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5 years ago

Lloyd shows up on a Camaro in Forza 3


YouTube link for Mobile Viewing

We've seen him in Kuwait, we've seen him atop a Christmas tree, and now Lloyd's been spotted on a Chevy Camaro in the Forza 3 racing game. Looks pretty darn good to us. And if anybody wants to actually build us that car, we'll be more than happy to drive it. You listening, Chevy?

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5 years ago

Leaked image confirms Epic 4G's Froyo update starts Dec. 26


Epic 4G Froyo update

We broke the news of the Epic 4G's impending Android 2.2 update yesterday. But for you doubters, Phone Area got a screen shot of the same internal Sprint memo detailing the changes. And, lo and behold, it's just as we said. The update will start rolling out to some users on Dec. 26, and continue for a four-day period. In other words, not everyone will get the update at the same time. But fear not, as the manual download location should be found in due time, and we can all update post haste. [Phone Arena] More on the Epic 4G's Froyo update in the Android Central Forums

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5 years ago

Android quick app: X-Plane 9


The intricate and realistic flight simulator finally comes to Android

X-Plane 9 for Android

It's been many months since we saw the X-Plane flight simulator for Android demoed at Google IO -- long enough that we wondered if we'd ever actually see it. But it's here, folks. And it's got all the airborne goodness you could have hoped for (and that we saw in our demo).

But at $9.99, this isn't a cheap app. Is it worth the 10-spot? Let's take a look after the break.

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5 years ago

More pictures of the HTC EVO Shift 4G surface


HTC Desire Z

The HTC EVO Shift 4G, a device that we saw a couple weeks ago and was caught in Sprint's system about a week ago, has posed for some more pictures.

What we do know thus far about the EVO Shift 4G is that it will likely sport an 800 MHz processor and have a QWERTY sliding keyboard. It will be similar in many ways to the HTC Desire Z and the T-Mobile G2

When this device will release is still up in the air, but the rumors have pointed to January. Stay tuned as more info is likely to leak in the coming weeks. [Phone Arena]

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5 years ago

Did the HTC Incredible HD (aka HTC Mecha) just appear for its close-up? (Update: More pics show up)


HTC somethingorother -- possibly the Mecha

What do you get when you have a power button, front-facing camera, speaker grille and battery door slot? A close-up of a smartphone, that's for sure, which is just what showed up in our inbox. And this is looking a whole heck of a lot like the HTC Mecha (aka Incredible HD) pictures we published a month or so ago. Could it be something else? Some sort of Windows Phone 7 device? Sure. But it definitely looks like HTC fare, and it definitely looks like the Mecha to us.

We've got one other picture after the break that is a decent macro shot of the screen bezel and what probably is a volume rocker. It's a mystery, for sure. Thanks, anon!

Update: The plot thickens, as Engadget and Slashgear were fed some of the close-ups, too. Coincidence? Hell, no. Peep 'em after the break.

Update 2: Gizmodo got one, too. How nice for them.

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5 years ago

Take Foursquare for Android with photos and comments for a test drive


4Square test drive

If you're using Foursquare on your Android phone, and are willing to try out a testing version (with photos and comments), listen up.  Dennis Crowley, a member of the Foursquare for Android team, is looking for testers of the new app on Twitter. You'll need to be able to sideload applications on your phone, and be ready just in case things don't work quite as expected -- that's why it's a test.  Here's the link to the file, as provided by Mr. Crowley.  Now go check in somewhere! [@dens]

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5 years ago

iGloLEDset brings the future of interactive lighting and lighter wallets to Android


iGloLEDset for Android

If you are the type who just can't resist gadgets that have the extra bit of cool factor, and have US $299 to blow on some (I know you're out there), you have to check out iGloLEDset now that it's come to the Android platform.  Imagine a WiFi-enabled set of rope lights, that you can control in real time from your phone, swiping and pressing to control the colors and blink rate.  It does sound really cool, but I'm not quite sold on MEA Mobile's idea that light switches are now obsolete and there will soon be an entire industry dedicated to their safe removal from walls everywhere. 

For those who haven't already rushed to order their very own set for you holiday decorations, we have MEA Mobile's press release and a demo video after the break.

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5 years ago

Sprint's 4G lighting up the San Francisco Bay Area on Dec. 28


Sprint turns on its 4G in San Francisco bay area.

Bay Area Sprint subscribers toting a 4G phone will receive a nice holiday treat on Dec. 28, as Sprint continues its 4G rollout.  Idle 4G radios within the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Silicon Valley areas can finally come to life and start sucking down bandwidth faster than ever before.

Sprint offered tips on how their subscribers can take advantage of the higher network throughput a 4G connection provides.  Promoting apps such as ScanLife, Qik, Fring, Diet Watcher Cookbook, and OpenTable -- Sprint wants their current and future 4G phone owners to know they can rely on their speedy 4G connection for all their data-heavy applications.

In addition to these useful tips, Sprint also published a video that offers a brief explanation of their 4G technology and what it offers.  Check it out after the jump.  [Sprint]

Update: Oh, by the way, those of you in Boulder, Colo., who saw your fair city listed on Monday's release -- apparently that was in error. But seeing as how you still don't have 4G Wimax, you probably already knew that

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5 years ago

Verizon Galaxy Tab drops to $499 sans contract at Best Buy


VZW Galaxy Tab

The Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab can now be bought for $499 off contract at Best Buy; Verizon's variant of the Tab was previously $599.

If you're thinking about the Galaxy Tab for the holidays, here are the month-to-month plans after the $499:

  • $20/month for 1GB
  • $35/month for 3GB
  • $50/month for 5GB
  • $80/month for 8GB

Even though the Tab is off contract, users must commit to the first month at least, then are allowed to cancel and use it how they please. Prices are continuing to go down, which is great for consumers. Thanks A!

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5 years ago

Epic 4G's Froyo update looking pretty good for a Dec. 26 push


Sprint Epic 4G update

Rumors have been runnin' round regarding the Sprint Epic 4G's long-awaited Android 2.2 Froyo update. And it looks like Dec. 26 is getting nailed down as a probable date. Yes, we know how these "push dates" go -- they're as likely to be good as bad, and it's not like everybody gets pushed the update at the same time. But here's what we've been sent from a couple of people:

A software update to DL11 (Froyo) is available for the Samsung EPIC 4G via
Google OTA.
OTA Duration time: 7-8 minutes, with installation time of 6-8 minutes.
Customers will become eligible for the upgrade across a 4-day period based on their status with the Google servers.
67% of users are currently on SW DI18 so the first OTA package we will
publish will be an upgrade from DI18 - Froyo (DL11).

So if all goes according to plan (we're all knocking on wood here), the push would begin next Sunday and last for four days or so. Anybody wondering what their "status with the Google servers" is? More on the Froyo update in the Epic 4G forums

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5 years ago

Gingerbread feature: Near Field Communication


Gingerbread feature -- NFC

Another new feature to Gingerbread is Near Field Communications (NFC).  It's a fancy term for wireless communication between things that touch each other.  You've probably seen this with your current credit or bank card, and special terminals at places like gas stations or bank teller machines, and it can be pretty handy.  It's a smartphone technology that's still in its infancy, has little practical use currently, and needs specialized hardware -- currently only the Nexus S supports it.

We expect all that to change soon, and a new series of possibilities -- and security concerns -- will become the norm in the smartphone arena.  For now, unless you're in Portland and visit one of the businesses Google targeted in their Hotpot testing area, there isn't much you can do with it.  But for kicks, get out your bank card or passport and hit the break to see a demo.

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5 years ago

Playstation phone may be 'Xperia Play,' reportedly will hit stores in April 2011


Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

Here's the latest speculation and rumor control on the not-so-mythical Sony Ericsson Playstation phone:

First up, SE was granted a European trademark on "Xperia Play" on Dec. 1. At the same time, Swedish PR firm Jung Relations has scooped up, and So there's a pretty good bet that'll end up being a big part of the branding somehow.

Then add on an unsourced rumor from Pocket-Lint, which says the PSP/Xperia/Play/Phone/thingy will be announced at Mobile World Congress in February (no great surprise there) and will hit stores in April in the UK.

Safe bets, all. Does that mean any of it'll actually happen? There's a better than average chance. Stay tuned, folks. This spring is gonna be a doozy. [OHIM,, Pocketnow, Pocket-Lint]

Xperia Play trademark

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5 years ago

Droid X captures great shot of the Lunar Eclipse last night



Were you one of the many who stayed awake last night to check out the lunar eclipse as it occurred in the early morning hours? Many of us wish we could capture the amazing event on camera, and it appears as though one person was going to go to any extreme to capture a shot. With the use of his Motorola Droid X and a telescope @freshgeardude was able to capture the miraculous shot that is shown above. It's not quite as spectacular as this other moon shot we've seen, but it's still a great example of exactly just what Droid Does! [via @freshgeardude]

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5 years ago

Gingerbread is on the Droid Incredible? But of course!


Gingerbread on the Droid IncredibleGingerbread on the Droid Incredible? Don't sound so surprised. Now that the source code has been made publicly available, everyone and their mother (hi, Mom!) is compiling a beta build for their favorite device.

For the most part, though, remember that these builds aren't really ready to be your daily driver -- though they're definitely getting better day by day.

That brings us back to the DInc, and this ROM from r2DoesInc. You'll get the basic Gingerbread experience, with a few tweaks. The camera's working, though GPS and video recording aren't. Be sure to check out the full changelog and instructions at the source link for the full rundown. It's a hodgepodge, to be sure, but an impressive one.

Video's after the break as well. [XDA-Developers]

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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5 years ago

Viewsonic: GTablet doesn't have hardware flaw, its UI just sucks


Staples Viewsonic GTab recall

You may have heard some rumbling across the Internet over the weekend about Staples recalling the Viewsonic 10-inch GTablet because of a hardware defect.  Turns out that according to Viewsonic (full press release after the break) the hardware's still top notch, and "is one of the fastest Android tablets on the market today, consistently leading industry benchmarks."  They're right, but to be fair, that's only after it's been hacked nine ways to Sunday. The stock user interface -- known as Tap and Tap -- is plain awful (see our review for the proof), and Viewsonic admits that this, and the fact that Adobe hasn't certified Flash 10.1 for the Tegra 2 chipset just yet, is the reason people were rushing to return the things. 

They also go on to say they will be releasing an update starting Dec 22. The new Tap and Tap, which according to Viewsonic, has been significantly enhanced since the product launch  will now be a choice presented to the end user, along with the standard Android 2.2 user experience.  They also suggest the users can download Flash from websites that distribute Android applications until Jan 2011, when Adobe has certified the software for their product.  If this turns out to be the case, you're forgiven Viewsonic.  Hit the break for Viewsonic's press release.  [via Engadget]

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