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6 years ago

Is this the Motorola Olympus?


Motorola Olympus

Behold, the Motorola Olympus? Perhaps. This may well be the rumored Tegra 2-powered smartphone from Motorola. The Olympus name's been floating around for a while now -- including one likely fake about screen -- with no real proof to back it up. The tipster -- who apparently shopped these pics around a couple of places -- offered no details with the leaked pictures (there's one more after the break), so we've got to go with what we can see.

But let's throw a little more fuel on this fire: We got a tip that Motorola's testing a phone codenamed the Evora -- a fully capacitive, rounded, dual-camera phone -- on AT&T. Which very much fits this bill. Except that the screen you see here looks a lot bigger that the 3.7 inches we were told the Evora sports. So we'll just have to see. [via Engadget]

More in the Android Central Rumored Devices Forums

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6 years ago

Best Buy: WiFi-only Galaxy Tab delayed


WiFi Tab delayed

We're all waiting for the WiFi only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but it seems that Best Buy got a little ambitious in their November mobile buyers guide.  Popular pundit (and wonderfully cranky gentleman) Jeff Jarvis snapped this pic and posted it on Twitter, showing in no uncertain terms that the WiFi only version of the Tab won't be around in the immediate future.  For the record, we were pretty certain Best Buy had it wrong from the get-go and were just waiting for the date to be proven wrong.  But I'm sure Samsung wants this on store shelves as bad as we all do, the sooner the better.  [@jeffjarvis]

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6 years ago

Android's Andy Rubin leads a star-studded cast at D: Dive Into Mobile


Andy Rubin

All Things D's Kara Swisher today announced that Andy Rubin -- the godfather of Android -- will be one of the participants Dec. 6-7 at the "D: Dive Into Mobile" event in San Francisco. It's entirely possible that maybe he'll drop some Gingerbread news. Or it might come sooner. Or later. Nobody knows.

Also scheduled for the event are Sprint CEO Dan Hesse, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis, Windows Phone VP Joe Belfiore, Palm's Jon Rubinstein, and many, many more. We're not expecting any of them to announce Gingerbread.

Just a reminder, folks, here's what we're expecting to go down at some point: Google will announce Gingerbread. Google will announce the Android 2.3 SDK. We might see the announcement of the Nexus S, with Gingerbread. And the Nexus One is likely to be among the first to get an upgrade. Some of those things may happen simultaneously. Or they might not. We'll just have to see. [All Things D]

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6 years ago

iPad or Tab? New AT&T devices, HTC Incredible HD when? [From the forums]

Android Forums at Android Central

Happy Monday folks! Hope you all managed to have a great weekend. As we head into what should be a short week for some of you all out there, we've been busy going through the forums today picking out some of the busier threads for you all to enjoy. Check em out:

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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6 years ago

Motorola Droid owners: Are you upgrading, or holding strong?



About a year ago the Motorola Droid was released, and many of us have held strong with it since then, but with all these new devices being released there is tons of temptations. As many of you know the primary line on Verizon accounts are eligible for annual upgrades, which means it is that time to make the big decision. Are you content with your Droid for the time being, or is there something else that is out that you plan to make the jump to? So, let us know, will the OG Droid be enough to hold you over for now, or will you be making your way to a Verizon store to grab yourself a new device?

Are you ready to upgrade your original Droid?online survey

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6 years ago

Namco gearing up for holiday sales


The fine folks from Namco have hit us up to let us know about their holidays sales offerings on Android games. Starting November 25 and going to December 5 you can get in on some sweet gaming deals:

Priced down to $3.99

  • Ms. PAC-MAN
  • PAC-MAN Championship Edition

Priced down to $2.99

  • Harvest Moon Frantic Farming
  • Inspector Gadget
  • Rolling with Katamari
  • The Wolfman

You know your device isn't complete until it has a copy of PAC MAN on it. Be sure to get in on the action when they go on sale.

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6 years ago

NTT DOCOMO selling Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 26


While the numbers are still rolling in regarding just how many units Samsung has moved of the Galaxy Tab, that hasn't stopped the flurry of carriers popping up to state they to will be making the device available for customers. NTT Docomo is the latest know addition. As announced on their press release website, NTT Docomo will begin selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab nationwide throughout Japan as of November 26. No pricing details were announced at this time.  [NTT Docomo]

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6 years ago

Verizon Fascinate case review: Mobi Products Hard Shell Case


Mobi Products Hard Shell Case

The Mobi Hard Shell Case for the Verizon Fascinate and U.S. Cellular Mesmerize comprises two pieces that quickly snap together around the perimeter of the Fascinate. Each piece is made of durable hard plastic, with a soft touch matte finish.

Once assembled, the case feels tight and secure, without adding significant weight. Without a case, the Fascinate's battery cover scratches easily and feels slippery in the hands.

The Mobi Hard Shell Case provides a solid grip and protects against unsightly scratches. Fingerprints were virtually invisible and the case easily cleaned with a damp towel. Perfectly aligned cutouts provide sufficient access to the buttons, speaker, camera, microphone, headset jack, and micro SD door.

The top front portion of the case covers the Verizon logo. A 1mm protrusion around the perimeter of the screen and camera protect against everyday bumps and contact with flat surfaces. A notch on the right side allows for disassembly. However, I had a difficult time separating each piece. If you swap batteries on a regular basis, this will prove somewhat of a challenge.

Overall, the Mobi Hard Shell case is a solid, stylish product, that feels great in the hands and provides moderate protection. It's available for $12.95 from the Android Central Store. More pics of it in action are after the break.

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6 years ago

MetroPCS launches LG Optimus M as its first Android phone


MetroPCS has now jumped on board with Android. Opting to make the LG Optimus M their first foray into Android, they'll be offering the device for only $229 when coupled with their $50, no contract plan. In the press release, MetroPCS states the LG Optimus M will be available Nov. 24 in stores and online.

“LG and MetroPCS have come together to offer consumers the first no annual contract Android smartphone at an exceptional value,” said Tim O’Brien, vice president of consumer and trade marketing for LG Mobile Phones. “LG Optimus M is an easy-to-use handset with the capabilities of the latest Android technology and features to enhance the consumers’ experience.”

Perfect timing for the holidays if MetroPCS is your carrier of choice. Full press release is available after the break folks. [MetroPCS via PhoneScoop]

Also: Read our LG Optimus One review

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6 years ago

Samsung releases Continuum source code


Samsung Continuum

Samsung's wasting no time with its dual-screen Continuum, releasing the source code just days after the phone became available. Again, unless you're the modding type (as in someone who pieces together the code), you're not going to get much out of this. But if you're looking to make a custom ROM for the Continuum, this is the place to start. Hit the source link and search for SCH-I400. [Samsung Open Source Release Center]

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6 years ago

Hey, look, it's the Nexus S again


Nexus S

Hey, lookie there, another shot of the not-so-mythical Samsung Nexus S. You guys have been hitting our inbox all weekend with EXIF data that points to the GT-i9020. And that in turn led to Picasa user Ben Saitz, who in turn led us to this picture of the Nexus S longside a Macbook Pro. Can't tell much else, other than it looks like it's using a standard microUSB cable, but that's hardly a surprise. Now if only the rest of us could get our hands on one.  [Picasa via Engadget]

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6 years ago

Lloyd sure gets around, doesn't he?


Lloyd on electrozan

Boy, that Lloyd sure gets around. Our very own mascot apparently is doing some unauthorized moonlighting for Kuwaiti electronics retailer Electrozan, and pimping the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We're going to have to check that guy's expense reports. [via Facebook]

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6 years ago

Samsung: More than 600,000 Galaxy Tabs sold worldwide in first month


Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung told the Korea Herald newspaper over the weekend that it has sold more than 600,000 units of its Galaxy Tab 7-inch Android tablet in the first month of its launch. Available in more than 30 nations in North America, Europe and Asia, the Galaxy Tab essentially is an  upscaled Android device, running Froyo on a 1GHz processor, Some 30,000 units were sold in Korea since Nov. 14, the newspaper wrote. By comparison, Apple announced it had sold somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 million iPads in its first month. [Korea Herald]

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6 years ago

Samsung to integrate Google TV, announcement in January?



Samsung is rumored to be integrating its televisions with Google TV, and an announcement is possible in January. We've already seen products from Sony and Logitech, but Samsung's entrance to the space would be huge as they are the world's largest television maker.

A move like this makes sense for Samsung; it has been bullish on Android with their widely successful Galaxy S phones and newly released Galaxy Tab.

This would also bring Google TV into millions of more homes when consumers look to upgrade their television rather than have to buy a separate set top box.

Google TV is going to be ubiquitous, let's hope Eric Schmidt was correct yesterday when he said they were making progress in talks with the networks. To discuss Samsung's adoption of the software or more, head to our Google TV forums. [Bloomberg]

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6 years ago

Live action Angry Birds video reveals tense negotiations


Angry Birds live action video.

If you haven't heard of Angry Birds, you must never, ever visit Android Central.  Or watch any of Phil's videos.  Or ever listen to the podcast

Taken from Eretz Nehederet -- an Israeli comedy TV show -- this exceptionally well made clip finds our favorite, less-than-pleased birds in the middle of tense negotiations with the green, egg-thieving pigs we aim to destroy.

Due to a four-letter word you won't hear on TV, we have to say this is mildly NSFW, but still good for some laughs.

Check out the video after the jump!

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