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5 years ago

Google makes Android Market changes official


Android Market

It's official, folks -- those changes to the Android Market we've been talking about, and many of you have been seeing already, including the dreaded 15 minute return window, are now Android Market policy.  People who have registered as a developer for the Market have received a friendly e-mail from Google explaining all the changes.  There's nothing new they have to add, and most of the changes are in the way that applications are listed to help make things a bit better for the consumer, like more and better image previews and AT&T carrier billing.  The full announcement follows the break.

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5 years ago

New devices coming to the Xperia line at Mobile World Congress


Sony Ericsson at Mobile World Congress

That thud you just heard was the sound of my head hitting my desk. Invites apparently already are going out for Sony Ericsson's event at Mobile World Congress in February. And just like last year, it's going to be on the eve of the opening, somewhere in Barcelona. (Last year's event, at Opium Mar, was way cool.) Anyhoo, the invite points to new devices in the Xperia family. Last year we got the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro (plus a WinMo device).

What will we see in 2011? The Xperia Play (aka Playstation phone) is a good bet. And SE pretty much surprised everybody this past February, so maybe they'll have something else up their sleeves. We're about a month and a half away, so stay tuned. [Android World via EuroDroid] Check out our coverage of the 2010 Mobile World Congress

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5 years ago

New Dell tablet receives WiFi certification



Well, what do we have here? It appears that the Wi-Fi Alliance has recently certified a "Dell Mobile Internet Device." Its model number is listed as M02M, and it's sporting a certification for 802.11 b/g/n; which we've all come to expect. It appears to be very close in relation to the original Dell Streak, which is the M01M. Could we be looking at the Dell Streak 2 here? A slight different size, perhaps? Hopefully we'll be hearing something at CES! Let us know what you think. [Wifi Alliance (pdf) via Pocketnow]

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5 years ago

EA Mobile games now on sale for only 99 cents in the Android Market


EA Mobile has decided to hook folks up for the Holidays. If you've been holding out on purchasing The Sims 3 or the oh so awesome Need For Speed: Shift now is likely as good a time as any to pick them up.  EA has put their whole catalog of games on sale for only 99 cents in the Android Market. We like games. Especially when they go on sale and we can get them on the cheap. [via @EAMobile]

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5 years ago

Touiteur changes name to Plume [Android Twitter clients]


Plume logo.

As we told you last week, Twitter is forcing LevelUp Studio to change the name of its well-made Twitter app, Touiteur.  Well, the day has finally come, and from here on out, Touiteur will be referred to as Plume.

Touit--err ... Plume users will find an update in the market today that makes the name change official, and also brings lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Grab yourself a download link after the jump.

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5 years ago

Honeycomb to be announced in March?



As Gingerbread still bakes in the oven for most of us, rumors keep swirling about Honeycomb, the next iteration of Android, dubbed 3.0.

A story by Digitimes suggests that Honeycomb will be announced in March. Here is the quote (emphasis ours):

On the other hand, MSI is set to display its 10-inch Wintel-based tablet PC as well as engineering samples of its ARM-based Google Android model. MSI is also prepared to sell an Nvidia Tegra 2-based model in April or May after Google releases Android 3.0 in March.

OK, this is Digitimes we're talking here, with its usual unsourced vagueness. It's not the New York Times, or the St. Pete Times. Or the Times of Trenton. So a big ol' grain of salt is required. But we'll more than likely see Honeycomb officially at some point in the earlier part of the year. [Digitimes]

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5 years ago

Droid Pro update now available, brings slew of bugfixes and improvements


Droid Pro updateDroid Pro update

A update for the Motorola Droid Pro is now available for all users, but does not seem to be pushing quite yet. Good news is you can install it yourself. The changelog for version 2.26.60 is as follows:

  • Improved audio on voice calls.
  • Improved stability and performance.
  • User interface display now refreshes when user switches from GSM/UMTS communication to Global Mode.
  • Device now prepends 011 to Country Code to send SMS messages.
  • Global Mode no longer resets when connecting to a USB charger.
  • Visual Voice Mail now detects airplane mode while Wi-Fi is active.
  • Prompt return to full screen brightness after wake-up.
  • Upgraded Bluetooth firmware.
  • Improved interoperability with Microsoft Internet Application Gateway (IAG) configurations.
  • Device string format for Exchange changed to include device name and version number.
  • Upgrade to Google applications Release 7
  • Improved audio during voice calls.
  • Reduced user interface lock-ups.

Run, do not walk, into Menu > Settings > About Phone > System Updates to download the update manually. Rooted users are reporting that the update removes root, but that z4root works just fine afterward. Get the full rundown at the source link. [Android Central Forums] Thanks, Ron!

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5 years ago

HTC Thunderbolt: The first to 4G, again



Hmmmm. According to this picture on HTC's mobile site, the manufacturer will be unveiling a new 4G phone on Jan. 6. Hmmmm. And according to my ridiculously overloaded CES schedule, Verizon's having a press conference Jan. 6, where they'll talk about LTE handsets. Hmmmm. Plus there's that HTC Thunderbolt (aka the Mecha and/or Incredible HD) that's been dogging us for weeks now.

So, we've got Verizon, LTE and HTC as "The first to 4G, again." Hmmmm, indeed! You can sign up for text message notification of whatever it is (*cough* Thunderbolt) at the source link. [HTC via Android Central Forums]

Update: Folks, this is a legit HTC site. If it wasn't, we would have said so. Dunno why people are saying otherwise.

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5 years ago

Blur 3.0 update for the Droid 2 leaked and customized


Droid 2 leak

If you have a rooted Droid 2, you're going to love this.  Team BlackHat has released version 3.0.0 of Froyo for the Droid 2, completely deodexed, with Busybox installed, rooted and ready to go.  This one is available to all, for free and you can grab it at the source link.  Better hurry, you know how Motorola feels about this sort of thing.  For those of you who have the TBH app, just use it to grab this one instead.  It's in format, and is ready to flash from either ClockWork Mod or SPrecovery. 

Once you get it up and running, let us know how it's working out for you in the Droid 2 forums. [MyDroidWorld]

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5 years ago

Market gets new app categories, AT&T users can charge apps to bills


Charge Android apps to AT&T bill

Google just announced that AT&T customers with Android phones can now charge apps to their AT&T bills. (That's something T-Mobile customers have been able to do for a while now.) So if you have an Android smartphone on AT&T, you'll soon have an updated Market app that lets you charge apps to your bill. Huzzah.

Also, Google mentions that new app categories are live, including "Media and Video," "Music and Audio," "Business" and "Sports," among others. Look for the AT&T billing and new categories with your updated version of the Android Market app. [Google]

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5 years ago

Verizon Thunderbolt actually is the LTE Incredible HD/Mecha?


Verizon Thunderbolt

The name "Thunderbolt" has been whispered for a little while now in regards to the phone that we've been calling the HTC Incredible HD or the Mecha. And it looks like Droid-Life has heard that as well, so we might well see the Verizon Thunderbolt (or will it be Droid Thunderbolt?) in the coming weeks. It's also mentioned that the Thunderbolt may carry the ADR6400 designation, which would sequentially follow the original Droid Incredible, which is ADR6300.

So whatcha think? Would the Verizon Thunderbolt be a better name than Incredible HD? Hate to see the Incredible name die after one phone, 'cause it's a hell of a phone, but Thunderbolt would certainly fit in with Big Red's whole LTE-lightning mantra.

And besides, think of all the horrible headlines that inevitably would be written: "Thunderbolt strikes Verizon!" or "LTE's quick as a flash on the Thunderbolt!" and so on an so forth. Feel free to use either of those. We've got plenty. [Droid-Life] More in the rumored devices forums

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5 years ago

Verizon Samsung LTE device outed, sporting front-facing camera


Samsung Verizon LTE Android phone

When it rains LTE devices, it pours, apparently. Above is what purportedly is a Samsung LTE device on Verizon. Gizmodo's tipster notes that it's running Touchwiz atop Android 2.2.1, and that Bing is nowhere to be found.  There's also a front-facing camera, which would be a first for Verizon.

Yes, folks. LTE phones are coming. Soon. Simmer down -- CES will be upon us all too soon. [Gizmodo]

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5 years ago

Nexus S gets its first OTA update


Nexus S

Just six short days after its release, the Nexus S is getting its first over-the-air update, bringing the system to GRH78.  The update apparently "contains important bug fixes plus the latest version of Maps."

If you don't feel like waiting for the OTA (and who does?) here's the manual method.  Note you'll need to be using the stock recovery image if you want to go this route.

  • Download the file from Google right here
  • Rename it to, and place it on the root of your internal storage
  • Shut down your phone, and reboot into the bootloader by holding volume up and powering back on
  • Use the volume buttons to choose "recovery" from the list, and select it with the power button
  • When you see the triangle on your screen, press volume up and power once more and you'll have a list of options, choose to update

Now we get to tear it apart and try to find what has changed, discuss it all in the Nexus S forums. Thanks mojonation1487!

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5 years ago

Firefox 4 beta for Android is updated


Firefox for Android

The Firefox browser for Android (aka Fennec) is still in the beta stages, but beta 3 was just shipped with a number of fixes and improvements. They include:

  • Improved support for Android keyboards, both hardware and on-screen
  • New Android-style menus
  • Fixed a bug in opening links from other apps
  • Support for uploading files
  • "Save as PDF" command in the site menu
  • Fixed rendering of Arabic and Farsi text (on devices with Arabic/Farsi fonts installed)

Slowly but surely, it's coming along, and the install size is at 13MB, for those of you worried about such things. The folks at Mozilla recommend uninstalling any previous betas before this one.  [Mozilla via Android Central Forums]

Update: Mozilla's Madhava Enros has done a really good walkthrough of the beta. Check it out.

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5 years ago

Gingerbread feature: The Android 2.3 keyboard


Android 2.3 keyboard

On any phone without a physical set of keys, the on-screen keyboard is one of the most important parts of the operating system.  Android has a leg-up over other platforms here, as third-party replacement keyboards (like the crowd favorite Swype) are easy to install, and many of them are excellent in their own right.

That doesn't mean the keyboard that comes with the operating system should be a slouch, though.  With Gingerbread (Android 2.3 for those keeping score at home), Google has really outdone itself.  The new multitouch keyboard is easy to use, offers most everything we've been asking for, and is a huge improvement over the previous versions.

You don't have to wait for your phone to get it's Gingerbread upgrade to try it out, either.  XDA member hotaru has worked a little magic and you can load up the Gingerbread keyboard on most any device running Android 2.1 or higher -- check that out right here, and check out the video of it in action after the break.

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