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5 years ago

Dell offering the Droid Incredible for free, throws in gift card


Dell - Droid Incredible

A big ol' Dell advertisement just hit ye olde inbox, and they've got some decent deals on a few Android smartphones. The Droid Incredible is going for the low, low price of free for new or upgrading customers who sign a two-year contract. They're throwing in free Verizon activation and shipping, too, plus a $25 Dell gift card. Also, the Evo 4G -- white and black -- is going for $99 on contract, and the Droid X is just $9.99. Tough deals to beat. [Dell]

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5 years ago

European Motorola Defy to get upgrade to Android 2.2 in Q2 2011


Motorola Defy

Motorola has announced that the European version of its rugged Defy Android smartphone (see our hands-on) will be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo beginning in the second quarter of 2011. Also, the XT720 (see our hands-on) will end its life on Android 2.1. As for when the U.S. version of the Defy on T-Mobile will be upgraded to Froyo? No word. [Motorola]

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5 years ago

Graffiti for Android, a great keyboard replacement that is fun to use



There are a ton of keyboard variations for the Android platform, and nearly one to match just about everyone's personal preference. Graffiti is a great keyboard replacement that has been available on the Palm OS for a while, and has finally been made available on Android.

What sets this keyboard apart from nearly all the rest is the fact that letters are actually drawn by the user, instead of selected on a keyboard that is displayed on the screen. For those who are used to taking notes, or writing instead of typing, this keyboard replacement will compliment your Android device very well. The application has been updated to version 2.0 which now allows for word learning, auto correction, as well as word prediction. The keyboard is priced at a very fair $0.00, but know upfront that it will take a little bit of getting used to in order to be able to use it efficiently. Luckily there is a great demo video that shows you exactly how to use it, and help you better understand it. Hit the break for the video as well as download information for Graffiti for Android.

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5 years ago

Late-night Market woes? You're not alone


Android Market

OK, show of hands: Who's having (more) problems (than usual) with the Android Market tonight? Go ahead and sound off in the comments, and then leave our inbox alone.

P.S.: We've got an e-mail in to Google on this one. We'd like to think it's pre-Gingerbread shenanigans. We'll just have to see.

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5 years ago

Another browser exploit that we're not worried about is uncovered

Browser security

Another exploit that affects the Android web browser has been uncovered -- this time it affects all versions, including Froyo.  What happens is the user clicks a link, a file is downloaded, and it runs from the SD card -- allowing an attacker to possibly download a file on the SD card.  The good news: No root exploiting, no changes can be made, and the attacker needs to know the file name and location.

The fellow who found the exploit has contacted Google, which said the issue will be addressed in an updated after Android 2.3 Gingerbread is released. And in the meantime, those concerned can unmount their SD card while browsing the internet. (The good news? It appears that Gingerbread is done, frozen, and waiting to be released!)

Or, like every other computer operating system on the planet, you could just not randomly click links from websites you don't trust.  This exploit is something that should be addressed -- especially the bit where your browser will run an .html file after it's downloaded without warning you first, but the sky isn't falling, provided you use common sense.  As Mr. Cannon notes, you can use Opera Mobile, which allows you to change your mind if you clicked to download a file.

Why I'm not worried: The exploit likely is a one-off (at least as it's currently explained), meaning it has to be written explicitly for a known folder and file on your SD card. OK, so pictures are pretty easy to get at, but it's still one at a time, and you have to know the exact file name. Seeing as how I don't advertise the full path to the items on my SD card, I'm not too concerned about this one. [ via Android Police]

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5 years ago

HTC's director of user experience dishes on Android, Windows Phone 7


HTC's Drew Bamford

Pocket-lint has a nice interview with HTC director of user experience Drew Bamford -- if he looks familiar, it's because he was one of the folks up on stage way back in February when HTC unveiled the second iteration of Sense at Mobile World Congress. Some prime cuts from the interview: Why HTC doesn't roll its own OS, the Windows Phone 7 sandbox, multiple versions of Android and what's coming up in the future. Give it a read. [Pocket-Lint]

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5 years ago

Lloyd ushers in the Christmas season



It's the time of the year when people start to get into the holiday spirit, and Lloyd is certainly doing his part.  Our pal Rob sends in this awesome pic of his office Christmas tree, with our very own Lloyd topping things off. 

Rob, and the entire IT staff, thanks.  This is how geek Christmas is done.

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5 years ago

Destroyed Epic, Powermat contest, Google voice problems [from the forums]


Android Forums at Android Central

As we continue rolling through what, is a short week for some of you all out there with the holidays coming up, we found some interesting stuff in the forums for today. A destroyed Epic, Powermat Evo 4G charger contest and we look at some G2 issues with Google Voice. Join us, in the forums for more Android fun.

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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5 years ago

What Android is -- according to the folks who know


What Android is

We all spend a lot of time discussing exactly what Android is, and isn't.  Because it's something relatively new, we always end up comparing it to something that isn't quite the same, like embedded or desktop Linux.  Finally, Tim Bray, one of our favorite Googlers, has taken the reigns and we now have a description of what Android is, written for people who don't spend all day fiddling around writing code.  Be sure to visit the source link and have a read, you'll be glad you did.  [Tim Bray]

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5 years ago

Best Android apps for holiday travel


Android Travel Apps

It's Thanksgiving week -- the busiest holiday travel week of the year. And that means fighting through thousands of people, dealing (ahem) with security and finally, once you get to where you're going, dealing (ahem) with family.

Android makes it easier. Maybe not painless, but easier. Uncle Fred's still gonna annoy half the family, and you might come out of the airport engaged to someone with a badge, but Android can make holiday travel a little less hellish.

After the break, we share some of our favorite travel apps. If we’re missing any of yours, point ‘em out in the comments.

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5 years ago

Acer announces 7- and 10-inch Android tablets in Q2 2011


Acer tablet

In case a 4.8-inch smartphone isn't big enough for you, Acer is also bringing a seven inch and a 10 inch tablet to market come next April.  While it seems like everyone is getting into the Android tablet game, it certainly appears that Acer is doing the hardware up right.

The 7-incher will have a dual-core CPU, HDMI out, Flash 10.1 support, a 5 MP rear camera and "HD" front facing camera, all with a 1280 x 800 screen. 

The 10-inch tablet will be running a 1 GHz CPU, have a 5 MP camera, Flash 10.1, HDMI out and the same 1280 x 800 resolution.

Read the press release after the break.  [via BGR]

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5 years ago

Acer to bring a 4.8-inch Android phone in Q2 2011


Acer Android phone

Acer has announced that they will be bringing their own spin on an Android phone, in a very big way come April 2011.  The yet unnamed 4.8-inch (yes, 4.8 inch) Android phone will feature a 1024x480 touchscreen, a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 8MP rear camera and 2 MP front facing camera, HSDPA, DLNA, and more.

Sounds quite impressive.  And quite big.  Only thing is that Acer has been unable to break into the U.S. market on any platform. Will that finally change? Read the press release after the break. [Acer via BGR]

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5 years ago

Evo 4G accessory review: Powermat wireless charger


Powermat for the Evo 4G

Powermat's wireless charging system has been around for quite some time, but it's relatively new for the Evo 4G. The premise is simple: You replace the stock battery cover on the phone with Powermat's cover, which also plugs into the phone's microUSB port. The phone then rests on a charging mat, which in turn is plugged into an outlet. So all you have to do is pick up the phone and go, no messing about with plugging in cables.

Sounds simple. And it should be. But it's kind of not. The charging mats are pretty finicky about where you place the phone. And the little dongle that plugs into the phone's microUSB port popped off of our battery door, which means it'll get lost any minute now.

It's not a bad idea, really -- a semi-universal wireless charging system. But unless you really have to have wireless charging, the kinks might be a bit much for you. You'll see what we mean in the video after the break. More Powermat for the Evo 4G in the Android Central Store

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5 years ago

Contest Winners - Lookout Premium, Android Stickers, Pocket Legends Costume and Unlock Codes



If you aren't already a registered member of Android Central, how do you expect to win free stuff from us on a weekly basis? With another week behind us, that means another batch of lucky winners to be announced. If you are one of the lucky winners, congrats, and if not, continue to join us in the contest forums throughout the week for your next chance to win! Winners are listed after the break.

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5 years ago

Dell will sell you a red Froyo'd Streak unlocked and with more memory


Dell Streak order page

The Dell Streak hasn't exactly been a resounding success, but the PC manufacturer is looking to climb back into the race by offering the Streak directly from their website with numerous options. There are a couple different price points, so lets walk through them:

  • $550 - 16GB, locked to AT&T or $300 with 2-year contract
  • $580 - 16GB, unlocked
  • $649 - 32GB, locked to AT&T or $400 with 2-year contract
  • $679 - 32GB, unlocked

In addition to the standard black we have all become familiar with in the tech industry, Dell will also be offering the Streak in red at all price points. The basic 16GB locked Streak should ship right away, but all other versions shouldn't ship until Dec. 8.  In addition, Dell seems to have gotten Froyo all worked out (last we heard it was just starting to be rolled out in the UK) which should make the 5-inch device much more attractive. [Dell via Engadget]

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