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6 years ago

Advertising on the sly for Nexus One


Same as with the Motorola Droid, the Nexus One has found a place (at least at one point) on Google's home page. And if you're in an airport with Google's free holiday WiFi (what up McCarran!), at one point you were redirected to upon log-in.

Personally, I'm not crazy about the precedent Google set with the Droid advert, subtle as it may be. If that space were for rent by anybody (and it may be, if the price is right, though we likely would have seen something else by now), all would be Kosher. But Google cherry-picking its own products leaves a slightly worse taste in our mouth than we had even after the final night of CES. That said, it's their home page, and they can do whatever they darn well please with it.

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6 years ago

Interview with HTC's Eric Lin at CES


Live at CES

Here's a special treat for you folks from us here at CES in Las Vegas. Casey Chan and I got a chance to chat-it up with Eric Lin, HTC's global PR and online community manager, shortly after the launch of the Nexus One. We also talk some about the future of HTC and Android, whether the Nexus One could beat the HD2 in a fight, and what's up with your phone getting an updated version of Android. Listen in!

Download it directly with this link

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6 years ago

LG CEO Says Half Their New Smartphones Will Run Android



Right after we got our hands on LG's latest Android Phone, the GT540, comes news directly from LG's CEO, Nam Young, that half of their new smartphones will run Android. This is obviously great news because it'll mean more Android devices but since no LG Android Phone has hit the US, we're unsure if we'll ever see the benefits of this. Regardless, we're hopeful that the GT540 will buck the trend and come stateside.

Anyone love their LG devices?

[via engadget]

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6 years ago

Rogers To Offer HTC Dream Owners The Option To Upgrade To Magic For Free



Hey all you depressed HTC Dream Users on Rogers, listen up! We know news hasn't been kind to you lately but it looks like things are looking up. Rogers will reportedly offer HTC Dream users the option to upgrade to the HTC Magic for free. From a Rogers rep:

“It’s great to hear that everyone is pleased by HTC’s agreement to upgrade Magic to 2.1. We pushed hard on your behalf and are pleased with that part. When it comes to Dream, we share in your frustration that the device does not have the required on-board memory for an upgrade. We’ve reviewed this internally and believe that Dream users should be able to have the same HTC Android experience as those who purchased the Magic. So, we are offering our HTC Dream customers a limited time opportunity to upgrade from their current HTC Dream device to the HTC Magic.

We’re working on finalizing the details of that promotion now but wanted to let you know the great news as soon as possible. Please be patient as this is not yet available in-store, online or through customer care. I will be back next week to provide you with more information.”

We guess those carriers in Canada are nicer than their US counterparts. As for the upgrade, to us it's a no brainer. Android 2.1 is a stellar smartphone OS and introduces a lot of new features (compared to Android 1.5, doubly so) that many users will love. The Magic will get 2.1, the Dream is stuck on 1.5. Case closed. Only if you seriously, absolutely, totally love your G1 physical keyboard and think the Android software keyboard is impossible, hopeless, and terrible, can you justify not using the free upgrade.

Final details aren't available yet but we're hoping that our neighbors to the north will have an upgrade program as good as it sounds. No contract extensions, please.

[via mobilesyrup]

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6 years ago

Nexus One Costs $174.15 In Materials



You know what would be fun, if you combined the Nexus One teardown pictures along with the just released Nexus One bill of materials list! Okay, maybe not. But if you were wondering how much the Nexus One cost in materials, and we know you guys have been just dying to know, iSuppli just did their analysis on it and came up with $174.15. Most expensive was the $30.50 1GHz Snapdragon Processor followed by the AMOLED display and Samsung memory ($23.50 & $20.40, respectively).

Feel free to hit the link to see the full list of the Nexus One bill of materials!


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6 years ago

A Nexus One Enterprise Version Might Have Physical Keyboard & Bigger Battery


So we all know that the Nexus One was the first phone available at Some of us may also know that Google will continue developing devices to sell in their Google Phone Store. What many of us didn't know until yesterday was that there could be a version of the Nexus One tailored for enterprise. In an interview, Andy Rubin, unprompted, mentioned that there could be a Nexus One Enterprise Version with a bigger battery and physical keyboard.

Obviously, we're not expecting this immediately, it was an off-handed comment discussing possibilities, but could this signify the beginning of seeing Android as an enterprise platform? So far, Android devices has been largely ignored in the enterprise space and rightfully so, for the longest time Android didn't even have support for Exchange. But what if they spun the Nexus One Enteprise as a device tailor made for Google Apps and targeted it to enterprises who use Google Apps? Now this can get interesting..

[via gizmodo]

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6 years ago

Andy Rubin Doesn't Like Two Handed Operations


Andy Rubin, in response to a question regarding the lack of multitouch on US Google Experience Android devices, namely the Droid and Nexus One:

“It’s not an America versus outside America kind of thing. It’s a decision that is a result of the OEM model. I personally don’t like two-handed operations… there is no conspiracy.”

Um, okay. We don't even know what to say, but we're not buying it. Maybe we're conspiracy theorists to believe that deeper and darker reasons exist but multitouch is such a natural and intuitive feature that to not have it as even an option, simply puts your device at a competitive disadvantage.

But above all, the answer is incredibly odd. We're not even sure what's so bad about two-handed operations, heck, we do our typing two handed. We don't put the blame on Andy Rubin, everyone has their own unique preferences, but dude, come on. Looks like this multitouch issue won't be resolved anytime soon.

[via theiphoneblog]

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6 years ago

Hands-on with OnStar's Android app for the Chevy Volt electric vehicle


Chevrolet Volt

One of the coolest things we've seen at CES this year has as much to do with a phone that weighs just 169 grams as it does with an electric vehicle that tips the scales at 3,500 pounds. The Chevrolet Volt -- a plug-in, hybrid-electric vehicle that will be available later this year --, comes long with a trio of mobile apps (Motorola Droid, BlackBerry and iPhone) that allow you total control of charging the car from your pocket, courtesy of an app from OnStar.

For now, you can try out the app on the Droid at And after the break, our hands-on with an exciting way to green up your life from your mobile phone, (Read The iPhone Blog's hands-on here), plus video and a slew of photos.

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6 years ago

Hands On With The LG GT540 Swift Android Smartphone


Say hello to the LG GT540 Swift Android smartphone. We've seen Android devices from LG before but none have reached the US, maybe that'll change with the GT540. The GT540 is a cute little device that seems to hit the midrange end of the market, especially catering to those who've yet to own a smartphone.

The build quality is mostly good, there's wavy ridges accenting the back of the phone, chrome rim outlining the sides and attractive color options. The GT540 uses 3 physical hardware buttons and 2 touch-sensitive buttons for navigation. The only potential hardware issue we saw was with the battery cover, it kept slipping off--but we're going to chalk this up as a CES show floor thing. The rest of the hardware is standard fare: 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3-megapixel camera and a 3.5mm headphone jack

We have no idea what version of Android the LG GT540 runs. Whenever we tried to jump into Settings > About Phone, it just gave us an error message. Either way, the lock screen looks like it comes from 2.0.1 but the icons look like their from 1.6.  On top of that, LG has added some of their special sauce, skinning a little bit of the phone, bumping the home screen to 7 pages wide, and a Motion UI player (?). Performance was just average, nothing super speedy so the processor must be your run-of-the-mill chip.

It's expected to hit stores in April 2010 but price and carrier are still unknown. We know it'd look like a good mid-range device for AT&T. What do you guys think about the LG GT540?

Hit the jump to see more pictures of the LG GT540!

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6 years ago

No 802.11n WiFi on Nexus One, for now

Google Nexus One

When the Google Nexus One launched earlier this week (see our hands-on), it did so listing WiFi compatibility as 802.11n, meaning you'd be getting the latest and greatest (and fastest) connection. It was listed the technical specs and confirmed in a hardware teardown. But it turns out the "n" part of the equation is dormant, leaving us with only 802.11b/g, which is now reflected in the tech specs. Before you pick up the pitchforks, however, remember that the iPod touch has the same handicap. Hoepfully we'll see 802.11n turned on at some point. (Thanks to everybody who sent this in)

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6 years ago

AT&T serious about Motorola Backflip -- as in 400,000 serious


Motorola Backflip

OK, so AT&T hasn't officially said it's bringing on the Motorola Backflip (see our hands-on here) as its first Android device, but ... well, it's bringing on the Motorola Backflip as its first Android device. Remember that it's "A Motorola smartphone, powered by MOTOBLUR, with a unique form factor and an AT&T exclusive." That's the Backflip.

Now comes word from @eldarmurtazin on Twitter that AT&T's ordered 400,000 units. We're not talking millions and millions of phones, but it's definitely a sign that AT&T's serious about at last this Android device. [via Unwired View]

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6 years ago

Tegra 2 Android Netbook Prototype Shown Off



Nvidia showed off the latest Android netbook prototype powered at CES 2010. This one's a little more unique since its powered by Nvidia's latest Tegra 2 'system on a chip' processor. The hardware (by Pegatron) was sturdy and rather polished but since nothing is exactly final about the product--even the plastic casing was dubbed as a prototype--we don't know if that'll change. But it did run Android.

After running through some basic Android-y tasks on the Netbook (by Pegatron), we have to say we're not a big fan. Without a proper touchscreen, navigation just isn't anywhere close to ideal. Plus, in the expanded garden of a laptop-like device, expectations are simply much higher.

We know it was just a prototype, but as of now, Android on a netbook just isn't worth getting excited about. On a MID? Now that's a completely different story..

Hit the jump to see more pictures of Android on the Pegatron Netbook with Tegra 2!

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6 years ago

Hands-on with the PCD MID650



Another day, another Android MID. At least, that's kind of what it feels like. And here's the MID650 from PCD (, whom we mainly know as the keeper of Verizon software upgrades. This is just a prototype, so you can't buy it anywhere, and it had a power issue at the time, so we didn't actually get to see Android running on it. But what we have here is a 5-inch TFT touchscreen at 800x480. It'll have 3G radio (this one had the GSM variety), WiFi, GPS, MicroSD, a 2MP camera and FM radio.

PCD's vice president of advanced devices, Joe Cufari, told us that it should see some upgraded features when it goes into production, namely that the 5-inch screen should became a 7-inch screen, and Android 1.5 would be swapped out for 2.0 or so.

We're not the world's biggest fans of mobile Internet devices, but this one really did feel pretty good in the hand. Dimensions were 4.6 wide by 3 inches tall by 0.7 inches deep.

A few more pics after the break.

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6 years ago

Flash, Android 2.1 coming to Droid; Nexus One; help and how to, future devices


From the Forums is a great way for you, our readers, to see the hottest topics being discussed. But you must be a registered member and becoming a member is a simple process. So if you have not already already done so, head on over and register now!

  • It's a great time to be a Moto Droid owner as sometime in the near future we will all be able to enjoy Flash along with Android 2.1! Excited much?
  • With all of the hype revolving around the Google Nexus One, why not just give you a link to the complete forum: Google Nexus One - Hit the link and chat it up!
  • If you are new to Android this next forum is a must - General Help and How To. This is a great place to go for any general Android question you may have.
  • Lastly for today we have a great forum for those of you interested in any future Android device - Android News & Rumors. No matter what the future device or rumor may be, this is the place to discuss it.

See you on the forums!

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6 years ago

Tiny Sony Ericsson 'Robyn' aka Xperia X10 Mini-me Pops Up Again



Oh, hello again little one. The Sony Ericsson 'Robyn' has popped it's pretty tiny face once again, this time lining up next to the iPhone. The iPhone looks like a giant, doesn't it? We're still not sure if this a joke or not because we just don't know how well the Android (or any smartphone) experience can translate on the small screen. Who the heck would use this? Maybe those fascinated with the cute and colorful?

And with that said, this device will promptly sell millions.

More pictures after the jump!

[pointgphone via engadget]

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