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6 years ago

Google releases Buzz widget


Google Buzz widgetGoogle Buzz

Android 1.6+ If you're into Google Buzz but have wanted to be able to post text and photos from your Android home screen, you're now in luck. Google's made a Buzz widget available in the Android Market that does exactly that. It's English-only for now, but it makes Google's new social networking feature that much easier to use. Get in now in the Android Market. [Google]

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6 years ago

Vlingo opens a limited Android beta



Vlingo, a very common and powerful speech-to-text tool for smartphone users, has announced a limited beta for the Android platform. Vlingo allows you to speak your emails, text messages, calls and searches and watch the text appear on the screen right before your eyes. For users one the go, this application makes long winded emails, or on the go text messages a breeze. For your chance to get in on this limited beta, point your mouse here. [via Vlingo Blog]

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6 years ago

Droid OTA update now 'to be determined'


Droid update

It's officially bad news for that Motorola Droid Android 2.1 update, folks. BGR snagged a shot that looks like the same internals that we've been seeing. And this one's not welcome.

"The OTA software update for the DROID by Motorola is TBD. A new date will be communicated as soon as possible."


"The 3/18 OTA software update will not happen as planned. A new data will be communicated as soon as possible."

Can't spell it out any worse than that. Sorry, folks. Feel free to vent your conspiracy theory in the comments. [via BGR]

Update: And this was just posted to Motorola's Facebook page. No, it doesn't help.

"Thanks for your continued patience. We aim to answer each and every question; if your post isn't answered immediately, please know that we're looking into your question so that we can provide the most up-to-date information as possible."

In other news, Android and Me says the delay has been attributed to the company that actually handles the over-the-air distribution. That sounds right to us, because Verizon has already pushed out the update to some of its employees, and they're reporting no problems with the ROM. Stay tuned.

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6 years ago

HTC Incredible said to be coming to Verizon 'in two weeks'


HTC Incredible

Call it incredible, but the HTC Incredible, which we've already seen in Verizon's inventory system as well as in four different shades of leakage, is now said to be ready for launch in just two short weeks. That's coming from an unnamed source talking to Daily Tech, so take that how you will. However, with Sprint expected to announce the WiMax-powered HTC Supersonic next week at CTIA, we wouldn't put it past Verizon to have something up its sleeve, too. [Daily Tech via Engadget]

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6 years ago

Motorola Droid Android 2.1 updating rolling out today; who's got it?


Motorola Droid

The Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update should be pushed out to the first 1,000 guinea pigs lucky users anytime now. Sing out if you've got it (we'll know if you're lying!) and be sure to post your thoughts in our Official 2.1 Findings thread.

Update: Not to panic anyone, but we're getting whispers of server problems or some other sort of delay, or may it's just the smartphone gods toying with us yet again. Stay tuned.

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6 years ago

Google slowly taking over the world ... and now one TV at a time?



As though Google hasn't already covered just about every aspect of digital life from the search engine to the RSS reader to a phone number that you can use across the board, now they want to come to your television? In efforts of trying to bring their relationship with Intel even closer, Google has decided they need to expand in the area of computing to television which is an area they hold very little grounds in currently. Google and Intel have decided to seek the help of Sony in creating a platform that will be used to bring the web to your television through a set-top box. 

While there are currently a few places that are bringing web browsing to your set-top box, none are doing it on the scale that Google has planned. In addition to Sony and Intel, Google plans to have Logitech involved in the project for the creation of this multimedia style remote control. While none of these companies currently will comment on this project, Android design related jobs have appeared within these companies, so one would believe there is truth behind all of this. Many believe Google will one day take over the world, and here is just yet another great example of how Google will become an even bigger part of your daily life. [via NYTimes]

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6 years ago

Fring updates with new look, features



Fring (Market link), the popular all-encompassing VOIP/chat/Skype/all-things-communications app, just updated its Android application, bringing a new look and new features.

  • High up on everybody's wish list was an honest-to-goodness dialer, and it's there now.
  • The buddy list has been updated and now shows your friends' pictures and mood line (from either Skype or Fring).
  • You can now personalize your profile with a picture, and edit your mood, e-mail address and phone number.
  • There also are a number of voice improvements, links now work and the chat screen, plus other bugfixes.

Fring is free. Update your current version now, or you can download from the Android Market. [Fring]

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6 years ago

Android Market has 30,000 apps, sort of



There are now over 30,000 apps in Android Market. Which is amazingly awesome considering there were only 16,000 apps in Android Market in December 2009. That means that apps in Android Market have nearly doubled in just three months -- that's a pretty good growth rate if you ask us. That said, "apps" also include widgets, skins, themes, keyboards and 2,354 "Sexy Lady No. 24" apps. So there are "apps," and then there are "apps."

However, we'll play the numbers game. As more Android devices come about and more people jump to Android, we expect that number to only grow bigger and bigger. We welcome all you new Android users with open arms. [via mobilecrunch]

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6 years ago

Zillow announces Android application



Realtors, take note: Zillow, the popular Web site that allows estimates your home value -- and more important, your neighbors' home values -- has just announced its first Android application. With it you get:

  •  Estimate home values, home details and historical data on 95 million U.S. homes – nearly all homes in the country.
  • Curbside images of homes using Google Street View.
  • Multiple photos, home details, and contact information on homes for sale, for rent or listed as Make Me Move, allowing home shoppers to peek inside home listings and call or email agents, owners and landlords right from the app.
  • Shoppers can filter their home searches by sale price, rental price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and listing type (for sale, for rent, Make Me Move, and recently sold).
  • Users can search for homes and neighborhoods utilizing voice search – just say an address, neighborhood or city and the Zillow Android App will take you there.

Very cool stuff if you're looking for a home, or are a Realtor. Check out video of Zillow for Android in action after the break, and grab it now in the Android Market. [Zillow]

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6 years ago

HTC 'Disagrees with Apple's Actions,' Will Defend Itself



HTC has just issued a press release about that giant patent lawsuit Apple has filed against them. There's no details yet on how exactly they're going to respond legally, but from a PR perspective the key points are that they "disagree with Apple's actions" (uh, duh?) and will "fully defend itself." 

“HTC disagrees with Apple’s actions and will fully defend itself. HTC strongly advocates intellectual property protection and will continue to respect other innovators and their technologies as we have always done, but we will continue to embrace competition through our own innovation as a healthy way for consumers to get the best mobile experience possible,” said Peter Chou, chief executive officer, HTC Corporation. 

HTC then delves into their storied history with smartphones, laying claim to a long list of firsts in the smartphone world that seem to be more about re-establishing their cred as innovators and not copiers than about hints at what sorts of patents they might counter-sue with. They note that they started designing the XDA back in 1999 and have delivered over 50 different smartphones to date. In other words, HTC has been in this game longer than Apple has and they won't let some pesky lawsuit prevent them from continuing to innovate.

Full press release after the break.

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6 years ago

Google Maps updated to Version 4.1, brings account switching, live wallpaper


Google MapsGoogle Maps Live Wallpaper

Android 1.6+ Google Maps went and updated itself to Version 4.1 tonight, bringing with it an updated search page, support for multiple accounts, a Latitude widget and -- this is very cool -- the ability to make Google Maps your live wallpaper. Let's break it down, erm, after the break.

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6 years ago

Will Android win March Madness?


Smartphone March Madness

Our pals at LatopMag (hi, pals!) are getting way into March Madness this year, and they've got a 16-team smartphone tournament (not to be confused with the Smartphone Round Robin) to go with it.

Today features the Motorola Droid up against the BlackBerry Curve 8530. Other Android phones fighting for the Final Four are the HTC Hero vs. the LG Expo and the Google Nexus One vs. the Palm Pre Plue. And as an added bonus, there's Android-on-Android action when the Motorola Cliq goes up against the Samsung Moment. Check it out. [LaptopMag]

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6 years ago

Hands-on with the AT&T 3G Nexus One


Nexus One on AT&T 3G (left)

Meet the new Nexus One, same as the old Nexus One. Only this one has AT&T's -- yeah, yeah, and some Canadian carriers', too -- 3G bands built in. Otherwise, it's exactly the same hardware (so far as we can tell without a teardown) and software (Android 2.1-update 1).

Otherwise, all the usual bells and whistles are there, and I've already got CyanogenMod up and running just fine. Anybody else get theirs yet, too? Video hands-on after the break.

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6 years ago

Russian Motorola Milestone's keyboard makes the Droid's look usable


Russian Motorola Milestone

Russian is a hard language to learn. I know -- I took years of it and can still order the vodka but keep forgetting how to ask for the loo. Anyhoo, above is the Russian version of the Motorola Milestone. Now the Milestone (aka Droid in the U.S.) doesn't exactly have the world's best keyboard to begin with. And try cramming on the 33-letter cyrillic alphabet, and things are gonna get downright nasty. Like cold, hard Russian winter.

But, wait. It gets worse. Highlighted above are the letters "З" and "Э." Basically they look like backward Es, though the former makes a "zeh" sound and the latter "eh." Very different letters, to say the least.

Oh, but it gets worse. Try to find the comma on that keyboard. Go ahead. We'll wait. [Unwired View | image via Mobile-Review]

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6 years ago

Sprint getting a Nexus One, too


Nexus One

The rumors were true, folks. Sprint just announced that it's getting the Google Nexus One, hot on the heels of AT&T and some Canadian carriers getting their own unlocked and unsubsidized version. Pricing and exact date of availability to be determined, though this makes it sound like it's gonna be subsidized.

Full presser after the break. [Sprint]

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