6 years ago

Android Central Is At CES 2009!


CES 2009. The biggest consumer electronics show of the year is happening as we speak and we forgot to tell you that we're there! We're on scene in Las Vegas, Nevada and covering as much Android news and sneak peeks as possible!

Editor in Chief Dieter Bohn has been keeping himself busy with keynote after keynote, but fear not, we'll be able to get our hands on Android devices very, very soon. So stay tuned to this space because Android is in the mind of a lot of people and we'll try to get you as much Android-related news, products, gossip, etc. as possible!

What do you guys want to see Android-related from CES 2009?

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6 years ago

FlyCast at CES, Coming to Android G1


If you are at CES in Las Vegas, drop on by the BlackBerry booth 36206, South Hall, for a demo of FlyCast. FlyCast is a FREE service for your mobile device that streams internet radio and talk radio. It currently supports BlackBerry, the iPhone, and iPod Touch, but according to Kim Hermanson of FlyCast, Android support is coming very soon!

There are numerous improvements coming to FlyCast, but in a nutshell, here are some notable ones:

  1. Android/G1 support! T-Mobile G1 users will soon be able to download FlyCast from the App Market. Check out some images of FlyCast in action right here.
  2. A desktop version of FlyCast for PC & MAC is available for download now. You can get it here.
  3. Updated program guide so you can see "What's On Now" and the ability to use StreamShift to join a broadcast at any point in the stream.
  4. Unlimited song-skipping for over 300 channels.
  5. Facebook Connect - log in with your Facebook ID and post your streams to your Facebook page.
  6. AccuWeather.com - FlyCast Main Guide supports an automatic link to your local weather.
  7. AAC+ and Windows Media Support.
Check out the press release for more detailed information about FlyCast enhancements. Thanks to Kim Hermanson of FlyCast for the information! [FlyCast]

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6 years ago

Video of Kogan Agora Android Device


Hot on the heels of some photos of the world's second Android phone, the Kogan Agora (as Ryan so aptly stated - thanks, Ryan!), we now have video of the Agora compliments of Gizmodo Australia via Kogan's PR agency. Mr. Kogan is at CES and hopefully we'll have a chance to rub elbows with him later this week and see if we can get a hands-on of the pre-production unit as featured in the video. Apparently the production units will be sans silver bezel and will be bordered in black instead. Good choice.

Although I'm a proud owner of the G1 and enjoy the screen real estate, I'm also a huge fan of a front-facing keyboard, even at the expense of a larger screen. The front-facing QWERTY usually equates to better one-handed operation and it will be interesting to see how one-handed Android can be on the Agora. If you had your druthers, which would it be? Slider or front-facing keyboard?

Thanks again for the tip, Ryan!

[Gizmodo Australia]

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6 years ago

New Pictures of the Kogan Agora, the World's Second Android Device


The Kogan Agora, if you didn't know, will be the world's Second Android Device and Australia's First Android Device. We've seen some revised digital product shots of the device before but this may be the first shots of the device in the "real life". And though it looks a little bit unwieldily, we're becoming huge fans of this phone. And though Kogan is unknown in these parts, it seems to be fairly reputable in its home base of Australia.

It definitely has a Motorola Q9h or Samsung Blackjack look to it and the keyboard seems to be expansive enough. The biggest question is probably going to be can the smaller screen accommodate a capacitive touchscreen? Either way, we're glad that Kogan is releasing an Android Device with a front facing QWERTY because more choices in Android form factor is always a good thing.

The Kogan Agora is supposed to be released by the end of January, so expect more news to be coming about the world's second Android Device!

[via Gizmodo AU]

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6 years ago

Girl Tattoos Android Robot Onto Her Wrist


We'll be the first to admit that the Android Robot is probably the cutest green robot we've ever seen. I mean, look at it! It's round, has plenty of character, and seems just so...friendly. But even we were surprised when we stumbled on a girl tattooing the Android Logo onto her wrist--cute green robot and all.

Her name is Natalie "Kommodore" Thompson and she's either the biggest fan of open source operating systems or just loved that green robot more than us. And hey, we don't have any problem with this kind of self-expression because come on, the Android Robot is certainly a better tattoo to get than the Storm on your ankle.

Anyone else have Android Tattoos they'd like to share?

[Myspace via Engadget]

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6 years ago

T-Mobile G1 Users Getting Unknown SMS Messages ?


Apparently, some G1 users have encountered an odd problem that has them sending/receiving SMS and MMS messages to/from unknown numbers. The scenario: a G1 user receives a text claiming that they've been sending multiple texts to the unknown number. Not too big of a deal, could simply be just texting to the wrong phone number, right? Well, until they post the problem on a forum and multiple G1 users are claiming to experience the same issue! A lot of folks are supposedly receiving texts asking them "who is this" or claiming they had sent something that they didn't. Just odd.

The folks over at modmyGphone are saying that its an issue with the messaging servers that T-Mobile has set up for the G1. The problem is only apparent in the G1 and they are trying to fix it immediately.

Is anyone else experiencing this almost comically weird phenomenon? Let us know!

[via modmyGphone]

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6 years ago

HTC Touch HD Running Android -- VIDEO



p style="text-align: center;">

You may be familiar with the HTC Touch HD, it's that massively beautiful device that is spurning North America for reasons we simply don't understand. Even our friends over at WMExperts are in awe of this beautiful device and we can't blame them: 480 x 800 VGA edge-to-edge screen.

So it's not just another day at the office when we come across a video of the HTC Touch HD running Android. If any device can make EVERYONE pay attention to Android, it's definitely got to be the Touch HD. In the video, the HTC Touch HD demoes the Android Market and though it's ridiculously blurry and horribly lit, this might be the most exciting video I've seen in 2009.

[via modmyGphone]

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6 years ago

Android Shows Up on OpenMoko FreeRunner


We've previously reported on the union of Android and OpenMoko (the Open Source mobile platform before Android) and some shots of Android running on an OpenMoko Neo FreeRunner have popped up yet again. The FreeRunner looks the same as previous generations which doesn't exactly bode well since Android is a lot more intensive than OpenMoko was. It has the basic specs of any smartphone: A 400 MHz processor, WiFi, aGPS, Bluetooth, and a microSD slot.

Either way, even if this isn't exactly the NEWEST of hardware, we can stick it out. Old hardware or not, more devices on Android is always a good thing.


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6 years ago

Yes! We Want Android On Every WM Device, Please


So our good friends over at WMExperts (check out their new layout!) are in an uproar over Android being ported to all their devices. We had a stab at the Tilt, the Touch, and now it looks like we're even getting onto the uber-sexy Touch Diamond! Can you blame us? After the promise of Android being on multiple devices, it still is only available on the G1--we're simply itching for more devices!

Though porting Android to the Touch Diamond is more of a proof-of-concept than anything else (nothing really works yet), it sure would be flipping cool to have Android show up on different form factors. I think of all our biggest wishes for 2009, more Android devices tops the list! So in the meantime, thank you Windows Mobile for providing the hardware home for our Android. =)


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6 years ago

T-Mobile Really Sending Out Replacement G1 Batteries?


We had originally reported on the rumor that T-Mobile was going to be sending out replacement T-Mobile G1 batteries to G1 Users.  A lot of information was unclear: how was T-Mobile going to send out all those batteries, what size will they be, will they demand we return the battery, etc. When we asked T-Mobile about it, they stated that T-Mobile does not comment on any rumor/speculation stories.

But according to a tip from one of our well-informed readers, tyler, it looks like things are beginning to take shape in regards to this replacement battery giveaway:


Just wanted to let you guys know that i just got off the phone with a tmobile supervisor who confirmed that replacement batteries are being sent out and that there was an internal memo sent around that extra batteries are being sent out free of charge and there will be no need to send back your old one! He was unable however to confirm whether or not they would be of a higher capacity or not.


We at Android Central definitely wouldn't mind an extra battery, but still hold out hope that they'll improve it to 1400 mAh or so. Stay tuned to see if this rumor comes true!

Thanks for the tip tyler!

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6 years ago

RemoteDroid Allows You to Use G1 as a Wireles Keyboard & Mouse



p style="text-align: center;">

Chalk this up in the nifty column! RemoteDroid, an app in the Android Market, allows the T-Mobile G1 to become a wireless mouse & keyboard combination for your computer. The way it works is that it communicates through WiFi--check out the video to see some pretty cool implementation.

You can use the touchscreen and trackball to scroll around, the keyboard is fully functional--it's really great to see developers have their turn at the T-Mobile G1 and create unique apps for it. Check out the video to see how this app works!


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6 years ago

Get G1 Root Access Back with Leaked RC29 Firmware


A lot of us (me included) mindlessly upgraded to the RC30 firmware on our T-Mobile G1 and immediately realized that we could no longer have root access. Fear not, chavonbravo, an astute member of the XDA-developers forum got their hands on the RC29 firmware and uploaded it for all to use.

Taking a look at the directions, it doesn't look especially tough to flash back. If you want to gain root access again, check out the step-by-step instructions from the XDA after the break!

[via Gizmodo]

If you have RC30/RC8 or later, you must FIRST flash your phone to RC29/RC7 or lower to be able to exploit root access using the following steps. RC29 and lower users can skip this section.  1. Format the SD card to FAT32 mode (this is sometimes needed. The image is not always found if other files are on the sd card). 2. Unzip the RC29 or RC7 image file DREAMIMG.nbh to the SD card. (RC29 for US, RC7 is for UK) 3. Turn the device power off and insert SD card. 4. Hold Camera button, and press Power button to entry bootloader mode. 5. Press Power button to start upgrade procedure. 6. After finish, perform the soft reset to reboot. Follow these steps once you have RC29 or lower: On your G1, anything you type into your keyboard is also being run in a hidden console with root permissions. More information regarding that at the bottom of this post. But, to get root access, do the following: Instructions: 1. Restart your phone 2. Type telnetd and press enter - Yes, it will start up a Contact search, do not worry about this, just type telnetd and press enter (the enter button on the keypad). 3. Download an Android Telnet client (I have one on the Market) and connect to localhost. 4. you now have root!

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6 years ago

Round Robin: WMExpert Dieter Bohn's Final Thoughts on the T-Mobile G1


Our good friend Dieter Bohn over at WMExperts has finally finished off his full review of the T-Mobile G1! Dieter is no stranger to the Android platform, but is a die-hard Windows Mobile guy, so his perspective is unique and definitely worthy of a read. Because of my personal belief that Android is going to take a lot of Windows Mobile's marketshare, it's interesting to see how Android and Windows Mobile measure up.

In all, this is the last review of the T-Mobile G1 from another editor, which means, expect Android Central's own take of the T-Mobile G1 very, very soon!

Head over to WMExperts to see Dieter's Final Thoughts! 


This is an Official Round Robin Contest Post, Comment to Win a T-Mobile G1 !— More Details Here

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6 years ago

Android Netbooks by 2010?


It appears that Android isn't just for phones anymore. Matthäus Krzykowski and Daniel Hartmann of VentureBeat.com have an Asus EEEPC 1000H running Google's Android mobile operating system. After a few hours of compiling, Android is up and running on the small Asus notebook.

Imagine the splash that Google could make with cheap netbooks running the open-source Android OS? If Microsoft isn't looking over their shoulder already, they may want to at least install rearview mirrors. Check out the article at Venturebeat.com here for more details. Regarding the significance of Android netbooks being available by 2010 - what do YOU think?


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6 years ago

The Smartphone Round Robin Extended to January 10th!


Well, lucky you! Due to the holidays, the time each device takes, the depth of each article...and of course a bit of irresponsibility on our part (sorry!) we're going to extend the Smartphone Round Robin until January 10th! So though you won't be able to rock the T-Mobile G1 as your daily driver (if you win, of course) when the ball drops to 2009, you'll certainly have 10 more days to enter the Win a Smartphone contest!

So to remind you of what you can win here at Android Central: the T-Mobile G1, the BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset, and SPE Screen Protectors. Not a bad deal to ring in the new year! And to make it even easier for any latecomers who've just heard about the Round Robin or even if you want a refresher on all the reviews from an Android User's perspective, we've tidied up a list of all the eligible posts after the break.

So what are ya waiting for? Comment on any of the posts to give your chance a shot at winning! You have until January 10th! Heck, we'll even make THIS post a Round Robin contest post! 

This is an Official Round Robin Contest Post, Comment To Win a T-Mobile G1! – Details Here

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