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6 years ago

Samsung Spica aka Galaxy Lite I5700 Shown Off in Video


If you're interested in the Samsung Galaxy Lite I5700 aka the Spica, you'll be happy to know that it's went through the video treatment. Though the music choice in the video is a surprise, the video itself is worth a look if you're keen on learning about this Android device. It runs through the basic design and hardware of the Galaxy Lite and showcases our favorite OS, Android.

From the looks of it, the AMOLED screen looks vibrant and wonderful but the mere 100MB available for apps is very disappointing. We're still not sure if the Galaxy Lite is ever come to the states so if you are interested in this device, don't get your hopes up!

[via slashgear]

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6 years ago

Android-Powered 'Alex' E-Book Reader Coming Soon



We've seen Android in so many different platforms already--smartphones, netbooks, MID's, set top boxes--that it's surprising we haven't seen it power an E-book Reader already. Luckily for those who still read, Spring Design has just announced their dual-screen, Android-powered 'Alex' E-book reader that houses two different displays (one with e-ink technology, the other a touchscreen LCD), comes with 3G and Wi-Fi for wireless downloading, and a whole lot of ambition.

We love the idea of having a dual-screen E-book reader since those screens offer completely different experiences, but we're unsure of the execution, it just looks a little convoluted, design-wise, in our eyes. But we're definitely going to keep an eye on Spring Design's 'Alex' E-book Reader because it's simply a great idea in a burgeoning market. Being powered by Android obviously helps.

What do you guys think?


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6 years ago

Order the T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ Now!



If you're already a T-Mobile customer, you can pre-order the Motorola CLIQ right now. The Motorola Android handset packs a QWERTY slider keyboard and heavy social networking features in MOTOBLUR. If you're eligible for an upgrade, it'll cost you $199.99 with new 2 year contract, if you're interested in purchasing it off contract, the CLIQ will run for $449.99. Obviously your own pricing will depend on your contract status.

Details of the ship date aren't official but we're expecting the pre-orders to be fulfilled before the public launch of November 2nd. If you're interested in seeing how the CLIQ works, check out our video tour of the Motorola CLIQ and MOTOBLUR!

We've ordered ours, what about you?

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6 years ago

Motorola Droid Captured In High-Quality Pictures



If you're wondering what the Verizon Motorola Droid looks like, especially after the agressive ad onslaught detailing what 'Droid does', look no further. BGR has taken some high quality photos of this most anticipated Android device and to say it survives the harsh light is an obvious understatement.

The quick bullet point highlights are that: it runs Android 2.0, is very thin for a QWERTY slider, is the fastest Android device available, has a wonderful screen and usable keyboard, and pretty much sets the standard for future Android phones. We're confident that the Verizon Droid is going to be a hit because it combines the best carrier (network-wise) with our favorite smartphone OS. Word on the street is that it makes the Motorola CLIQ look downright elementary (no surprsie). How can you deny that?

What do you guys think about the Verizon Motorola Droid? Excited? Nonplussed? Let us know in the comments!

Hit the jump to see more pictures of the Motorola Droid!

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6 years ago

Mysterious HTC Android Phone Pops Up, Could It Be the Dragon ?



With the hype of the HTC Hero officially stolen by the new Android-focused, iPhone attacking Verizon commercials, we're wondering what HTC has in store for future Android phones. And we consider it wonderful timing to see a brand new, completely unknown HTC Android phone pop up. What could this HTC Android device be?

From what we can gather, the screen looks to be magnificent, the camera seems to be equipped with flash, the Android hardware buttons look touch-sensitive, and there's the omnipresent trackball. We're hoping this is the HTC Dragon, the Android device that packs a 1GHz processor (Snapdragon) and will likely re-define speediness in Android hardware.

What do you guys think? Is this the HTC Dragon? How do you like it?

Hit the jump to see the back of this mysterious HTC Android phone!


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6 years ago

Verizon Attacks iPhone, Introduces Droid


The glove are off. After attacking AT&T, Verizon just released a commercial attacking/mocking the iPhone as an 'iDon't' device that doesn't have a real keyboard, can't multitask, can't take 5-megapixel pictures, can't take pictures in the dark, can't customize, can't run widgets, and can't interchange batteries. And guess what? Everything that the 'iDon't' can't do, the Droid does.

No shots of the Droid (previously known as the Sholes) were actually shown in the commercial but there is no doubt that Verizon is betting big on their first Android device. We're absolutely certain that interest in the Droid will soon reach a fever pitch and come November, it's going to be one of the most anticipated devices of the year. Expect more commercials and ads about what the Droid does and what the 'iDon't' cant.

What do you guys think? Smart move by Verizon? If anything, 'iDon't' is catchy as heck.

[droid does]

thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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6 years ago

Android 2.0 'Eclair' Leaked, Screenshots Look So Good



Following up on the heels of their boot-up video of the Motorola Droid, BGR has just posted the first screenshots of Android 2.0 'Eclair'. And boy it's a doozy. This obviously isn't the final build of Android 2.0 but we're loving the new features it adds and the optimization (it's supposed to be fast) of 'Eclair'. New features will probably be added and things will change, but Android is clearly headed in the right direction--this is a much more modern UI.

Highlights of Android 2.0 features include:

  • Native Microsoft Exchange Support (hooray for business users!)
  • Integrated Facebook, Facebook friends syncs to your contacts
  • Improved Browser (double-tap to zoom, speeds similar to iPhone 3GS)
  • Updated Maps includes support for Layers
  • Unified E-Mail Inbox
  • New YouTube widget for superfast uploads
  • 'Car Home' application that gives big and bright icons for features used while driving
  • A lot of voice control

Hit the jump to see more pictures and our commentary on Android 2.0 'Eclair'! It's a great first look to see where your favorite OS is headed! For the full gallery, head to BGR.

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6 years ago

Questions About the Sprint HTC Hero?


You’ve read our hardware review. You’ve read our take on the software and HTC Sense. Now it’s your turn. If you guys have any questions about the Sprint HTC Hero feel free to ask away in the comments! We’ll do our best to compile the questions over the weekend and answer them all in one easy-to-read article.

So if there’s anything you ever wanted to know about the HTC Hero, here’s your chance to find out.

What do you want to know about the Sprint HTC Hero?

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6 years ago

Acer Liquid Looks Great in Real Life, Has Social Networking Features


The biggest selling point of the Acer Liquid Android Phone will likely be its 1GHz Snapdragon Processor that’s going to run laps around current Android phones. It’s easy to forget that the Acer Liquid will have other features like a screen with an 800x400 resolution or a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus—this phone is going to have it all.

And look at that hardware—the build quality seems to be top tier—Acer did a really great job on the design. Not to mention it still packs the usual slew of 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and 3.5mm headphone jack—yeah, we’re excited to use this phone.

The Acer Liquid is supposed to also launch with a few tweaks to the stock Android build. Specifically, it’ll offer some Social Networking connectivity cause that’s what all the cool kids do. It’ll likely lack the beauty and breadth of HTC Sense but offering some custom social features on top of our favorite OS is always a good thing.

So when will we see this?

See more pictures of the Acer Liquid after the jump!

[via pocket-lint, engadget]

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6 years ago

Samsung I5700 Galaxy Lite Spied, Called Spica in Italy


The Samsung Galaxy Lite has been caught in the wild, in all its lime-green glory. Called the Spica in Italy, the Samsung Galaxy Lite looks to be a cute little device that still manages to pack some solid specs.

  • 3 inch AMOLED Screen (384x240)
  • 528MHz Qualcomm Processor
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus
  • GPS, FM Radio, accelerometer
  • 1500 mAh battery

The Galaxy Lite goes through a rather exhaustive time under the harsh light but it comes out better than we expected (not sure about the green though). Even so, it doesn’t look like the Galaxy Lite will be launching in the states, we’ll have to enjoy our Samsung Android devices through the Sprint Samsung Moment and the T-Mobile Behold II!

See more pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Lite after the jump!


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6 years ago

Motorola Droid Booted Up, Caught on Video!


BGR has their mitts on the Motorola Droid and was kind enough to record it booting up on video. The 35-second video itself doesn’t tell us much, we just see it go through the usual (but unique) startup progressions a phone would go through. It begins with a Motorola logo then stylishly flashes the word DROID, after that a red beacon pops up and runs a bit and the phone says ‘Droid’ in a robotic voice. Looks like ‘Droid’ is the name it likes being called.

There’s no sign of MOTOBLUR or any unique features that Android 2.0 ‘Eclair’ might have. The only thing we can tell from this brief Motorola Droid video is that it runs on Verizon. As cute as everything looks right now, we’re going to be positively tripped out every time our future Droid utters the word ‘Droid’.

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6 years ago

HTC Hero: Software & HTC Sense Review


We’ve already discussed the hardware of the HTC Hero in our previous review and in short, it’s great. The wonderful build quality and high-end design will certainly make it appealing to tons of users, new and long time smartphone users alike. But what makes the HTC Hero truly special is the software, HTC Sense.

We’ve covered HTC Sense here at Android Central before and have never hidden our feelings about it (we love it). HTC Sense really shows what Android is all about—the customization, the uniqueness, and the capabilities. We think it’s safe to say that HTC Sense was one of the biggest announcements for Android this year—it cast Android in a dynamically new light and showed the world that Android was in fact, ready for the prime time.

So how, after all those superlatives, does HTC Sense perform? Is it really the game-changing feature that we’ve built it up to be? Is it speedy? Is it slow? Is it usable?


Find out in Android Central’s software review of the HTC Hero!

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6 years ago

Acer Android Netbook Pictured in Real Life, Looks As You Think


Interested in seeing pictures of the dual-booting Acer Android Netbook? Look no further because we have the Acer Aspire One D250 in a slew of photos. The netbook is designed like every other netbook--small, portable, and cute. But how does a touchscreen mobile OS like Android translate to the land of monitors, trackpads, and keyboards? Reports are pointing to a little weird, but still manageable.

The experience is different because remember, there are no dedicated Android buttons--you'll have to make do with ESC and the trackpad. The Acer Aspire One D250 will boot in Android and provide the option to switch to Windows (it'll be offered in both XP and Vista versions). Unfortunately, it won't run Android Market but Acer is planning to release an App Market tailored for the D250's 1024x600 screen.

The Acer Aspire One D250 certainly has us intrigued. We're definitely thinking about buying one once it hits stores October 22nd. What about you?

Hit the jump to see more pictures of the Acer Android Netbook!

[via pocket-lint]

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6 years ago

Verizon Tweets About Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes



We love living in this age of social networking, you never know what you'll find out. Verizon just tweeted that yes, the much anticipated Verizon Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes is going to be releasing very soon on their network and that it is 'quasi-official'. Is that a real surprise? Not really, considering it's been pegged a Verizon device for quite some time now but it's always nice to hear it from the source.

Since it's already out of the bag, can't Verizon announce it already? We're anxious for details here!

[via mobilecrunch]

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