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Additional $70 discount promotion will run until Feb. 14

In an attempt to get the Moto X out into more hands, Motorola will be running two discount promotions starting this coming Monday. On January 27th, Motorola will drop the price of the off-contract Moto X from its online store to $299 — that's $100 off — or a single hour from 3pm to 4pm ET. Given how its servers crippled under previous promotions we're going to assume it'll be another situation of signing up for codes that are then applicable for a number of days to get the discount.

If you happen to miss out on this $100 discount, Motorola isn't leaving you in the dust. In a move that's probably more impressive, the off-contract Moto X will have a $70 discount applied from January 27th until Valentine's Day, February 14th. That means you'll have over two weeks to grab an off-contract Moto X for just $329. Add another $25 for a wood back, if you wish.


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Off-contract Moto X will be $299 for 1 hour on Jan. 27


Is there no real link to this story, leading directly to moto? Is it really only some random Moto tweet?

its coming from officiaal motorola twitter account. this is how they did the promotion last time too...

Official and Twitter don't fit in the same sentence. ;-)

Since its only supposed to be an hour long, I'd like to know where and how it will appear. Heck, I could miss the whole thing while eating lunch or something.

I think its a pretty safe assumption that will be a great place to go at 3pm ET on January 27th. Presumably Motorola's Twitter account will give details right before as well.

I don't think that there's any reason to distrust something that comes out of @Motorola — a verified account with ~312,000 followers — assuming it isn't followed up with an apology for an incorrect tweet 10min later.

Can anyone say OPTICAL ILLUSIONS that's all Motorola real is in the first place.

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It was only a matter of time before the troll took the bait.
I don't see your hero Samsung doing any discounts to get more people to buy their phones.
Motorola is also on kitkat. Samsung has said nothing.
Until the former happens, be silent.
Or don't. It's funny to watch you try to bah everything that is not Samsung.

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Do you even know wtf you're talking about? What is up with this ''optical illusion'' nonsense? lol I highly doubt you know what that even means. This phone is real. lmao troll harder.

And what does the Google+ post say? Oh yeah, right, it says the exact same thing its Twitter account says :)

Like I said, there's nothing to link to.

Ya know, you're kind of a dick man... Sarcastic for no real reason. Just want you to know you're my least favorite on AC ... :)

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I honestly wasn't aware being a douchebag for no apparent reason, all the time, is considered a gimmick these days... but, ok. :)

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Yet they seem to expect Canadians and Europeans to spend twice as much for a 16gb Black or white version.


I can understand Europe's contribution. They're good in my book. But all Canada gave us is a crackhead mayor, a pathetic Texas senator who thinks he will become president, and a drugged-up mischiefed 19 year old pop star. Yeah, Canada is the greatest all right.

Toronto's mayor is just as bad as San Diego's mayor was, which took way, way too long to get rid of!!!

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I'd take Canada and Canadians over America/Americans any day, and I say that as an American. They're a lot more polite and intelligent that fucktards like you.

You can come over to my house and f#ck my sister!!

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You'd better. That's gekkos thing.

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Yes. This is really annoying. I would really like to buy a moto x but for 400€ for the 16gb model is going too far!

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Wow, they really must have a need to burn through inventory. This could bode well for something new at MWC.

I don't want to be that guy (either on putting the X sales down or speculation of MWC) but never has a flagship been cut like this so many times.

there is no inventory to burn... they are motomaker... they only build it once the order is placed

Reading is fundamental

From the article:

"off-contract Moto X from its online store to $299"

It does not just mean MotoMaker

BUT you do not need a custom one, you can buy the default, and those are not necessarily made to order.

Not to mention, they still have to get rid of the PARTS inventory that they have lying around for the various styles.

It is still getting rid of inventroy

just because they have default when u go to site doesn't mean they build the defaults.. and black and white is not the default of motomaker... I dont think u understand how software design and inventory work do you? and their online store is motomaker .

I understand you are a samsung fan but trolling every other phone thread is cheap

So there is no inventory to be gotten rid of.? They order the parts for every phone as they come in? They stick nothing?

I am a phone fan that owns a Samsung, get it right.

This space for SALE! BBM me #8675309

probably not..nothing to get rid of but inventory to sell.. and no company just buy millions of parts just to be on the shelf.

they order when they see a demand. and its not like they get rid of inventory and not sel it at all... they buy more

No crap?!!? You don't say?!?!!?

If you expect to sell 5 Million, order for that, and sell 4.5 Million guess what? You have excess inventory to get rid of.

How do you get rid of excess inventory? By running sales! Novel approach!
Who has been running sales for what, 2 months? Motorola!

I am not saying it was a poor seller, I am sure that it sold upwards of 2-3-4M units. This might be the plan all along, but they are still getting rid of inventory.

I know you want to fight with me for some reason, but the logic is sound.

The entire purpose of the moto x is customization. I am pretty sure Motorola is assuming every moto x that sells will be through moto maker or a large amount of them will be, so by having a sell to 'get rid of enventory' as you put it, doesnt quite make sense because their not anticipating the sell of only black and white which is the inventory you think is sitting on the shelves. Also the black and white moto maker are also made to order as their all made in the plant in texas, so I dont think they have excess stock. I think Motorola is just trying to stay in the conversation with game changing price cuts. Now that I remember, werent their rumors that this phone was going to release at unprecedented prices? Now that they actually drop prices down to unprecedented levels, it has to mean their 'getting rid of stock'. Hmmmm.. they were right about you internet... youre never happy

Considering, as I have been told in this exact thread, the only way to order a phone from is through Motomaker, your point is Moot.

Besides that, inventory is more than the pretty colored cases, it is also the camera, motherboard, battery...those are all inventory.

Do you think that they make the components to order? Just sayin

Edit...I should have read NoNexus' s post first. I'm giving myself a face palm.

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Lol didn't look at the timestamp

This space for SALE! BBM me #8675309

Only for people who bought it off-contract of course. Which isn't that many people.

But then again, the majority of people in America buy their phones on-contracts. This will only sell to those who's contract expired or on T-Mobile.

+people wanting a new phone while keeping their legacy Verizon unlimited data plan.

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Since Verizon won't sell me a Moto G to put on my post paid plan this is the next best bet to upgrade my GF from her 7 yo dumb phone.

You can't be serious

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

He's very serious.

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Lol, how did I know you were about to beat me to this reply.

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Yes and no. I still have the Nexus 5; but, I wanted to try something different.

And, I won't lie, the Note 3 is great. I don't mind Touchwiz (even though I still do prefer "stock" Android), and I love the S-Pen!

It was 0 dollars down through T-Mobile, so I figured I'd give it a try.

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Hey I understand lol if I had the money to burn, that'd probably be the other device I'd try.

Very nice dude.

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Wow Merc! Ive been reading these comment boards for a long while and I would have never guessed you'd be one to snag a Samsung. Great choice though! Your a well rounded android user. Good on Ya!

Sent from my SG Note 2

Yeah, just got it a few days ago, brother. It's definitely different than the Nexus 5, but I like it! The extra screen space and the S-Pen are nice additives to have!

Moto X's don't take memory cards, huh?

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And you just learned about this now? Especially considering the fact that Moto X comes from a company that is now part of a parent company that bans SD cards in their phones?

You shouldn't be surprised one bit.

No including it in the recommended design guidelines is not a ban.

Not letting it pass Play Certification would be banning it.

It would be nice to get a reply from someone other than this Zig261 prick.

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Thanks for replying. I don't count that other guy as a reply.

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I'm glad I'm not alone in my thinking!

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No SD card but I think it has a removable battery and a 1080p screen

Posted via my G Pad which is much better than some silly Nexus

with the Nexus Media Importer app and a USB female adapter gor a flash more need for micro SD. I just got mine and Im thinking I can do without the Micro SD card now...32GB internal memory would be enough

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While using my nexus 5 I bought a used Moto X to try that has now replaced my nexus 5. Will give the used Moto to my son and buy a new moto for me. Used my nexus 5 today and couldn't wait to get home to switch back to the X

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Hmm i think they are doing this to get more people to have the moto x, which is obvious, but i think the reason behind that is to help build the brand.

Motorola isn't as big with costumers as it was before, so i think they are trying to get as many people to look at the X and see how awesome it is, so when they release the X2, people will be more aware of if and but it.

They're depriving themselves of potential profit if they constantly give these discounts all the time though.

Yeah but he is right, building the brand lends itself to long term profits...

Of course you are going to see another Billion dollar loss, but hey you gotta break a few eggs....


Can I buy it off contract, then substitute it with my aging and lagging OG Razr Maxx on Verizon? If so, I might just jump at $299.

RY you would know better than I but it seems as if when you go through the process, it only lets you UPGRADE or add a NEW line for Verizon.

___ NeverMind ____ Stupid user error.

Yeah apparently you can go off contract

That shouldn't be a problem seeing as they are both LTE phones, should be as simple as pulling the SIM out of your MAXX and putting it into the X. At the most, you'll end up having to go to a Verizon store and have them activate a new SIM which can cost $15, but most reps will do it for free.

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I was on the fence whether to get a Nexus 5 or a Moto X.....I'm getting a Moto X. This is just too good to pass up.

Moto x software is lovely. Nexus 5 beats moto x by great specs. I own nexus 5 and I bought it when moto x was expensive. If you choose moto x you won't regret it.

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Call moto for a price adjustment. If they say no, return, rebuy. : ). Refuse the delivery.

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in forums someone confirmed that Motorola would do a price adjustment but moto didnt tell when that would happen. call motorola on monday

Is this for US only? I'm an American living in Germany, and my MAXX is on its last leg...

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Buy it..have relatives or buddies back home??..ship it there and let them ship to you.ugh!! Something like that.

Nexus 5 16GB at $350 is still a far better deal.

i would consider picking up a Moto X at $99 or less.

God. 99 dollars and everyone would have a nerdgasm

They'd sell SOOOO MANY.

And the moto x is worth 299.

Not any more though

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very subjective... it depends on what u need... I have only owned Nexus(in Android) devices and I am a big fan of nexus... but I moved to Moto X and i love both device but i prefer Moto X

+9000 I don't get it either.

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I think Motorola is really starting to see how this phone was too expensive from the jump. I actually think the regular everyday users were hearing from enthusiasts (like us) that the phone's specs didn't match the price tag, leading them to go to GS4, Note 3's, G2's, iPhone 5's, and all that. Which is a shame, because the Moto X is such a great phone. I definitely would have one right now if T-mobile sold it! Instead I had to go with a Nexus 5. Hopefully T-mobile will sell the 2nd gen Moto X later this year. It's the only reason I enrolled in JUMP.

I actually think the regular everyday users were hearing from morons that the phone's specs didn't match the price tag



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the idiots that sell this stuff (with the rare exceptions) do not go into WHY the specs are off from a SGS4 or One, just that they are off.

But yeah, the everyday consumer still looks at the specs like it is 2010 and like they still matter.

Lol you're probably right actually. Cause if I was telling someone about the Moto X, I'd tell them that the specs didn't matter. If it's not the best android phone out right now, it's def top 3

I heard that the moto x reads your msgs out loud when your in the passenger seat.

sent from gs3...i need a new phone

Just to let you know, you can edit posts, you don't have to re-post.

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For that to happen, Motorola Assist has to be on
Even then, you can click on "not driving" and it won't bother reading them.

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Wish the Moto X was available in more markets. Would love to give it a try..

Posted via Android Central App from my Sony Xperia Z1

This is convincing... But I think I'll stick with my Nexus 5.

Posted via Android Central App on my Nexus 5 (4.4.2)

I don't think so. Wasn't that only a holiday special?

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Per Motorola: "It will be promo codes like the holiday sale. You will need to register on and the code will be emailed to you."

How can I register now? I chatted with Moto Support and was told to go to Moto's website on Monday.

Thanks for any info.


I'm officially a motorola fan now. I was originally just going to get the Nexus 5, use Jump program and 6 months get a note 3 or Sony Xperia Z1s. I wanted a moto x but because t-mobile isn't financing them directly I figured it was out of the question.

But after reading so much about moto x and how awesome it is I can't resist. I'll probably get the Panda Edition! White front, bamboo back, black buttons. It's amazing that moto is doing this to establish a brand too. I think it's going to work for them and like how everyone gets excited about a new galaxy phone Moto will probably start to be in that league too. Google took a loss on the first nexus 7 tablet and it payed off.

Amazon did the same. Moto isn't stupid.

I wonder if I can use that 50$ off promo code I got today from moto.. With that 299 price if so that would be insane!

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@Dperks17 how did u get a 50 dollar off promo code? If u don't mind me asking.

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Idk I signed up for that Motorola friends thing that was floating around the Internet today and they gave me a 50$ off promo code in my email

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Hey, everybody!! It's Tantai!! And, he's back with a vengeance!!

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Another desperate move to clear inventory... This will never happen to Samsung or apple. Google needs to let go of this extra weight.

posted with a galaxy note 3. h8ers gon' h8. live2win#swagface#switchedOn*_*

This isn't Twitter, lol.

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Your right actually. Apple comes out with the 5, 5C, 5S to get rid of the inventory and Samsung re-releases the SGS3 in China.


I just got a new moto X from Craigslist for 170! Put it on my aio account. Loving it!!!

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I really wanna buy one but I'm on T-Mobile and from what I heard the moto x doesn't take full advantage of there network. I might just buy one anyways but if not I'm totally happy with my Nexus5

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Who ever told you that is wrong. Looking at the specs it does support T-Mobile's DC-HSPA, which is 3G at 42.2Mbps. I don't know which version is the off contract they're referring to, but if it support Band 4 LTE (aka AWS), then it will work with T-Mobile LTE. The developer version does support it.

The only version I'm aware that doesn't support Band 4 LTE are Sprint and Republic Wireless, also the Developer Version for Verizon.

If you're not totally happy with the N5, not sure the Moto X will be the deal, they're both running mostly stock Android. If its about speed, the N5 support T-Mobile fully.

Well I got mine custom through ATT yesterday but oh well either way what a deal!

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Remember all those psychics last summer who predicted Nexus-like pricing and everyone ridiculed them for drinking Kool-Aid. Well of a sudden they don't look so stupid.

I can't remember ever seeing such a fast self-imposed devaluation -- 50 percent ?? -- for any product.

No, they still look silly. Price drops do not matter, thinking that it would be announced at a Nexus prices was.

Never has there been a higher "early adopter" tax than this, and it will hurt sales on the next one unless they do release it at the lower price

I'm not sure that you're correct. There always going to be people want the latest and greatest and want it right now. With the way that smart phones are evolving so quickly this phone is probably at the point where they're ready to upgrade to something even better and this phone will be behind the times.

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I don't get it... Republic Wireless has been pricing the Moto X at $299 the entire time they've been selling it. And, as they're a prepaid carrier, every device they sell is an "off-contract" one.

But then again, I don't get the whole industry, I guess. People lining up to pay way too much money for unlimited service when Republic offers (a) unlimited talk/text/data over WiFi @ $5/month, (b) unlimited talk/text/data over WiFi plus unlimited talk/text over cellular @ $10/month, (c) unlimited talk/text/data over WiFi plus unlimited talk/text/3G data over cellular @ $25/month, and (d) unlimited talk/text/data over WiFi plus unlimited talk/text/4G data over cellular @ $40/month - again, all are "no-contract" plans and the user can change their plan in the middle of the month if they want to (for example, if you live in Podunk, MS, only have access to 3G, but are travelling to an area which has 4G, change your plan when you leave and change it back when you return).

And, still, people are lining up to pay way too much money. Is it because there's no physical Republic Wireless storefronts where you can take your phone in to be unbricked when you do something really stupid to it? Or because you can wander in and flirt with the pretty salesgirl, knowing that she'll find every thing you say witty & charming because she gets paid commission+residual based on selling phones and keeping customers? (If the latter, newsflash, lol, you can still go in and flirt with the pretty employees, they find potential NEW customers even wittier; I'd recommend heading into the nTellos stores, though, I always got the feeling that they gave those women classes in giving the impression of happy endings just over the horizon - or maybe they just hire ex- err... dancers.)

Have a day (whether it's nice or not is really up to you and your meds)!

Republic Wireless isn't really "off-contract" since you can't take your phone anywhere else. At present time you can't activate a used phone either, so it's just a stealth contract in all but name. It's true that the $5 and $10 plans are great values second to none, but if you move up to data Republic Wireless loses its comparative value advantage especially since your service is a voip/cell hybrid model. I'd much rather pay $399 for a contract-free Moto X, then be locked into a $299 Republic Moto X.

I see no reason why not. The Motorola twitter feed just says $100 off and then $70 off for two weeks. If you can currently get a Verizon no-contract Moto X for $399, then I see no reason why the sale wouldn't apply to those as well.

I do not believe you CAN buy a $399 no-contract Verizon Moto X.

I just went through the check out process and there's a GSM unlocked verison OR you can just choose a carrier and sign up for a new contract. There is "I purchased a redemption PIN from a store" but I'm not sure what that is.

If one is a current Verizon customer and walks into one of its stores and attempts to purchase a Moto X at full price (without extending one's contract, etc.), what does it cost? My guess is that you'd be able to get it for $100 less than that from Motorola during the "special hour." But that's just a guess.


hmm you are right, I just did the check out while logged into my Verizon account and off contract Verizon is $399.

I might just wait to the X2, but this is probably how I will keep my unlimited data.

Hmmmm I will give it a try. Hopefully it works. My parents don't wanna lose their unlimited data. So I thought I surprise them with 2 of these lol
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Damn, I'll be stuck @work between 3pm-4pm on the 27th. Hopefully I can order one for the Mrs on my Note3. She'll luv this phone,...

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Download dolphin browser or at least make sure whatever browser you use can access the dite

This space for SALE! BBM me #8675309

I already have a nexus 5 but I think I want to get one of these anyway. i had two phones at one time for the last couple of years and it feels weird to only have one to play with. the price drop is good enough to pick up this phone even though i don't need it. maybe i'll get WOOD. LOL

I think that Moto is going in the right direction to be a mainstream OEM. I use a Moto G and can't be much happier with a phone with such a price tag.

I love my Nexus 5, but I'm tempted to scoop a Moto X up with one of the natural backs.

A question for any of you guys (or girls) that have used both:

After using the N5, how was your adjustment to going back to a smaller 720P screen?

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I came from a galaxy note 3 5.5" 1080p screen to the custom moto x with a 4.7" 720p and it was definitely a downgrade. I just got a 32gb black nexus 5 off Swappa for $395 so I'm a happy camper now. Even with all the awesome Motorola enhancements I couldn't be satisfied with the smaller and much less resolution screen on the moto x. YMMV but that was my take. I think once you go to a 5" screen and use 1080p on a smaller screen for any length of time it's my experience that you just can't go backwards and feel satisfied with your choice no matter how great the software and hardware combo is.

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Had the note 3 droid DNA and iPhone 5 all have nice screens don't notice a difference when using the moto x the screen is nice. Maybe my eyes are bad

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Hopefully they can handle the traffic this time.

Gentlemen, you can't fight in here!
This is the War Room.

Went to the site.....and I make my phone, only to find the checkout price of $449. You have to click the Motorola logo top left side and it takes you to a registration page for a promo code. The promo code will be sent within a few hours. I will be getting the Developer edition. Sweet. Love my S4, but I need a change. My S4 is still bootloader unlocked if anyone is interested in a few weeks after I get my Moto X all set up.