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6 years ago

LG Optimus Pad gets Transformers love in new commercial


Optimus Pad

The LG Optimus Pad will be the international version of the G-Slate and will be shown off at Mobile World Conference, which kicks off in a couple days. 

In the meantime, a commercial has popped up which features the Optimus Pad as a Transformer. The commercial begins like a movie trailer and shows the Optimus Pad becoming a Transformer, highlighting the dual-core processor and 3D capabilities. It then fights off bad guys and has some references to a certain electronic company named after a fruit. Check it out for yourselves after the break. [YouTube]

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6 years ago

Android pops up in Big Bang Theory again


Android on Big Bang

Android devices as well as the mascot have made it a habit lately of popping up in television shows and movies, which displays the reach that the OS is gaining. 

Our beloved mascot has been seen in "The Big Bang Theory" before, but we received such a good shot of him posing on Sheldon's desk that we couldn't let it go unnoticed. 

"The Big Bang Theory" in particular has done a great job keeping relevant with technology and this is exception. A while back, Steve Wozniak made a guest appearance on the show which nearly sent Sheldon into hysteria. It's a great show and we hope to continue to see Android represented by Sheldon, the ultimate geek. Thanks, Eric!

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6 years ago

Motorola Droid gets vanilla Gingerbread custom ROM


OG Droid

Still hanging on to your OG Droid?  Here's some news you're going to love -- Peter Alfonso, of Bugless Beast fame, has released a mostly AOSP build of Gingerbread (Android 2.3.2) for your classic Android phone.  He pulled the code from the master branch of the 2.3.2 tree, added in a few of his (and the community's) favorite modifications, and the original Droid launcher, media, and boot animation.  Make no mistake -- this is 100 percent Droid Does Gingerbread.

Like we saw earlier with the Eris, there's no need to sit back and hear about Gingerbread instead of experiencing it.  Motorola and Verizon may have decided the Droid has reached the end of its life and update cycle, but the Android development community is second to none,and once again delivers.  Now get out that USB cable and head over to Pete's website and get started.  []

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6 years ago

Samsung announces the Exynos line of CPUs


Exynos line of CPU from Samsung

Samsung has sent out a press release about something we all love -- fast CPUs for mobile products.  They will be changing the name of their product line to "Exynos" -- from the Greek smart (exypnos) and green (prasinos).  This fits in well with their new strategy of producing powerful, yet energy efficient processors for mobile devices. 

An interesting fact from the press release is that the chip we've all been calling the Orion will be the first chip with the new name, the Exynos 4210.  It's a dual-core beast clocked at 1 GHz, scheduled to begin production next month.  This puts a bit of a damper on hopes to see it in devices like the Galaxy S 2 soon, but if they can provide the performance they have hinted at yet keep power requirements low to conserve battery, it will be worth waiting for.  Read the full press release after the break. [Businesswire]

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6 years ago

Silver GSM Xoom shows up in Dubai



Fresh of the heels of a potential WiFi only Xoom showing it's face in the FCC, the Motorola Xoom has shown it's face once again, this time in a different flavor. Tbreak has a hands-on video with a Xoom tricked out in silver, and sporting a GSM radio on the inside. There is also confirmation that the UAE will be receiving the Xoom in WiFi-only and 3G GSM + WiFi models, which is just more proof that a WiFi-only version does exist.

Aside from that, it's the same Xoom we've all come to know and love. This one will be hitting Dubai, and there's no word on how this will be comparable in terms of pricing, but our guess is there won't be much change from it's rumored $800 price tag here in the U.S. We can only hope this sort of variety is something we'll eventually see here at home, and the sooner the better. Hit the jump for the video hands-on. [tbreak via Engadget]

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6 years ago

AT&T clarifies 4G policy, current unlimited plans remain unlimited



We were just contacted by a representative from AT&T who saw our post about the leaked 4G policy memo, and wanted to clarify a very important point about their new 4G plans.  I quote:

Customers who currently have an unlimited plan can upgrade to a 4G device and keep their unlimited plans.

They did not dispute the validity of the leaked memo, but they were kind enough to tell us a part of the story that the original leak missed.  So put away those pitchforks.  Thanks for the clarification AT&T!

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6 years ago

Nexus S freezing launcher; EB01 Froyo leak for the Fascinate [from the forums]


Android Forums at Android Central

Between Phil hopping from coast-to-coast and all the news happening we've been rather busy around here the past few days. No sign of that coming to an end anytime soon either. Be sure to check our events page to stay up to-date or as I like to refer to it, our "Stalk Phil as he travels" page. Also, be sure to hit up the forums for all the discussion surrounding any of the events or news.

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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6 years ago

AT&T's 4G policies revealed


AT&T 4G rate plans

Update: AT&T has clarified this leak for us, saying you can upgrade to a 4G phone and keep your current unlimited plan. You can find an updated post here.

Anyone planning of getting a new Inspire 4G, take note.  This internal document from AT&T might weigh heavily in your decision.  While AT&T has decided they won't be charging more for their 4G service, they will require anyone using a 4G device to get a new plan.

According to the memo, the data tiers for 4G are the same as the 3G plans, namely $15 for each 200 MB or 2 GB for $25.00 (with $10 per GB overage).  This means unlimited data in no longer an option, because you will have to change plans.  We have no idea how this will affect customers with unlimited data grandfathered in who buy a phone off-contract and just drop their SIM card in, but I would imagine AT&T can tell with a little bit of auditing.  Will this affect your buying decision?  Sound off in the forums!  [via the Android Central app]

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6 years ago

HTC ThunderBolt launch date

6 years ago

Twitter for Android turns 2.0 with slew of improvements


Twitter 2.0 for Android

Android's "official" Twitter client -- the aptly named "Twitter for Android" -- just hit Version 2.0 and brings with it a host of performance and user interface improvements. Changes include:

  • Easier navigation and layout
  • Scan contacts to find friends who are on Twitter
  • Universal search
  • Autocomplete usernames when composing tweets
  • Easier photo uploading
  • Faster tweet actions

We're going to give this a couple days' use before passing judgment, but so far it certainly looks better than the previous version. Download links are after the break. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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6 years ago

VNC Viewer for Android launched in the Android Market


Sometimes when you are on the go you just simply need to access some stuff from your home computer. While many options for this scenario exist one of the most trusted names in the remote access department has finally now made their Android app available. VNC Viewer is now listed in the Android Market. From their press release:

"Following the success of VNC Viewer for iPhone and iPad, and staying true to our cross-platform roots, we have launched VNC Viewer for the Android platform," said Dr Andy Harter, CEO at RealVNC. "Android users will now be able to access VNC remote control capabilities on their mobile or tablet device, in a way that is fast, simple and cost effective."

If you find yourself having a need for this type of app it's certainly one to have a look at. The UI for VNC Viewer has a unique design to it which allows for trackpad-style interactions making it easy to tap and execute whatever action you may need to on your remote computer. Download link can be found after the break for you all. Keep in mind though it is for devices Android 1.6 and up. [RealWire]

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6 years ago

WiFi calling on the Nexus One with CyanogenMod 7


WiFi calling

This one's been kicking around for a while, but with CyanogenMod 7 nightlies getting better, and the hard work Unforgiven512 has done with the files, WiFi calling for the Nexus One is now worth using and sharing with you guys.  To clear up any confusion, we're talking about routing calls through your existing home WiFi, and not VoIP calling.  It's the same method as the MyTouch 4G, and other T-Mobile Android phones -- just ported over to the Nexus One.

WiFi calling on Android uses your voice minutes, so you're probably wondering, why do it?  Besides the call quality (it's top notch, almost land-line quality) it's a helluva battery saver.  It's also the perfect way to make calls outside the T-Mobile service area, without incurring any roaming costs.  Speaking of T-Mobile, you must have an active T-Mobile SIM card inserted to use WiFi calling.  Other carriers don't have the infrastructure in place to use it.  Maybe one day they will, as it's a perfect solution for spotty coverage at home.

If you're interested, and rock a Nexus One with CyanogenMod 7, hit the Android Central forums for the guide to get started.  Big thanks to Unforgiven512 for the hard work with this one!

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6 years ago

More HTC Thunderbolt cases; still no phone


HTC Thunderbolt cases

We're going to keep running pictures of empty HTC Thunderbolt cases in an attempt to ... um ... do something could possibly spur a quicker release. You hear that, Verizon? You hear that, HTC? Empty case pictures! Take that! We'll run another one, you just try us!

In other-still-don't-have-the-phone news, we've got a picture after the break that details what all stores are getting. Note that a working Thunderbolt is not included in the list. Thanks, anon!

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6 years ago

Google rolling out two-step account security using your Android phone


Google Account Security

You can never care about your personal information security too much, and Google's rolling out a cool new feature to keep your stuff safe. It'll work in conjunction with your phone. You'll still have your usual password. But as an added layer of security, you can opt to have a second checkpoint that will send you a verification code, either through the Google Authenticator app (for Android, BlackBerry or iPhone), or by SMS or even a phone call. You can have it remember the verification for 30 days if you wish.

The service will be rolling out over the next few days, and be sure to read Google's entire post on it for all the details. Yeah, it's an extra step, but it's an extra layer of security. And we like that around here. [Google]

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6 years ago

HTC Desire HD now available from TELUS


Desire HD

A couple weeks ago, TELUS listed the HTC Desire HD as 'coming soon' on their website. Good news for those anxious to get their hands on this device, they're now available from the Canadian carrier.

The Desire HD can be had for a variety of pricing options:

  • $499 (no contract)
  • $449 (1-year)
  • $399 (2-year)
  • $149 (3-year)

If you've been waiting for the 4.3-inch device to hit TELUS, you can now pick one up. [TELUS via Mobile Syrup]

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