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6 years ago

Samsung Beam officially on sale now in Singapore


 Samsung Beam

The Samsung Galaxy Beam, which boasts a built in projector, was officially released in Singapore this weekend. 

The Beam joins Samsung's Galaxy S line, which has been releasing worldwide over the past few weeks. The T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Captivate were the first to arrive in the US. 

The phone lists impressive specs that display Samsung's desire to gain market share in the high-end smartphone market:

  • 3.7-inch Super AMOLED screen
  • 720MHz TI OMAP 3440
  • Built-in projector
  • 8 mp camera
  • Android 2.1
  • 16GB internal storage, supports 32GB microSD

We knew the Beam was going to be released overseas first, and now Android fans in Singapore can get their hands on one. No word yet on when we may see it in the U.S. (we're not betting on it). [Samsung Hub]

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6 years ago

Droid X owners using 5 times more data than other phones, Verizon says


Droid X

See that new Droid X in your hand? (No, in your hand. That's Phil's hand up there.) It's sucking down five times more data than its cousins, Verizon business development executive director Jennifer Byrne said at paidContent Mobile's conference today. 

While on the panel with executives from the BBC, NBA Digital and Zagat, the conversation centered around the increased data usages on mobile devices in the past few years and what they see that leading towards in the future. Makes a good case for that MyVerizon app, eh?

Despite its release only last week, Byrne said that Droid X owners are using five times more data than other Verizon phones. Byrne also addressed Verizon's commitment to Android: 

“While we may have had the first app store, GetItNow, we’ve learned a lot, with the watershed being the iPhone. It’s a drastic change from the walled garden stage to the open approach. It’s been a very big shift.” Verizon has “embraced” it, Byrne said. “We’ve seen a tremendous response - so its validated the decision.”

 We should say so. [paidContent]

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6 years ago

French site says Galaxy S to get Froyo in Sept.


Samsung Galaxy S

This isn't going to do much for those of you with brand-new Samsung Captivates or Vibrants, but a Samsung France spokesman says the international version of the Galaxy S will be getting Android 2.2 in September. That may bode well for its U.S. counterparts getting it sometime thereafter, though remember we have to take our carriers into consideration when it comes to getting updates. [Les Mobiles via Unwired View]

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6 years ago

Droid 2 launch now rumored for Aug. 12


Motorola Droid 2

Because we haven't had a Motorola Droid 2 rumor in the past, oh, six or seven minutes, here comes another: Engadget says it has on good authority that the Droid 2 (which reportedly has been sidelined while the Droid X gets its time in the sun) will see a soft-launch on Aug. 13. It'll then get the full force of Verizon's marketing department starting Aug. 23. That not enough craziness? How about a version with a white R2-D2 on its rear end. Regardless, Verizon's certainly built up enough steam between the Droid X and its all-but-official cousin to keep its mindshare high for some months to go. [Engadget]

Update: Hey, look, more proof that it's launching with Android 2.2. We get it. We get it. [via Phandroid]

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6 years ago

Sideload Android apps all you want with the Sideload Wonder Machine


Android Sideload Wonder Machine

When it comes to installing Android applications, there are two ways of going about it. The most popular, of course, is directly through the Android Market. And that's how most of us do it. But from time to time we need to be able to sideload apps. Maybe you purchased it directly from a developer or some other perfectly legitimate method.

Or maybe *ahem* your phone doesn't allow you to directly sideload apps, for whatever reason. And that's where the Android Central Sideload Wonder Machine comes in. We've rigged up a simple Windows program that allows you to install any .apk file (that's the extension for an Android app) via your computer. It's completely legit -- nobody's going to track you down and take away your phone -- it's completely free (and open source!)  and now you're back on the same playing field as everybody else, no rooting necessary.

Want to see it in action first? No problem. Video and download instructions are after the break.

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6 years ago

'aSpiritBomb' live wallpaper offers an explosion of visual ecstasy


 Sorry for bad quality... looks much better in video and in person!!

We are always on the lookout for cool to apps to share with everyone, and this nifty Android live wallpaper caught our eye. It's called aSpiritBomb, and more than lives up to its name. By tapping anywhere on the screen, you create little orbes that swirl into the glowing center, which resembles a sun. The sun then grows and pulses as you continue to add more and more orbes to it. Dropping an application or widget cause numerous orbes to be launched from it, which is a really great effect.

Once the sun has grown large, you can tap on it and shoot out tiny specs of light. Double tapping will cause the sun to actually explode, shooting out orbes of every color in all directions. For any of you that have played Geometry Wars, it resembles a wormhole when they explode, which is fine by me.

The app was a blast to play with, and is available now on the Android Market for a little more than $1. Be sure to check out video and the download links after the break.

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6 years ago

Droid 2 pics and news leaked, August release seems imminent


Droid 2 leaked pic

It's been another good couple of days for Droid 2 news and leaks, and we love those kinds of days.  To start with, the above shot is a nice semi-non-blurrycam shot of the Droid 2 in all it's qwerty beauty.  This keyboard looks a lot better than the one on it's older brother the OG Droid, let's hope it works and feels as good as it looks.  Add this to the official pics grabbed off the Droid Does site earlier, and we have a pretty good idea exactly what it's going to look like.

Word is that the newest member of Verizon's Droid lineup will ship in August, include an 8GB microSD card, and run $199 with contract and after rebate, or $599 outright.  As with all leaked news and rumors, that very well could change so don't hold us to it.

The news doesn't stop there though.  It seems a worker at a facility creating the phone's packaging is an Android news fan as well.  There's a cool snap of the Droid 2's boxes still on the assembly line, as well as one more full frontal shot after the break.

Need more? How about a shot of the Droid 2 reportedly running Android 2.2. Yes, it takes about 60 seconds to fake a build.prop file, but there's no reason not to think that it will launch with Android 2.2. Check out all the pics after the break.  [Engadget, Droid Life]

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6 years ago

Developers, get your app featured in The Sprint Zone


The Sprint Zone  

Sprint made an important announcement this morning, with the news that they are giving their customers a free app called The Sprint Zone.

The Sprint Zone is aimed at making life easier for Sprint users. This app includes:

  • My Sprint - tools and information for customers to manage their accounts, pay bills, view voice, text and data usage
  • My Sprint News - keeps customers informed and engaged with up-to-date news and information to enhance their wireless experience
  • Suggested Apps - highlights useful applications in a variety of categories
  • Phone Tips and Tricks - videos and information about how to use their device

The Suggested Apps portion is especially important to Sprint and they are calling for developers to submit their apps for consideration. They are looking for all kinds of apps, but especially those that "make connection, productivity, and entertainment real for millions of mobile phone users."

They are also looking for innovative apps that make use of the 4G speeds with the Evo and soon the Epic. Featured apps always attract a large audience, so if you're a developer looking for a great opportunity to reach a wide audience, check out the announcement and submit your app. [Sprint]

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6 years ago

Dell Streak imminent, pre-sale window coming


Dell Streak

That rumored July 19 date for the Dell Streak has come and gone, but that doesn't mean the 5-inch tablet-MID mashup isn't imminent. On the contrary, Dell says it's due in "late July," and it's opening a 24-hour presale launch window with free second-day shipping and a Bluetooth headset for 99 cents to sweeten the deal. You'll need to sign up to be notified. [Dell]

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6 years ago

Shazam Android client to move to 'freemium' version -- Shazam Encore


Shazam Encore

Shazam has moved to a "freemium" model, which basically means that Android users will have a choice between a more feature rich version called Shazam Encore, or can use the limited free version instead.  This is what they have done on other platforms, so it comes as no big surprise.  Shazam Encore will include goodies like unlimited tagging, song lyrics, ticket information, and a hook into Pandora so stations can be created based on your tagged music.  New users of the free application will be able to upgrade to Encore, or have 5 tags a month for free.  Put the tar and feathers away, they also note that "existing Shazam users on Android will be grandfathered and not required to pay for the upgrade to Encore in order to retain unlimited tagging. " Crisis averted.

Looks like, if you're currently using Shazam and are happy with it, nothing need be done.  If you would enjoy some of the premium features, you can upgrade to Shazam Encore for 2.99 GBP (about $4.99 US).  The full press release follows the break.

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6 years ago

Droid X software update arrives; also, some reports of screen problems


Motorola Droid X

First the good: The 1.13.604 software update for the Motorola Droid X finally started downloading last night, which means we can finally stop running this picture. Check out the official update thread in our forums.

Now, the not as good: There are a few reports (AC Forums, Engadget, Motorola, DroidForums, et al) of Droid X screens going wonky. Some report that a reset cleared things up, which doesn't really point to a hardware problem, does it? Others are flat-out returning the phone. There's always going to be some rate of failure. Welcome to the tech world. It's hard to tell just yet how widespread any problem may be (though it does not appear to have anything to do with the update). Sound off if you've had an issue.

And we'd been hoping to avoid this, but apparently some of you are a little confused as to how to remove the Droid X's battery. We've got you covered after the break.

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6 years ago

Vodafone Nexus One getting its official Froyo update over the next week


Google Nexus One

Those of you in the U.K. looking longingly at us here in the U.S. with our fancy Froyo-laden Nexus Ones may soon have something to boast about as well. An e-mail from Vodafone confirms that "the roll out will be phased and will be available to all Vodafone customers who have purchased the handset from us."

A couple of things have been tweaked, as well:

  • The Amazon MP3 store and Google Goggles have been stripped from the ROM but are available in the Android Market.
  • Vodafone notes that security on the wireless hotspot app is set to "open" by default.

So, that's two phones that officially have Froyo. Who's next? (Check out the full text of Vodafone's communique after the break. Thanks, D!

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6 years ago

MyVerizon app receives an update, brings data counter widget with it


MyVerizon myverizonwidget

The aptly-named MyVerizon application for Android always has been a pretty helpful way to keep an eye on your Verizion account. Whether checking data usage, monitoring text messages or keeping track of how many minutes had been used this billing cycle, the information has always been presented very easily. The application has been updated, giving it a UI overhaul along with bringing a data counter widget. Sure, we may have unlimited data for now, but who knows when they may follow suit of AT&T and roll out some new data options. Thanks 0mie.

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6 years ago

First Ari, now 'Entourage's' Johnny Drama spotted using a Nexus One!


Johnny Drama and the Nexus One

The season premier of Entourage showed us the lovable Ari Gold using a Nexus One. It turns out that he's not the only one of the group who has decided to use Google's (soon-to-be-retired) phone. Johnny Drama was spotted using the device in the third episode this past weekend.

The screenshot above is from the episode and a Nexus One can clearly be seen. It's exciting to see high-end Android devices making their way onto TV shows and movies. I'm sure its only a matter of time before we see Droid Xs and Evos on the silver screen.

Keep your eye out for more Androids on TV and if you see one, let us know! (Thanks, GonzoGuy24!)

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6 years ago

Verizon all but confirms Droid Incredible's getting Froyo soon


Verizon tech reps on Twitter all but confirmed a BGR source who leaked an e-mail sent out by HTC. The e-mail gave details on when Droid Incredible owners could expect their 2.2 ("Froyo") update (late July/early August), plus all the goodies that were rumored to have been sent out as an OTA update this past weekend. Here's Big Red's Tweet in question, referencing the BGR post:

"Told ya :) RT @BGR HTC DROID Incredible to be updated to 
Froyo end of July, early August"

HTC and Verizon seem to have decided to roll the 720p video and Froyo updates into one big ball of love to DI owners, which is fine by me. The features include: Froyo (duh), 802.11n Wifi, Verizon's 3G Wifi hotspot, 720p video recording, Amazon's MP3 store (Finally!) and a number of other app and widget goodies. Read past the break for a bit more analysis. [@VZWTechSupport and BGR]

Update: The folks behind the Twitter account have explained who they are in another tweet. "Officially unofficial. We are official technical reps but are not endorsed directly by corporate. Which may be a good thing? :)"

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