hobbies available for people to indulge in. These people you see in Stormtrooper and Darth Vader armor, most of them have wives/husbands/kids and a very large chunk of them are current and ex military or law enforcement. The ranks of the 501st (who I am assuming were part of many of the costumed character appearances) include men and women from all walks of life. This whole "oh derp, look at the Star Wars nerds! I'll be they've never even gotten laid!" is old, tired and a cry for attention on your part.

In short, go fornicate yourself.

Wow I'm amazed by all the negativity. Its fun. Not my style but there are things that I go alil overboard for that aren't necessary. And so do U

Seriously Guys... It's a phone and it was fun for people. there's no need to knock people for enjoying themselves.

I wouldn't get one of them either, but obviously it has a market.

Star Wars conventions are hilarious, I love Star Wars ever since I was a kid (I even have the Imperial March song as my ringtone), but doing this for the R2D2 Droid phone? LOL