Costco Motorola Atrix

Now this is a wee bit interesting. We've gotten word that the Motorola Atrix 4G soon will be off Costco's shelves as some sort of "inventory pullback," and that "a new handset (is) coming soon." And that "coming soon" date appears to be as early as Sunday, July 24. What might that new handset be? An Atrix inventory replenishment? Some sort of tweaked Atrix? Something completely different? News at 11.

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Costco pulling the Motorola Atrix for 'new handset coming soon'?


damn right you did. dont worry i felt the same after my storm 2 after 8 months reached EOL at verizon.

Not the wrong phone, necessarily, but definitely the wrong carrier.

Edit for clarification: The Atrix is a beast of a phone, but when has AT&T ever done right by Android (blocked sideloading, for example)? The iPhone has always been their golden child. Maybe when a LTE iPhone comes to VZW & huge masses of people drop AT&T they will realize their mistake.

well AT&T are working on LTE networks too and if the t-mobile thing goes through their HSPA+ network should be a bit better than it is now and possible they will simply start to throttle connections as opposed to no data at all like tmobile does.... However i wouldnt say the locked bootloader is AT&T's fault that is the choice of the manufacturer of the phone as well at times, since alot of Motorola's phones in general have a locked bootloader no matter the network they are on and they are unlocking those. HTC did the same thing for a good number of phones as well, and alot of manufacturers in general are simply unlocking bootloaders on devices that are already out.

The atrix 4g just doesnt sell well due to the whole locked bootloader thing that and most AT&T smartphone customers unless sadists to their own budget probably had already bought iphones previously and will unlikely upgrade to a non apple phone as they'd lose all their apps.

I have this phone its great but i think alot of people get caught up in some of the "extras" as being pointless too so dont necessarily buy it.... Yeah it has some issues but alot of phones do off and on, I've yet to drop a call with it even sitting and working in my basement located office room at times, wifi has worked beautifully and aside from not being able to type and a few random reboots (doesnt happen if i stay on top of stuff in the task manager) it has proven to be a very nice phone.

Hopefully the gingerbread update coming fixes alot of these issues people are having so they can see the beauty in the phone. Also its costco... I dont have one around here and they do tend to sell what goes the fastest on their store shelf space... Not that i'd ever go to a costco to buy a smartphone anyways

Well i'm not on AT&T - I have the Bell Atrix unlocked on Telus. After a couple months or so with the phone though, I'm finding a few flaws that are bugging me.

For example,
-an entire column of dead red/blue subpixels (if you know the PenTile matrix you'll know what i'm talking about...)
-display's colors look washed out far too often. Also, yellows are a disgusting mustard-like color, also affecting skin tone when i watch movies
-you can get past the fingerprint security with a password, which kind of effectively defeats the purpose of even having it there

etc etc etc

I'm thinking of switching to the Galaxy S2 now. Only thing that's holding me back is oversaturated low-res screen.

Hate to see this, becuase the Atrix 4G is the best phone AT&T offers.

Maybe they finally fixed the radios?

Someone is getting a serious phone call. I have had numerous problems with the Atrix, ie logging off, shutting down, rebooting in the middle of a phone call. I have made complaints and was told that most of this is known and that there would be a serious update or would be fixed with 2.3.3. I wonder if this is the beginning of a soft recall.

Just because Costco is pulling it doesn't mean they will be replacing it with something better. I get the impression the Atrix is a slow seller, and considering Costco is in the business of selling a limited number of products at high volume - that doesn't really fit their model. There are older / less powerful phones that sell better than the Atrix.

Their doing this since they will be selling the unlocked version you can check on to see in stock July 24 and how I know this is because my friend who works at Costco told me this. ;)

AT&T Logo is easy to remove. You can use the edge of a dime to gently rub it off the back of phone without any damage to case.

It should be priced at 450.00 that's what my friend says, he never got a solid answer on that though, and it won't have the AT&T logo.

how has nobody said this. LG Thrill. unlike verizon i don't think at&t likes to have 15 different android handsets to stock at any one time. in my store at least the inspire is sold 4-5times as much as the atrix, the dual core processor on the atrix doesn't mean shit if you have to deal with motoblur.

you know i keep hearing this over and over but... have you actually used the atrix 4g with motoblur? I find the interface works very very well especially if you do social networking and the like and a good chunk of certain things included with the phone are removable.... Motoblur is not nearly as bad as it used to be and it is going to improve with the gingerbread update too.

I think alot of people just get up on the past versions of it and dont give it a fair shot cuz of it. Honest question... What is so wrong about motoblur on the atrix that people feel a need to rag on it constantly?

yes and no... it will be unlocked officially soon there are work arounds to unlock it now but it will have an official choice to unlock it

"you know i keep hearing this over and over but... have you actually used the atrix 4g with motoblur?"

Yes. It sucks.

yes i have used it and i help people with it daily. motoblur is IMO the most poorly thought out android skin of them all. who needs phone and contacts on the home screen right next to each other. seriously? i understand the custom launcher theory but why do i need to replace the piece of the phone i interact with the most?

besides motoblur, the atrix would almost be livable to me if the lock button wasn't designed and placed by an idiot and it didn't heat up like crazy when using it.

Your last two points are duly noted. Motoblur isn't that much of a hassle. But that thing can get's a solid device, IMO. It actually made me think twice into getting an android device and not upgrading to the iphone 5, we'll see...

7/24 is the launch of the AT&T branded nexus S so i wouldn't be surprised if it was that, and a preinstalled gingerbread atrix would likely sell alot better but we'll see what happens.