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7 years ago

New T-Mobile 3G Cities Announced


T-Mobile is still rolling out their 3G network in hopes of reaching respectability, this time cities in Texas such as College Station, Beaumont, Bryant , and Galveston are all enjoying the speediness that is 3G. For you Floridians living in Lakeland, Sarasota, Spring Hill, Bradenton, and Weeki Wachee--well you guys have T-Mobile 3G too!

I'm not familiar with a large portion of these cities so it looks like T-Mobile is hitting the smaller cities now with their 3G rollout. Does your city have T-Mobile 3G?


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7 years ago

HTC Hero Rosie Screenshots



The HTC Hero is a much anticipated Android device and not because of its looks but rather for the custom HTC-built 'Rosie' UI that's laid on top of Android. We've seen Rosie in action before but here's a closer, shot-by-shot look at some specific features of this beautiful, TouchFLO 3D-esque interface. As you can see in the pictures, there's a heavy influence on widgets.

So what do you guys think? Are you guys excited for Rosie? What do you guys think of the screenshots?

Hit the jump for the rest of the pictures of Rosie!

[via phandroid]

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7 years ago

Google Considering App-Sharing Tools for Android Market?


According to BusinessWeek, Google is looking into offering app sharing features in Android Market. Specifically, Google is considering enabling user-to-user gifting and recommendations. The impact that these new features have could be huge, as great as Android Market is, it's tough to sift through so many applications to find the diamond in the rough. With the ability to offer user-to-user recommendations, the process may become easier.

If it's better for Android Market and the user experience, we're all for it. Here's to hoping we see something like this in the near future.

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7 years ago

Microsoft Exec Criticizes Android



Microsoft Exec Steve Guggenheimer recently voiced his skepticism regarding Android and its ability to translate to a computing operating system. To quote:

"I'm somewhat sceptical that consumers will begin running to Android right now," said Guggenheimer. "You'll still want your printer to work, you'll still want your software to work. There's a lack of a complete ecosystem around Android."

We usually disagree with what Microsoft says about Android believing that their comments are misguided attempts in disparaging a competitor, but in this case, we think Microsoft has a valid point.

As versatile and exciting as Android has proven itself to be, it still needs to prove itself in the computing arena. Though computer manufacturers are ready to jump into the Android game, we're still not sure if Android is ready for netbook primetime.

What do you guys think?


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7 years ago

Screenshots of Rogers Android Build for HTC Magic & HTC Dream



The Android devices launching on Rogers (HTC Magic & HTC Dream) are unique in the sense that they have their own custom build of Android loaded on the device. Because they aren't 'Google Experience' phones, meaning no Google branding anywhere, Rogers and HTC has the final call on what is loaded onto these Android devices. 

The wunderkind Haykuro got his hands on the HTC Dream and loaded a ton of screenshots for the Roger-specific Android phones. What's most unique is the Exchange support, T9 soft keyboard, QuickOffice, and more. It's definitely interesting to see Android in a different light, though we still think we prefer the 'Google Experience' Android devices best.

Hit the jump to see specific screenshots or hit this flickr link.

[via engadget]

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7 years ago

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Releasing in June ?



Tmonews is reporting that they expect the T-Mobile myTouch 3G aka the HTC Magic to release in June--yeah, as in this month. We've previously confirmed that the myTouch 3G will be reaching T-Mobile sooner than later and Tmonews cites reasons for such a quick launch to be the new iPhone 3G S and the Palm Pre, two handsets that are quickly taking mind share (and surely market share) from potential customers. Offering a new Android Device as lovely as the myTouch 3G would certainly be a compelling offering to bring users to Android and T-Mobile.

Tmonews has a relatively strong reputation in regards to leaks and information so we're going to trust their report. A June release of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G should be in the cards. It makes too much sense to not be true.

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7 years ago

Freescale Making Android Smartbook



First we had the Android Netbook fad, now we have the Android Smartbook craze. Only a wee bit bigger than your average smartphone, this particular Freescale Android Smartbook comes with a slightly larger 4 inch screen with a full QWERY keyboard running the Android OS. The details are incredibly vague, as always, but a release date 'later this year' is expected.

Though we're beginning to turn the corner on Android Netbooks and believe that they could be the future, Android Smartbooks have another hurdle to clear before we fall in love with them. Why would we choose an Android Smartbook over an Android smartphone? We honestly have no idea.


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7 years ago

Android to Get Better Facebook Application ?



Nearly everyone uses Facebook and nearly every Facebook Android User is unhappy with the current state of Facebook Applications on Android. And with Facebook staying mum on an official Facebook Application, third-party developers hope to fill the void. The Android Facebook App is looking to offer compelling features that will improve the Facebook integration in Android.

Features include [via androinica]:

  • The ability to comment on or “like/unlike” Facebook status
  • Friend feeds that include status updates, wall-to-wall posts, photo uploads, comments, and YouTube video posts
  • Real-time loading and filtering of activity stream
  • Notifications for upcoming events, birthdays, and new comments
  • Improved photo and photo album support/navigation
  • Tag photos and view photo tags

Check out The Android Facebook App's blog here. They plan to release the application in late June/early July so keep your eyes peeled!

Hit the jump to see pictures of The Android Facebook App!

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7 years ago

TiPb's Coverage of WWDC -- New iPhone 3G S and iPhone 3.0



They say competition breeds innovation, so if you want to know where the smartphone market is headed, it's best to take a look at the market leader--in this case, iPhone. If you've been living under a rock, you may not know that the iPhone launch party aka WWDC was yesterday. Apple showcased their new desktop OS, refreshed the notebook product line, and of course, introduced a new iPhone: iPhone 3G S.

As convoluted as the name may be, the iPhone 3G S introduces some compelling features--it promises to be even faster than the iPhone 3G in every way, brings a better camera to the table, and much more.

To catch up on all things iPhone feel free to head over to our sister site The iPhone Blog where Rene and the rest of the talented team of writers are covering every angle possible. We can't wait to see how the rest of the smartphone market and namely Android answer back. The Smartphone Round Robin shall be fun.

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7 years ago

Android Netbook News Roundup -- Acer, ECS, Snapdragon, and More



We absolutely love netbooks here at Android Central--they're convenient, cute, and affordable. We also love Android here at Android Central (bet you couldn't have guessed that)--the OS just oozes versatility and potential. However, we're still not sure how we feel about an Android netbook--on one hand its the best of both worlds, on the other we're unsure how Android will translate in netbook form. Regardless of how we personally feel, Android Netbooks are en vogue with all the big manufacturers. Here's the latest news on Android netbooks:

ECS T800 Netbook runs Android and is uber-sexy but does it work?

The ECS T800 is incredibly beautiful, boasting a Sony Vaio P form factor with sleek lines and an almost pocketable size, this is perhaps one of the most exciting Android netbooks to date. Hint: it's the netbook pictured above in this post. The basic specs are: your choice of 800 MHz or 1GHz OMAP3 processor, 1.76 pounds with 8.1 inch display and512 MB RAM. The one problem? Well, it's basically a dummy prototype--no one's seen it actually run Android yet. Still, we'd pick this netbook over any other.

Acer Android Netbook Runs Firefox

Acer showed off a test model of an Android Netbook at Computex using the current Aspire One D250 to showcase how Android would work on a netbook. Android seemed to be unmodified and relatively snappy in startup/shutdown times, what was most interesting was that the test model actually ran Firefox. Firefox on Android? Where do we sign up!

Acer Android Netbook Dual-Boots Android and Windows XP

Hmm. On one hand, if you're going to make an Android Netbook, you should MAKE an Android Netbook. Not offer Android as a gimmicky toss-in like Acer is planning to do with their first Android Netbook (that also boots Windows XP). On the other, it looks like Acer is playing it safe by allowing users to boot Windows XP. Though we do agree that if you include Android, you should at least modify it to fit the entire netbook experience. We wonder if this is going to be the initial trend, let users figure out if Android is right for them.

Compal Showcases Android-powered, Snapdragon-based Netbook

Maybe this Android Netbook thing will work after all. You should check out this video of the Compal Snapdragon-based, Android Netbook. Compal has built a custom start-up interface that looks pretty cool and more importantly, highly useable. Details are of course vague but boy, we're starting to believe in this Android Netbook craze. How about you guys?

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7 years ago

Android Around The World -- HTC Magic, Samsung Galaxy News



This is an Android news roundup for our international readers. If you live in the US of A this doesn't apply to you because T-Mobile has yet to officially acknowledge the existence of the HTC Magic or Samsung Galaxy. Yeah, the rest of the world gets to enjoy multiple Android devices while we just get to sit on the sidelines. Bummer.

HTC Magic

The Netherlands is receiving the HTC Magic exclusively from Vodafone for free with qualifying voice+data plan. Poland is also receiving the HTC Magic via Orange Poland.

Samsung Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy (formerly known as the I7500) is reportedly going to launch for European Markets in June. Yeah, we know that's this month but Telefonica O2 Germany has confirmed a mid-June launch so we're expecting many other European carriers to follow suit.

Android Market

Paid applications have gone live in the land down under aka Australia.


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7 years ago

Google Developing Eyes Free Android Interface


This is why we love Android. Reports are surfacing that Google is beginning to develop an 'eyes free' interface for Android that'll allow users to adequately navigate applications without the need to actually see the input screen. This new eyes-free interface can allow visually impaired people to use Android effectively. In fact, we can even see the usefulness of an eyes free interface in normal-sighted people as well. Just imagine being able to use your phone without even looking at it!

According to T.V. Ramen, a Google researcher:

“We are building a user interface that goes over and beyond the screen,” says Raman. Often, eyes-free interfaces are employed for blind users, but Raman, who himself is blind, assures that these interfaces have much broader implications. “This is not just about the blind user,” he says. “This is about how to use these devices if you’re not in a position to look at the machine.”

We're definitely excited to see how this plays out. Watch the video to see a demo of this 'eyes free' interface!

[via technologyreview]

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7 years ago

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Box Art Revealed !



And the T-Mobile myTouch 3G has been leaked. Well not really. We only got pictures of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G box art (and really, it's as art-sy as it gets) but the myTouch 3G box art confirms what we've previously thought/known: the HTC Magic is going to come to T-Mobile and it's going to be re-branded the still horrendous name of myTouch 3G.

The T-Mobile myTouch 3G will be available in three colors: black, white, and merlot (red). We're especially excited to see how they pull off the 'merlot'. As for the box art, it certainly looks a lot more wild than previous T-Mobile boxes--maybe they're covering up the fact that they chose a horrible name?

hit the jump to see more pictures of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G box art!

[via engadget]

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7 years ago

Android 2.0 Donut Releasing in Three to Six Months ?



Before we're even comfortable with Cupcake, news is already hitting that Android 2.0 code-named 'Donut' is going to release in three to six months (via The H). Which means, if Google, T-Mobile, and whoever else is involved, stick to the schedule, we should see Android 2.0 hit our Android devices before the end of 2009.

Universal search, new speech-to-text API's, and handwriting gesture capabilities have been reported as 'Donut' features. We're hoping for a little more feature-wise but more importantly we sure hope the 'Donut' release is handled better than Cupcake.

So, who's ready for some Donuts?

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