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6 years ago

How to unroot and re-lock the Motorola Xoom


Motorola releases Xoom's official system images

Motorola Xoom relock

When Motorola announced that the Xoom Honeycomb tablet was getting an update to prepare it for Flash Player 10.2, it also announced that unlocked and rooted Xooms would have to be rolled back to stock and relocked for the update to take. (So much for open and unlocked, eh?) There's been a leaked .sbf file floating around, which you can flash via RSD Lite before relocking the device.

Or, if doing things the official way is more your speed, Motorola has now released the system images for the Xoom's original build, HRI39, so you can flash them yourself and relock your Xoom in preparation for the update. Instructions are after the break. [Android Central Forums]

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6 years ago

Angry Birds Seasons update brings a touch o' the Irish


Angry Birds seasons

Everyone's favorite FPS (fowl precision shooter) Angry Birds Seasons just got the update for St. Patrick's Day.  Rovio brings us some new golden eggs, and 15 new levels packed with shamrocks and pots of gold.  It's in the Market with an update available if you're already running it, and if not we have the download link after the break.  Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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6 years ago

Motorola XOOM update rolling out in phases starting tonight, prepares us for Adobe Flash


Making good on their word, Motorola has just let everyone know that the first Motorola XOOM update is going to start rolling out tonight in phases. While Adobe Flash was missing at launch, Motorola did say it was coming later. No, you're not getting Flash tonight but this update will help that process along when it comes time. If you're rooted and what not, you'll likely want to hold off just a little bit so that the file can be looked at but, if that's not a concern for then by all means-- have at it should you see the update pop up tonight for you. [@Motorola]

*Update* Official word comes to us via the Motorola forums: "If you have unlocked/rooted your Motorola XOOM, you must restore it to the standard software load and relock your device to receive the notification."

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6 years ago

PlayStation Suite coming to Tegra-powered Android devices


 Tegra Zone

NVIDIA and Sony have announced that the latter will be bringing its PlayStation Suite software to Tegra-powered Android phones and tablets later this year. PlayStation Suite was announced at Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2011 earlier this year, and will bring classic PlayStation titles to Android devices along with new games created especially for the platform.

Sony also revealed that certain PlayStation 2 titles will also be making their way to the PlayStation Suite, in addition to PS1 titles, as announced back in January.

The arrival of PlayStation Suite on Tegra devices should clear the way for Sony's rumored S1 tablet, which is said to be due in late 2011 with a Tegra 2 chip and PlayStation support.

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6 years ago

Grab a Nexus S at Best Buy for a Benjamin


Nexus S on sale at Best Buy

If you've been wanting to get your hands on the latest Android developer's phone, Best Buy now has the Nexus S on sale for a mere $99 bucks with a T-Mobile two-year agreement.  That's half price, and is a great way to get your stock Gingerbread experience on, and more than a few of us think the Nexus S makes for a hell of a phone, too.

The offer ends March 23, so you've got two weeks to dig some money out of the couch and your ashtray and grab ya one.  [Best Buy via Android Central forums] Thanks, Baconator, for the heads up!

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6 years ago

Rooting the Inspire 4G; Xoom WiFi, Nook Color or Galaxy Tab WiFi? [from the forums]


Android Forums at Android Central

With a whole slew of fresh rumored HTC Thunderbolt release dates floating around, we really can't help but wonder how many people, exactly there is out there holding off other device purchases just to get their hands on the Thunderbolt. The hype around the device is certainly large and we're ever so close to seeing it be released but -- have you held out or did you move onto something else? Let us know in the forums how you feel about it all.

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today. Oh right! Speaking of the HTC Thunderbolt, we're giving one away here.

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6 years ago

USB host mode enabled on the Motorola XOOM


Sure, the Motorola XOOM has a microSD card slot. But since it's not currently enabled for end user use one has to make due with the 32GB of on board storage that Motorola has included. Although if you're looking to expand upon that 32GB or want to use a USB keyboard, a method of enabling USB host capabilities on the Motorola XOOM is available to anyone who is either wanting to -- or already has rooted their device. You'll need to follow the instructions carefully and need an OTG cable in order for it to work but that's all minor pieces of the puzzle at this point. The hard work has already been laid out for you. So how is it done? Jump on past the break to find out for yourself. [SlateDroid] Thanks, djunio for sending this in!

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6 years ago

T-Mobile lights up 5 more cities with HSPA+



T-Mobile just flipped the HSPA+ switch on four more cities. If you live in Des Moines, Iowa; Gainesville, Fla.; Panama City, Fla.; Monterey, Calif.; or Savannah, Ga., you have reason to celebrate, especially if you have one of T-Mo's newfangled 4G devices like the HTC myTouch 4G, Samsung Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile G2 or the upcoming Dell Streak 7 or G-Slate. For everybody else, well, poke along at 3G speeds, if you've got 'em. [T-Mobile, full list of 4G cities]

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6 years ago

MIUI Weather Beta now available for download


Want to help out with beta testing a new weather application? Sure you do. MIUI Weather is now available for download and the developers are of course looking for some help with finding any bugs that may exist in the app itself. Basically, you get a pretty awesome weather app that may -- or may not work when you want it to. That's part of the joy of beta testing though. If you're interested in helping out, you can hit the source link for more details. You can also jump on past the break for some more sexy screenshots. [MIUI Dev via  XDA] Thanks, everyone who sent this in!

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6 years ago

Fake Android security fix is really another trojan


Fake security fix is fake

By now most everyone knows that Google has addressed the Droid Dream malware mess in the Android Market, used the kill switch and issued a fix, and is in process of rolling out said fix to all affected users.  But since Android users in general are an impatient lot, some folks have been on the lookout for the files to manually install the fix instead of waiting.

Don't do it.

The folks at F-Secure have found that at least one of the so-called security patch files floating around is really just another trojan.  This is social engineering at it's finest -- use the promise of security to really make things worse.  You can read the gory details of the BgServ.A trojan found in the fake patch at the source link, but the important thing is that you need to wait for Google to push you the fix if you downloaded one of the infected files.  Like every other patch for the OS, whether it's an updated version of Android or something less glamorous like a security fix, only install files from Google's servers.

If you were affected by the malware, you should have received an email from big G, or will soon.  We have the full text of that message after the break, be sure to check that the sender is really Google, and sit tight.  They will get you all patched up. [F-Secure] Thanks Mike and Steven!

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6 years ago

New Samsung Galaxy Tab claims that the 'PC has evolved'


Samsung has unleashed a new Galaxy Tab commercial that seems to focus on the Froyo tablet's 7-inch size a bit more than they have in the past. Right now the smaller form factor could be the biggest selling point for the Galaxy Tab when compared to 10-inch tablets like the Xoom and iPad 2. Plus, it looks like we will be waiting a bit longer for the Galaxy Tab 10-inch. [Youtube]

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6 years ago

NAVIGON updates Mobile Navigator to v3.5.4, releases free Help2Park app to go along with it


The folks at NAVIGON have released an update to their popular Mobile Navigator application. Pushing the app into v3.54 has added in compatibility for Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread and brings a flashlight function. When the flashlight is activated, the navigation screen automatically dims. The pedestrian mode also shows two arrows: one indicates the direction of travel and the other points in the direction of the destination.

To go along with the update, NAVIGON has also released a new, free tool called Help2Park. The Help2Park app can work in conjunction with Mobile Navigator or as a stand-alone app to help you find parking spaces in your local area. When combined with Mobile Navigator, Help2Par can navigate you directly to your parking spaces. Without Mobile Navigator, it just allows you to see where spaces may be within a given radius. Both are available in the Android Market now. You can check out the Navigon website for the full details and pricing for your area if you're looking to purchase Mobile Navigator. If you just want Help2Park, download is after the break.

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6 years ago

Taptu updated to version 1.3 -- makes you a news DJ



Taptu has updated the Android version of their popular news reader to version 1.3, and now brings the customization to a whole 'nother level.  The folks at Taptu call it being a "news DJ" and it fits.  You can mix your own news feeds from scratch, using Taptu's pre-loaded site feeds (they have thousands of popular blogs, magazines and newspapers), Bing's RSS search and feeds from your Google reader account to build and curate your own news stream.  You also can add your Facebook feed and Twitter timeline, and "like" or comment, and reply and retweet right from the Taptu app.  You're not restricted to one news stream either -- you could build one for Android news, one for local news, and one for Charlie Sheen if you like. #tigerblood

Taptu has upped the bar with this one, and they kept it free for Android devices (Android 1.6 and up).  It's pretty slick, and well worth checking it out.  The download link, and Taptu's press release are after the break.

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6 years ago

How much memory is left?

6 years ago

Kevin Bacon's back for Google TV


Kevin Bacon Google TV Logitech Revue

Remember that pretty funny (and very creepy) Kevin Bacon stalking fan video (starring none other than Kevin Bacon himself) that was used to pimp the Logitech Revue and Google TV? Well, it's back with a full 3 minutes and 33 seconds of uneasiness. Not sure if it's going to turn Google TV into the IPTV powerhouse we'd hoped for, but it's still a fun (and creepy) watch. Peep it after the break. [Google TV Blog]

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