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1 week ago

Black Friday 2016 Deals


Are you ready to save big? Good! It's time for the best Black Friday tech deals, and you'll find them all right here!

1 week ago

International data: How AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Project Fi compare

 How AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and Project Fi compare

Oh, you'll have to pay extra for roaming data outside the U.S — the question is how much.​

The editors here at Android Central tend to travel a lot for this job, and that isn't limited to staying in our home country. And when we travel, we need to have our phones with us and connected to data — that's kind of what we do. We're no strangers to dealing with roaming internationally, and thankfully for us the U.S. carriers are getting on board with everyone's tendency to get out of the country and see the world with their phones and tablets at their side.

Gone are the days of astronomical pay-per-megabyte rates, limited roaming carrier agreements and poor options from some of the carriers. Two of the big four carriers are now offering some sort of free international roaming, with the other two coming around to friendlier pricing structures and fewer restrictions on how we use our data we bought. Even prepaid carriers are getting in on the action with some international calling plans.

Even with all of these changes, international data still isn't cheap. Your best bet is to find a local prepaid SIM card when you travel and pop it in your unlocked phone. But that's not always easy — and there's really something luxurious about stepping off a plane, firing up your phone ... and it just works.

And so we've gathered up the international data rates for the four major U.S. carriers — Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile — plus Google's own Project Fi offering. Each carrier does things slightly different, whether it's buying data ahead of time, loading up full-speed data passes once you're already gone or setting up a monthly roaming add-on.

Here's how each of the carriers handles international roaming.

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1 week ago

Google Play: Ultimate Guide


How to get the most out of the Google Play Store

Google Play is the cornerstone of Google's ecosystem of content and has become a critical part of Android. It reaches almost all of Android and through Play Services is capable of fixing many of Android's problems. Google Play also is a content library and ecosystem that is accessible on more platforms than almost any other.

Born as the Android Market, it's grown from just a home for apps and is now the one-stop shop for applications, books, movies, music, TV shows — basically anything and everything that you can buy and use on your Android phone or tablet.

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1 week ago

This is the lowest price we've seen for the Ring Video Doorbell!


Amazon currently has Ring's Video Doorbell for just $125, which happens to be the lowest price we've ever seen for it. This $75 savings makes it even more affordable to easily tell who is at the door without even having to get up from your couch. Using its app, the Ring doorbell can show you video and let you interact with the people at your door from your phone or even computer. You'll be able to see who is at your door, regardless of where you are in the world.

Odds are this deal won't last long, so be sure to place your order now if you are interested in one of these. There are a few different colors available so you can pick the one that matches your exterior the best.

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1 week ago

HTC Vive vs Oculus Rift: Which should you buy?

Should I buy the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive?

Buying a desktop-class VR headset right now is a big, expensive choice. You have to have a PC capable of driving the experience before you even plug a headset in, but when you finally reach that point you'll find yourself faced with a pair of excellent choices. You can buy an Oculus Rift, the VR headset that rekindled a global interest in consuming 360-degree content with its record-shattering Kickstarter campaign. Or you can go with the HTC Vive, a VR headset with new tech developed by Valve — the champion of PC gaming as we know it today.

Read More at VR Heads!

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1 week ago

Top Black Friday Deals from Android Central Digital Offers

Shopping on Black Friday can be chaotic — there are tons of sales around the web and it can be hard to pick which ones you'll actually benefit from.

Something that many seem to overlook when shopping deals on Black Friday is software. From online courses to more information about career-specific topics than you can handle, you won't want to miss out on these awesome savings.

Luckily Android Central Digital Offers is here to help make sure you don't miss out! Here are some amazing deals and huge savings that you'll want to check out.

Martian Notifier Smartwatch

  • Retail price: $129
  • Our regular price: $39.99
  • Black Friday price: $29.99 (76% off)

The Martian Notifier Smartwatch is a seamless blend of classic analog with a convenient digital display that elegantly joins the old with the new. You can receive push notifications for texts and email, set custom vibration alerts, check the weather, and more. For a great, minimalist smartwatch experience, check out the Martian Notifier!

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Code Black Drone with HD Camera

  • Retail price: $199
  • Our regular price: $99
  • Black Friday price: $44.99

New to drone-flying? The Code Black is the perfect introductory drone for those looking to get their air legs. You get about 10 minutes of flight time per charge, and you can shoot HD video to capture the excitement of every flight!

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PureVPN: Lifetime Subscription

  • Retail price: $597
  • Our regular price: $69
  • Black Friday price: $59

If protecting your data and internet activity is of the utmost importance to you, then a VPN is the way to go and PureVPN is incredibly reliable, trusted by over a million users. You can connect at top speeds with up to five devices, and you can access more than 550 servers in 141 countries. Encrypt your data and keep yourself safe and your activity private.

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Getflix: Lifetime Subscription

  • Retail price: $855
  • Our regular price: $39
  • Black Friday price: $29

If you love Hulu or want more than what's on Canadian Netflix (why don't we have "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"?!) and you're outside the U.S., Getflix can help. It unlocks over 100 streaming services from around the world — no need for a complicated VPN or messing with your home DNS. Better yet, you can use it on all your favorite devices!

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Become an Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle

  • Retail price: $680
  • Our regular price: $49
  • Black Friday price: $25

Digital security is paramount in today's world of online information and companies need to know that their systems are attack-proof. Learn to be an ethical hacker and get paid to hack companies' networks to help them find holes in their defence and fortify their security. And get paid pretty well in the process!

The Complete Machine Learning Bundle

  • Retail price: $780
  • Our regular price: $39
  • Black Friday price: $29

Programming computers to learn without having to be explicitly programmed is the future and getting in on the groundfloor and learning how to teach computers to learn is a great career path to start on. This learning bundle will teach you everything you need to learn from the basics to the advanced, including investment strategy applications.

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1 week ago

Save up to 58% on Alexa-compatible WeMo accessories!


Right now you can save up to 58% on a variety of WeMo accessories. These Alexa-compatible accessories can be controlled with your voice if you have an Amazon Echo, so you'll be able to turn your lights and outlets on and off without even having to get off. Connected homes are becoming more and more popular, but part of the problem is that it can get expensive to turn your home into one.

This deal offers big savings on the connected outlets, light switches, and more. It won't last long, so if you are looking to save some money and make your house smarter, you'll want to act quickly!

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1 week ago

ShopAndroid Thanksgiving Sale - Save 25% on all accessories

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for everything that you have around you, and here at ShopAndroid we are very thankful for each and every one of you. To show a little bit of appreciation, we've discounted all the accessories in our store by 25% as long as you use the coupon code Thanks16. That's pretty simple, right?

Whether you are in the market for a new case, battery pack or some cables for your phone, you'll want to check out our wide selection. From devices like the Galaxy S7 to the HTC 10 and even the Honor 8, we've got a ton of great accessories for you to sort through.

Remember, you'll need to use coupon code Thanks16 once you've loaded your cart up with goodies in order to get the 25% savings. Now, get to shopping!

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1 week ago

Here's everything Google Assistant can do on the Pixel


OK Google, let's see what you can do.

While currently in its infancy, Google Assistant is still capable of doing a lot of pretty cool things to make life that much easier.

From helping to book reservations and find transportation for your night out to setting your morning alarm without having to stare at a bright screen in a dark room, here's just some of the ways to use Google Assistant throughout your day. And it all starts by saying "OK Google".

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1 week ago

EE discounts the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 by £200, Beoplay H2 on sale for £119


How badly do you want a tablet?

UK carrier EE has rolled out its Black Friday deals, offering a £200 discount on the 8-inch Galaxy Tab S2. There's also a £70 discount on the upfront fee of a 32GB Pixel, and price cuts on several accessories.

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1 week ago

Amazon's Black Friday deals are live: Fire tablet for $33, Honor 8 for $259, and much more!


Get ready to spend a whole lot of money on Amazon.

Amazon has kicked off its Black Friday deals, offering heavy discounts across a variety of categories. We've got a constantly updated list of all the best deals, but if you're looking for Amazon-specific offers, read on.

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1 week ago

State of the Android Central Survey: Help us help you (and win a free phone!)


Take a survey, win a phone!

Android Central is a living thing, always evolving to meet the needs of our user base. The past year has been one of transition, and many of you have seen a number of big changes happen to the way we deliver news, reviews, editorials and product recommendations, and how we operate on YouTube and social media.

That's why we thought it was the right time to ask you to fill out a survey — I know, there have been a few recently — about how we're doing: what you like, what you don't and what you'd like to see more of in the future. There are no wrong answers, just an opportunity to give us feedback that we will take to heart. If you'd like to take the survey in its own window, you can do that, too! The whole thing should take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete, depending on how much you choose to share.

To thank you for taking the survey, you have the option of leaving your email address or Mobile Nations username for the chance of winning a free Moto Z! The winner will be contacted directly, and thanks for being a part of the AC community!

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1 week ago

Unlocked HTC 10 units begin receiving Nougat update in the U.S.


Good news for HTC 10 owners!

The HTC 10 is getting its Nougat update a week after its kin, the Bolt, shipped with Android 7.0 on board.

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1 week ago

First look: BLU Vivo 6 delivers metal body, fingerprint, 64GB storage for £185 on launch day

BLU Vivo 6

BLU's UK debut is an attractive mid-ranger — available on Black Friday for £45 off.

Today Florida-based BLU announces its first entry into the UK market, with the mid-priced BLU Vivo 6. The phone sees the upstart manufacturer bring an attractive metal unibody and a handful of premium features like fingerprint security and USB-C connectivity to a phone with a standard price of £239.99. But pick up the phone on launch day — Black Friday — on Amazon UK, and it's yours for a mere £184.99.

So what does that get you? Let's take a look.

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1 week ago

PS4 vs. PS4 Slim vs. PS4 Pro: Which should you buy?


Which PlayStation 4 should I buy?

Anyone looking to buy a PlayStation for family now have three options that look very similar. You've got the original PlayStation 4, the new slimmer PlayStation 4 with the exact same branding on the box, and the new PlayStation 4 Pro. It's confusing by anyone's standards, so your best bet is to know what you need before you head into the store.

What's the difference?

Sony has a history of releasing a "slim" version of the PlayStation a couple of years after its initial release. In the past, those consoles have been labeled a little differently at launch to make it easier to tell the new version apart from the old one. These slimmer versions typically offer more a physical difference than a functionality difference, and this year is no different. The significant feature and performance difference comes with the PlayStation 4 Pro, and even then the difference isn't huge unless you own a 4K television with HDR support.

Category PlayStation 4 (2013) PlayStation 4 (2016) PlayStation 4 Pro Price $349 $299 $399 Dimensions 10.83in x 12.01in x 2.08in 10.43in x 11.34in x 1.54in 11.61in x 12.87in x 2.17in CPU AMD Jaguar 8-core (x86-64) AMD Jaguar 8-core (x86-64) AMD Jaguar 8-core (x86-64) GPU AMD Radeon (1.84 TFLOP) AMD Radeon (1.84 TFLOP) AMD Radeon (4.2 TFLOP) Storage 500GB / 1TB 500GB / 1TB 1TB Optical out Yes No Yes AV out AV/HDMI 1.4 HDMI 1.4 HDMI 2.0 Power consumption 250w max 165w max 310w max 4K Streaming No No Yes USB USB 3.0 (x2) USB 3.0 (x2 ) USB 3.0 (x3) PSVR support Yes Yes Yes (Enhanced)

The biggest functional difference between the original PS4 and the new slimmer PS4 is power consumption. Sony claims the new PS4 has a max power draw of 165 watts, which sounds impressive next to the original 250w max of the first PS4 until you see most benchmarks. The original PlayStation 4 had an average power draw of 150w during its heaviest gameplay sessions, and never pushed anywhere near that 250w max. It is slightly smaller though, so there's that.

PlayStation VR performance is something altogether different.

As you can see, Sony is using the same CPU and a GPU that's a little more than twice the performance in the new PlayStation 4 Pro. There's also an updated version of the HDMI standard in the PS4 Pro, but there's no immediate difference in performance out of the box for video output. Games that struggled in the past to maintain 60fps on a standard PlayStation 4 will be able to offer a more consistent experience with the PlayStation 4 Pro, but it's unlikely most will notice that small improvement. PlayStation 4 Pro exists to offer 4K video streaming and enhanced graphics on supported titles. Game developers will have the option to offer higher quality graphics to PlayStation 4 Pro gamers, which will be clearly labeled with PS4 Pro Enhanced on the box. While the list of games that support this new enhanced mode is increasing every week currently there aren't many available.

PlayStation VR performance is something altogether different. PlayStation 4 Pro was built to better support PlayStation VR (You know, Project Morpheus and PlayStation Neo kinda go together and all that) but even here the differences will be subtle at first. Games available now look slightly better on the Pro, but game developers over time will use that added power to create more compelling VR experiences and that's going to be a much bigger deal.

Bundles and sales

The default pricing for these consoles can and frequently are augmented by sales and bundles. Each of the PlayStation 4 consoles comes with a single game, usually marked with a giant photo on the packaging, so you have everything you need to get started. Many retailers have already placed the original PlayStation 4 on sale, so it's just under the $299 slim PlayStation 4 in order to help get rid of the older stock. The standard $399 PlayStation 4 Pro does not currently ship with a game, but does offer some free trials of popular titles.

Is the PlayStation 4 Pro $100 better than the PlayStation 4 or its slimmer brother? Only if you have a 4K television or are planning to purchase one soon, and even then only if that 4K television supports HDR. If you're happy with your existing television and have no plans to upgrade, you aren't going to see any significant difference between the PlayStations 4 aside from how much space they take up on your entertainment center.

Many retailers like to create their own bundles as we get closer to the holiday season, combining extra gamepads or recently discounted games to the package to help you feel like you're buying everything you need. A big part of this year's offering will no doubt include PlayStation VR. There are plenty of people who already own a PlayStation 4, but if you're looking to go all in for the first time and get everything you need, expect those same retail stores to have everything you need to get going.

Which should I buy?

Now that you know everything you need to know about the differences between these consoles, lets break it down!

  • PlayStation 4 — This is the PS4 most likely to be included in some kind of extra bundle with more accessories and games. This is also the only PlayStation 4 that comes in white right now. If you're looking for a PS4 and price is a big point of concern, you probably want to stick with the original.

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  • Slim PlayStation 4 — This is the PS4 you will see the most of on shelves this year, and it's the nicer looking of the three. If you care about that sort of thing, or you're just rushing in to grab a PS4 and nothing else, this is the version you want.

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  • PlayStation 4 Pro — If you own a 4K television, or you plan to own one before long, this is the PlayStation 4 you want. It'll last the longest, and be able to offer the most over time.

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