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7 years ago

Google Publishes New Android Roadmap


For months, Google stayed mum on all things Android. Developers were beginning to wonder how 'open' Android was really going to be and with no updates to the Android SDK how could we blame them? Luckily, Google became aware of the situation and published an Android roadmap that detailed the plan that will lead to launch of 1.0.

The Current Android Timeline:

  • 12 November, 2007 - "Early Look" SDK released
  • January to August, 2008 - Android Developer Challenge I
  • 18 August, 2008 - Android 0.9 SDK beta released
  • September 2008 - additional Android 1.0 (pre) SDK releases made available, as necessary
  • Q3 - Q4 2008 - Android 1.0 SDK release 1 available (first actual 1.0-compatible SDK)
  • Q4 2008 - Android 1.0 devices available at retail
  • Q4 2008 - Source code released
  • Q4 2008 - Key Announcement on Android Developer Challenge II

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7 years ago

Wired Magazine on the History of Android


Wired Magazine has a great article on the origins of Android that goes in-depth on the back story of the makings of the next great mobile OS. To give you a quick summary of the Wired story about Android, Andy Rubin approached Google in hopes of getting the search engine giant to spread the good news about the open source mobile platform.

Instead, Google loved what they heard and made Android a part of Google.

The article includes some great stories that paint the current landscape of mobile platforms. Feature strapped, limited, and carrier shackled are words that come to mind when describing anything related to the cell phone industry. With Android, it promises to be open and innovative--the first mobile OS that intends to change the way industry works, from top to bottom.

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7 years ago

Welcome to AndroidCentral!


Hello World! Welcome to AndroidCentral!

AndroidCentral covers all things Android--from your typical news and opinion articles, to inside information and accessory reviews, tips and how to's and much, much more AndroidCentral is your premier on-line destination for Android information.

Though a lot about Android is still unknown, we have a great team that will work tirelessly to deliver you first-rate coverage and offer unique thoughts and opinions. Plus we're all uber-excited about the potential of Android and can't wait to get our grubby hands on it.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

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