Motorola Atrix 4G at Costco

Looks like that $149.99 price point for the Motorola Atrix 4G might hold up, as Costco has entered its initial price on the upcoming AT&T phone. Whether that's in reaction to Amazon's brief listing is anyone's guess, and it's possible that this could still change. But for a phone with as much potential as the Atrix 4G (check out our hands-on at CES), that's a very affordable subsidized price. Thanks to you know who!


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Costco sets Motorola Atrix 4G at $150


Well, I don't mind paying more if its for LTE but i'm just saying these are two of the highest end phones (arguably the Atrix is even better) and its much cheaper...

I wonder how much of a hit ATT is taking by subsidizing this so much. Its definitely the most powerful device in the market on paper. So it must ber expensive...

Its not ATT.. its Amazon and Costco so far... Amazon especially always gives deep cuts to subsidized pricing... I'm positive it will be more from ATT

So THATS ATT's plan....

Maybe thats how ATT is trying to catch up in this Android selling high-end devices for cheap....

Though, the initial price you pay just for the device is the just you bending over preparing for the massive F.U.N. you are about to be penetrated by, with their monthly pricing.

Followed by their crappy nework.

I love how TMO is ripping on ATT & now VZW too for having the iPhone. They jealous they dont have that POS on their network and claim fastest 4g network.

When will people learn. It depends on your location! Where I live, sprint sucks so hard that if you input my ZIP into their website, they will say we don't recommend out service in your area. T-Mobile is not much better. Verizon isn't bad. AT&T is actually the best. In your area, it might be the exact opposite for all I know.

So much blogger hate for AT&T, and the commenters think it's cool to follow along. It's annoying is what it is.

This is very true, down here in Puerto Rico AT&T has by far the biggest network... Verizon actually sold everything and left the island over five years ago, and T- Mobile didn't even arrive until like three years ago.

That being said, I left AT&T for Sprint and the EVO and I'd never go back. AT&T is still the only carrier with a data bandwidth hard cap for 3G service, with overage charges... And don't tell me 2GB is enough, I'm damn near that every month with almost no tethering or music streaming, the months that I do that I go right over 2GB.

Why do businesses' inventory systems look like they're being run on an IBM circa 1985? ...I know someone's going to say "because they are."

Because they are... AND probably because there's no sense in upgrading every machine in every store just to overhaul a front end that works well enough. Newer store chains often have more modern stuff. After CompUSA reopened over here they put up these price check stations that not only let you scan bar codes, but you can browse all their store and online inventory right from the station, they even have the user reviews people have posted online etc; but with local store stock. The employee system looks pretty modern too...

But I like A&T cuz you get to phone call and use the internet at the same time. I don't know about Verizon. One time I got a phone call from a friend who needed directions from a particular restaurant so I used my internet & gps to give him all that info while being on the line. Btw, I have a motorola milestone using at&t.

how did you get your milestone to work with ATT? I just moved from Germany back to the states and they told me that I can't use the Data network because my phone isn't an ATT phone.

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