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5 years ago

Motorola Devour, original Droid reportedly nearing end-of-life


Megan Fox with the Motorola Devour

Perhaps you remember this picture of the Motorola Devour. (Take your time. You'll find it.) This was just six months ago, when the mid-range Android phone was released on Verizon and even garnered its own Super Bowl ad. Today, it appears that the Devour and the original Droid -- which isn't even a year old -- are headed for the big smartphone meetup in the sky, with Verizon listing them as being "End of life."

Now, that doesn't mean your Droid sucks, or that it won't be supported. In fact, in the document leaked on DroidForums, it clearly lists the two phones under "Current devices with limited or no remaining shipments from the vendor." In the case of the Droid, that's hardly surprising, as we're expecting its sequel anytime now.

And while the Devour hardly was a head-turner (read our full review if you want to know how we really feel about it), it's a stark reminder of how short a lifespan phones can have. Hell, think about how many phones we've seen announced and/or released in the last month. Anyhoo, if you still want a Droid or Devour, better get 'em while you still can. Or, you know, you can wait a tad and get something newer and better. [DroidForums via DroidLife]

(Oh, and just because we can, check out the Devour ad after the break.)

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5 years ago

'Antennas' app locates your carrier's towers, puts 'bars' to shame


Antennas in action

QR Code

If you have been keeping up with news in the tech world lately, you might have noticed something of a debate concerning signal strength. Antennas looks to do away with the simplistic "bars" measure of signal strength by letting Android users know what towers they are connected to, and roughly where they are. The app uses your phone's GPS along with data collected from the antenna and puts both up against Google's antenna database.

CDMA users (That's you, Verizon and Sprint) will have less succes, as the Android OS prevents connecting to more than one tower. This causes only one tower, the strongest, to be shown and requires Android 2.x to work. Everyone else in the world on GSM will have the best results by turning 3G off and allowing the app to run on EDGE/2G. [Panix via LifeHacker | AppBrain]

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5 years ago

Unrevoked root method now works on Verizon Droid Incredible



The Droid Incredible was a tough nut to crack, but cracked it was, though the method for rooting was a bit, shall we say, difficult. But the Unrevoked team has updated its one-click method for the Dinc, and it's a new day in America, folks. Fear not, and get your root on. [Unrevoked via Twitter] Thanks to everyone, and we mean everyone, who sent this in.

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5 years ago

Iowan Android fans, AT&T has their own scavenger hunt for you


HTC Aria on AT&T

Seeing all this Droid X scavenger hunt news, but feeling a little left out because you use AT&T?  Well if you're anywhere close to the Jordan Creek Mall in Des Moines, Iowa (or feel up for a road trip) the AT&T store has a treat this upcoming Saturday.  Starting at 1:30 PM the Passport for Prizes contest kicks off and prizes include LCD televisions, gift certificates, and best of all, HTC Aria phones. 

Be sure to drop by the Jordan Creek Mall AT&T store, or see the Facebook page for more information.  Good luck, and be sure to let us know if you win, lose, or just have a good time!

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5 years ago

Cyanogen 6 to bring awesomeness to your Evo



If you know anything about customizing Android, then you know about Cyanogen. They were the first group to actually root and customize the G1 back in its hayday, and since then they have become the authority on “unlocking and hacking” the Android platform. Cyanogen 6 – the latest version of the software – is based on Froyo (Android 2.2), and will be bringing some interesting new treats to the Evo. For one, both the front and the rear camera are rumored to be fully functional in their new release – something that’s unheard of in present Froyo ROM builds. Furthermore, the group has developed HID support, which stands for Human Interface Device. This allows a bluetooth mouse or keyboard to be connected as well as the use of a cursor. Cyanogen released an unofficial statement on XDA forums earlier this week:

The goal is BT HID + full HDMI out. That turns your phone into a real computer.

Apparently, the idea is to hook your phone up to a monitor via the HDMI cable, and then use a mouse or keyboard to access it like a desktop workstation.  The quality isn't great, but check out the video of him demonstrating bluetooth HID after the break.  And keep your eyes peeled! [via XDA Developers]

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5 years ago

The Snaptic 'Move Your App! Developer Challenge'


Snaptic Hope LabOnce again, the folks at Snaptic are reaching out to Android developers, this time to help their participation in the 2010 Health2.0 Challenge.  As Snaptic tell us, "It’s for a great cause and it’s an opportunity for developers from all types of backgrounds and expertise to contribute to innovation in health."

The first leg of Snaptic's challenge (earlier this year) was won by Peter Ma, who is currently enjoying his trip to TEDGlobal 2010.  This time around, the prizes will be a MacBook Pro, and an Android Phone. 

Prizes aside, it's for a worthy cause, and is a way for Android developers from all backgrounds to push innovation for good health.  Snaptic is asking developers "What can you build to inspire movement?"  Everyone here at Android Central is behind the idea, and hopefully some of you guys can polish up your coding skills, work towards a great goal, and maybe even win a killer prize.  Check out the Health2.0 Dev challenge here, and learn a bit more about exactly what Snaptic is doing, read all the rules, and sign up right here. [Snaptic]

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5 years ago

Paid apps now available in South Korea


Just like the title says, you can now purchase apps from the Android Market if you're in South Korea. (There's a larger issue of being able to purchase paid apps in every international market, but that's for another time.) Google's Tim Bray explains:

As of today, Android Market is open for business to application buyers in the Republic of Korea. We hope that this will make the outstanding Android devices now available in that nation even more useful and fun. We welcome the people of Korea, acknowledged everywhere as one of the world's most-wired societies, to the world of Android.

Good to see things continue to grow. [Android Developers Blog]

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5 years ago

HTC Desire officially headed to Canada on Telus


HTC Desire

The HTC Desire (see our hands-on), one of the more popular Android phones in Europe, is officially headed to North America. Telus, the Canadian mobile provider, has officially announced it will soon carry the device. HTC has said that it wants to bring the Desire across the Atlantic, and Telus will be its first step. No word yet from Bell or Rogers on if they will be carrying it as well. 

No dates or prices yet, but this is great news for Android fans living in Canada. The Desire is a high-end phone that is very similar in specs and features to the Nexus One. [Telus] Thanks, jaycop!.

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5 years ago

Verizon stores selling out of Droid X's? (Update: Sho'nuff, they're gone)


Droid X coupon

Can't say it's surprising (or necessarily a bad thing), but we're getting reports a plenty via e-mail in in our Droid X forums that Verizon stores are selling out of their Day 1 stock for the Droid X. Above is the coupon that EvanGMan (on Twitter, natch) received in lieu of an actual phone. Hang in there, folks, we're sure Verizon will get a fresh batch in soonest.

Update: And just as we figured, stores have mostly sold out, and Verizon's website now has the badge the Droid Incredible hopefuls have come to know all too well -- the Droid X is now labeled as "Will be shipped by 7/23." (Note that it says "by" and not "on," m'kay?) Hopefully we won't see that date march steadily backward like we have the on the DInc.

Here's the official line from Verizon:

"This has been a very good day one for Droid X sales. Customers were in line at midnight in some markets, in other places there were lines when the stores opened and in other stores there has been a steady stream of customers. We have been successful at keeping up with early demand but at present inventory in some parts of the country inventory is either low or out. (It truly varies around the country.) Since we have weekly shipments planned, customers can still order phones and can expect them to be shipped on or before July 23. This link shows you some of the excitement from midnight in Columbia, MD."

Hang in there, everybody.

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5 years ago

AT&T Samsung Captivate benchmarks and graphics/gaming test


Samsung Captivate benchmarks and gaming

Let's not mince words here: The Samsung Galaxy S class of phones is powerful, both in raw processing and graphics. We've seen as much from the 1GHz Hummingbird processor every time we've used it, and we're seeing as much in our own benchmark tests.

But here's the thing about benchmarks -- they're fun to do, but end the end all they give you is a number. And we'd rather compare phones in actual real-world tests. And, of course, that means gaming!

So after the break, check out the Samsung Captivate as we put it up against the Motorola Droid X, HTC Evo 4G and Google Nexus One in a couple of benchmark tests -- and then a few laps of Asphalt 5.

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5 years ago

Android Market now officially has more than 70,000 applications


The Android Market now has more than 70,000 applications, Google Senior VP of Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg said during Thursday's second-quarter earnings call. That's up from the 68,000 count Andy Rubin announced in June at the Motorola Droid X event, and it's a good bit lower than the 100,000 number Androlib has been throwing around. As to which is more correct? We'll go with the guys who run the store. Now we just need to make developers some more money.

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5 years ago

Google's Q2 revenue up 24 percent



Google released its second-quarter 2010 earnings this afternoon, announcing that revenues for April through June were up 24 percent to $6.82 billion. That's with a "b." A whole bunch of other "billion" figures were used, including $4.5 billion in site revenue, and $2.06 billion in partner revenue through AdSense.

You can find the whole breakdown here, and we'll be listening in on the conference call for any Android-related figures, which we'll post after the break.

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5 years ago

Vlingo for Android updated to include 'SuperDialer' -- Super, indeed!


Vlingo SuperDialer

Vlingo has updated its popular Android application, and a new feature called SuperDialer makes a great app even better.  What SuperDialer does is allow you to make calls, or searches, or get directions based on what you are looking for, not what's in your address book.  Growing up, I had dreams about how mobile computing would be in the 21st century.  While we're not quite where I had hoped, and I'm not working for Spacely Sprockets, this is a push in the right direction.  We've got a video, some screenies of my own playing around useful testing, and a press release after the break.

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5 years ago

Verizon's 'Droid Does' site updated with 3-D webcam motion capture


Yes, I had to pimp the Incredible

Verizon just updated its Droid website,, now that the Droid X has really landed. The new site is packed to the brim with Flash animation and immediately greets users by letting them know "Droidspace is a 3-D web environment". Then, you can (and should!) select the "activate full motion tracking 3-D" option and allow Flash to access your webcam. Mind-boggling 3-D insanity awaits as you read about the Droid, Incredible, and X. [Verizon]  

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5 years ago

Dell Streak may hit AT&T 'any day now'


Dell Streak

Dell Streak

The Samsung Captivate may not be the only major Android phone to hit AT&T this month. Engadget is speculating that the Dell Streak may hit stores "any day now." (Which is close to BGR's rumored July 19 date.) The speculation comes from the fact that new kiosks are being installed by contractors in a very secret manner. 

The Dell Streak is a 5-inch phone/tablet hybrid that has been overseas for a little while now. While it is being released disappointingly with Android 1.6, Dell has confirmed that 2.2 is in the "near future." [Engadget]

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