T-Mobile G2 at Costco

The T-Mobile G2 will be sold at Costco, according to a tip we got this afternoon. And we've been told that accessories will be thrown in for free, sweetening whatever deal Costco has to offer. Speaking of which, we're told Costco should carry it for between $150 and $200 on contract, which should be in line with just about everybody else, we reckon.


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Costco will sell the T-Mobile G2, throws in accessories for free


Any idea what the bands are this phone will be using? Don't think I've seen any info on that, like if it would work in the UK. Have a sneaking suspicion Europe isn't getting this even under a new name.

That is not Wireless Advocates inventory system, it is Costco's. I manage a store, so I see that screen everyday. There is no way for whoever leaked this pic to tell what the price is, only an estimation. WA does not release pricing info until last minute for this exact reason. And no Wireless Advocates will not sell it unlocked for 449.00. That is just the retail price for Costco. Now if you want an even more plus plan with T-mobile, you can buy it for 449.00 with no contract, but it will not be unlocked.

Icon: Thinking of becoming of a Costco member if the G2 is sold @ B&M stores at a discounted price on Even More Plus plans like they did for a few days back when the Samsung Vibrant come out ??? Don't see a point of becoming a member for a phone just to pay same full price..lol

Was that a mistake... Or do you see Costco wireless repeating this...?

Join anyways, buy the executive membership, buy your gas there if nothing else, and get a check every year that pays for the membership. :)

As for the phones, when I was shopping for my Galaxy Sc, their pricing was no different than anywhere else. Yay Dell Mobility!

Yeah, I work for WA, and our point of sale system is different, but somehow a lot worse... Does MS-DOS ring a bell? Anyone?