Corel kicked off a new version of their desktop art app, Painter 2015, and along with it they've included an Android companion app. The main focus is on a wide range of brush types, though Painter Mobile also has layer support, symmetry tools, and all of the usual functions you'd expect.

Creations can be exported directly into the desktop app, or in standard formats like JPG and PNG. 16 brushes are included in the free version, or you can get the full 70 with a $4.99 upgrade.

Adobe already has Photoshop Touch offering a whole lot of similar cross-platform functionality, but for those that are digital artists rather than photographers, Corel's offering may be a little more attractive. How many of you guys work with digital art? Is it viable to use your Android device to do preliminary sketches? What kind of stylus do you use?

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Corel launches Painter Mobile for Android


How does the Surface Pro 3's fresh paint match up to this? Could anybody make a quick comparison?

Delivered by the Nexus 5 or the mighty Surface Pro 3

Just played with Fresh Paint a little bit. My impression is that Fresh Paint has a reeeeeaally nice UI, but Painter Mobile is more functional.

Gotcha. I figured because Corel has a price tag it's gonna have more features and functionality than a preloaded app. Thanks for the info!

Delivered by the Nexus 5 or the mighty Surface Pro 3

This looks nice. I prefer to use a tablet for color drops and getting ideas for paintings. I'm gonna try this one out.

This will be great on my brand new Note 4 or tablet of choice if I decide that won't be my new phone. Going all in with my art this Fall for sure.

Whoa.. this sounds pretty cool.. as long as they didn't nerf it too much compared to the desktop version. I might have to dust off my old Note 10.1 and give this a shot.

I like that you can rotate the canvas. Some other programs (Sketbook Pro) don't have that and as you rotate the tablet (or phone) the canvas conforms. This allows for better detail.

Yes Simon, Tablets and phones are very much capable for preliminary drawings and up to finished ones. With enough effort, you can make it work with just a stylus nub. For me, I prefer a tablet with pen pressure like the Galaxy note 2014. But it gets really tricky when it comes to ui layout for ease of use and control. I haven't come across an app that really has a UI that I am content with. But in terms of drawing, I have found Artflow almost on par to drawing on a wacom tablet on pc. The other problem with these apps is performance. But that will get better in time. I just wish it was now.

It is rhe first good painting app for Android. Unfortunately still buggy. Layers tend to dissappear or duplicate on their own. Honestly android has horrible choice of art apps and this is really good news. I feel adobe ideas missing for Android and hope corel can come up with something similar as well

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I bought the pro version for my samsung note tablet...
It's cool, great watercolor effects...

Big BUT...
It is missing an indispensable tool (IMO) - A selection tool... Sketchbook has them, rectangle, magic wand, lasso - Works like those tools in photoshop and the main Corel Painter program... used both for years doing commercial illustration for magazines, books, products (

For me Sketchbook pro remains the top dog for Android tablet illustration/painting app
I use the tablet to develop concepts and move them to my big hog desktop to do the finals in Painter, PhotoShop, etc....